Femme Fatale: Hundred Years Winter


Hundred Years Winter by Femme Fatale is such a beauty and quite unique to my stash. My photo’s doesn’t do it justice. It has a gorgeous icy blue glow in it. femme fatale - hundred years winter - milv s47 1The formula is great. I used two coats for full coverage. On the nails of my middle- and ring finger I applied water decals by MILV (number S47).
The macro shot below shows the blue glow a bit better but still not as much as it shows in real life.
femme fatale - hundred years winter - milv s47 2Take a look at the bottle, so pretty:femme fatale - hundred years winter - bottleFemme Fatale polishes are available at their website. Note that they have pre sales every once in a while which lasts for only 5 days. So if you have some Femme Fatale’s on your wishlist, I recommend to follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on future pre sales. I’ve ordered twice and they are gone within an eye blink.
Oh, and they also stock other fantastic (indie) brand plus they have their own line of various unique cosmetics 😉


piCture pOlish: Bonkers + MILV water decals


Another polish that was sitting in my pile of untrieds for way too long is Bonkers by piCture pOlish:picture polish - bonkers - milv n187 1What a lovely creamy purple polish. This has a nice formula and is opaque in two coats. For my accent nail I used water decals by MILV, number N187. I’ve only tried a few of MILV’s designs and I seriously am in love! They are super easy to work with and application is a breeze. Some designs, including this one, are designed to wear over white undies. I’m so pleased with how these turned out.

As mentioned in a previous post, my new camera has a macro lens and I am over the moon excited about it. Not only because now I can take macro photo’s but more because you can see every single tiny detail which aren’t that noticeable with the naked eye. I can recommend it to everyone. So much fun! For example… see all the pixels of the design in the photo below:picture polish - bonkers - milv n187 3I was like ‘holy crap’ when I saw this on full screen. And yes, you can also see the imperfections, such as the fold of the design. But hey, who cares when you can see all the fab details. picture polish - bonkers - milv n187 2Have you tried MILV decals yet? They are available at Hypnotic Polish and come in many different designs.

Born Pretty Store: floral nail stickers

Hi everyone!

Remember my black and white mani that I created with nail stickers from Born Pretty Store? No? See it here.

Today I’d like to show you two mani’s, created with floral nail stickers. Again, don’t let the name fool you. These aren’t stickers but water decals. They are very easy to use. Just cut out the design(s) you like and let it soak in a small bowl filled with water. Be careful adding the design to the water because it will sink to the bottom if you’re too excited 😉 After a few seconds you can pick it up with tweezers and gently slide off the decal. Then place it on your nail and let it dry thoroughly before adding top coat. I found that when adding top coat too fast after applying, it will sort of dissolve the design (yes, I’m impatient sometimes). You don’t want that.

Alright, for my first mani I used Be Glamorous by ANNY as my base color (two coats). I absolutely love this color. It’s an unique color to my stash. The nail stickers I used can be found here. After the designs were completely dry I added one coat of Glisten&Glow top coat by HK Girlbps - floral nail stickersbps - floral nail stickers1
For my next mani I used two coats of Magic Flower (#09) from the Kaleidoscope range by El Corazon. What a fantastic polish! The color is just amazeballs. So bright! And the formula is spot on. It has blue shimmer running throughout which makes it so interesting that I can stare at it all day long. The nail stickers that I used for this mani can be found here. Again, I added one coat of Glisten&Glow top coat by HK Girl for a glossy finish. bps - floral nail stickers2Love this polish as much as I do? Find it at Hypnotic Polish 😀bps - floral nail stickers3What do you think of these manicures?

Check out all the nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store here and get 10% off your order by using code SFX31 at check out 😀

*nail stickers were kindly provided to me by Born Pretty Store for my unbiased review

Black & White

Happy Friday!

If you want an eye catching manicure but don’t have the time to create a free handed nail design you should try the nail stickers by Born Pretty Store. Don’t let the name fool you though because these aren’t actual stickers but water decals! bps nail stickers1For this mani I created a gradient effect with China Glaze’s Liquid Leather and ANNY’s What else and Velvet chinchilla. I used black and white nail stickers, which you can find here. This is the easiest way to spice up your manicure. The directions on the back of the package explain how to use the stickers:
– Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background color and dry it out.
– Remove the film of product, cut out the pattern and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds (use warm water in winter).
– Moisten the fingernails; stick the pattern in position.
– Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry.
– Apply top coat and blow dry.

I advice to wait a while before applying top coat, otherwise the pattern may crack (see my middle finger nail).

Have you tried water decals yet? If not, you definitely should give them a try. It’s so easy!
Born Pretty Store offers worldwide shipping 🙂  They also have lots of other nail art supplies to choose from. By adding code SFX31 at check out you’ll get 10% off your order!

*(some of the) products shown in this post were kindly provided to me by Born Pretty Store for my unbiased review