Polished by KPT: Vanda

You know the moment when a must have polish launches and you’re sitting tight behind your computer with your eyes peeled and refreshing the page every minute to see if it’s there? Or is it just me that’s crazy like that? I proudly admit to be that crazy sometimes 🙂 The time zone difference can be a big pain though. And no, I’m not THAT crazy that I ‘hunt’ in the middle of the night.
Anyhow, I patiently waited for BeautySoFly to stock this beauty. This is a BSF Exclusive polish so it was only available there and is sold out at the moment. I don’t know if it will be restocked (sorry!). Here’s Vanda by Polished by KPT:polished by kpt - vandaAaahhhhhhhhhhh what a stunner! Look at the colors! It goes from a pale blue when warm to a gorgeous purple when cold. The formula is perfect. I used three thin coats plus top coat here. polished by kpt - vanda1