Nfu Oh #JS23 – Jelly Syrup

#JS23, from the Jelly Syrup series by Nfu Oh is a red jelly, they say. I call it red leaning to pink. This is the most sheer one I’ve tried so far. That doesn’t make it less pretty if you ask me. I think this one is perfect to create a jelly sandwich. I’ve used 4 coats here.

Nfu Oh #JS01 – Jelly Syrup

This post at Mommy Loves Nailpolish gave me a big lemming. A black jelly. Really? For sure! It is so incredibly shiny that the topcoat is superfluous. I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I’ve used 4 coats here. After the first one it looked almost charcoal and very sheer. I didn’t believe that it was going to get opaque. Surprise! It really does! So here it is #JS01… I’m in L-O-V-E 😀

Nerd Lacquer: Largo & All of Time and Space

Thanks to Jamie at In The Gray Areas I now own two indie polishes by Nerd Lacquer called Largo and All of Time and Space.

First up, Largo: blue hexagon glitters and silver, gold and blue glitter all swimming in a gray/greenish base. This needed two coats to get opacity.And below you see All of Time and Space, a mint green shimmery base filled with silver and purple glitter and hexagon glitter. I’ve used two coats. A little bit of research has teached me that this polish is sold out. Such a shame!

What do you think?

OPI Absolutely Alice

For those who don’t know already; I love to collect polishes that are rare, discontinued and hard to find. For me it’s a sport actually 😀
So, when Jamie at In The Gray Areas e-mailed me that she is going to send me OPI’s Absolutely Alice I got very excited. It belongs to the Alice In Wonderland Collection that was released back in the spring of 2010. Now these days it’s hard to find and has been sold by ridiculous prices. I’m happy that I could add it to  my stash. Let’s take a look at this awesome glitterbomb:

It’s a bit darker then the picture shows. I’ve used two flawless coats here.
I just adore this polish. Do you have any of the polishes belonging to the Alice In Wonderland Collection?

Putting the pieces together

Fall is here… so it’s the perfect time to stay inside, make some hot chocolate,watch movies and make puzzles. Why not make a puzzle on my nails?The darker polish is called My Private Jet by OPI. The golden pieces are made with Goldeneye, from the James Bond Collection by OPI. The warm orange and berry red are called Luxurious and Indulgence which belongs to the Designer Series by OPI. Swatches of those last two can be found here.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this design…
Sharing is caring 😀

Custom made semi matte black

As promised here are two pictures of the semi matte black polish that Jamie at In The Gray Areas made for me 🙂 The formula of this is fantastic. It gets fully opaque in just two flawless coats. I’ve made the silver stripes with OPI’s Moonraker from the James Bond Collection. I love it! How about you?

Natural light:

Under direct light:

Thanks to…

I’m so excited to show you these awesome polishes that are handmade by the lovely Jamie at In The Grey Areas. I was totally excited -read: shocked- when she e-mailed me that she was going to send me some of her creations. She sent me six polishes that were made by herself and also six other special polishes which of course I will show you later 😉 She even sent me a couple of bags with loose glitter and cute hearts. It felt like Christmas when I got them. Can’t thank you enough Jamie. They’re all L-O-V-E-L-Y!
Aren’t they lovable?

There are even holographic glitters in there! Oh my! 😀
I’ll post a picture of the semi matte black polish later. So stay tuned!
Check out how Jamie turns a clear polish into some awesome glitter polishes! And of course, don’t forget to follow her blog in the future. You don’t wanna miss it, trust me 😀

@ Jamie: You really need to start a Etsy shop or something like that. This needs to be seen by everybody who loves nail polishes if you ask me.


OPI The Man With The Golden Gun – James Bond Collection

Here’s the famous 18K gold leaf topcoat. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, right? The bottle is awesome -read: to die for-.I’ve used one coat over Die Another Day and Black Onyx, and then ‘dabbed’ more spots to get a even coverage. I think this one needs no more words. Just look at the beauty of it: