ZOYA Aurora, Storm, Logan and Blaze – Ornate Collection

Here are four beauties of Zoya’s Ornate collection. I’ve used two coats and finished with one coat of Seche Vite for these pictures.
Since I already own OPI’s GoldenEye I’ve decided not to buy Zoya’s Ziv. Ziv seems to be more foil-like where GoldenEye is a true glitterbomb. Eitherway, I’ve decided that one stunning golden glitter polish is enough (for now ;)).
I also don’t own the bar- and holo glittered Electra. Simply because I, after seeing swatches, don’t like it.

First up, Blaze, a gorgeous red with holographic glitter.
And here’s Aurora, more holographic glitters in a medium purple base. The second picture is taken under direct light which let out the holo effect.
Next the last holo from these four: Storm, a black base with holographic glitter. This one has the least amount of holo glitter if you ask me. In natural light you only get to see some silver glitter. But that surely doesn’t make this one less pretty then the others. On the contrary, I like it!
And last but not least Logan, a medium green base with golden shimmer. In some lighting it appears to be a bit blue 🙂