Polished by KPT: Mars Escapade

Have you spotted the latest collection by Polished by KPT? It’s called the Cosmic XOdus Collection and consists of 10 gorgeous polishes including (of course) some gorgeous thermal ones. When I saw preview photo’s of the collection I instantly knew that Mars Escapade and A Dream Within A Dream needed to be mine.
Here’s Mars Escapade:
kpt - mars escapade3Since it’s cold and rainy here and I take my photo’s outdoors I’ve had a hard time capturing the true beauty of this polish. Therefore I made a short movie that I’ve posted on my Instagram account to show the transition (see it here).
I honestly don’t know how to describe this. It’s such an amazing combination of colors and shimmer. It’s a peachy pink when warm that turns purple when cold. Just amazing.
I applied three coats plus top coat here. kpt - mars escapadeI’d like to marry this polish 😀 If I’m looking for thermal polishes, Polished by KPT is my first stop to look for some. They are just perfect!

Thanks for stopping by! :*

Dance Legend: 172 – Termo

I’m back with a thermal polish! 😀
dance legend - 172 collage172 from the Termo range by Dance Legend changes from silver/white when warm to purple/crimson when warm. It’s jam packed with shimmer. L-O-V-E! The formula is great, opaque in two flawless coats.

Scroll down for a closer look!
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Pretty & Polished: Good Vibrations

In a previous post I showed you Dancing at Dusk by Pretty & Polished. Here’s another of their thermal polishes called Good Vibrations:pretty and polished - good vibrationsI think everyone knows by now that my fave colors are pink, purple, red and blue. So it’s not a surprise that I love the combo of this colors. It goes from a bright fuchsia when warm to a plum purple when cold. And it has tons of fine holo sparkle running throughout. So pretty! The formula is great. I used three thin coats plus top coat here.

Pretty & Polished polishes are now ON SALE at Hypnotic Polish. Go check them out here 😀

*product(s) were kindly provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review

Polished by KPT: Vanda

You know the moment when a must have polish launches and you’re sitting tight behind your computer with your eyes peeled and refreshing the page every minute to see if it’s there? Or is it just me that’s crazy like that? I proudly admit to be that crazy sometimes 🙂 The time zone difference can be a big pain though. And no, I’m not THAT crazy that I ‘hunt’ in the middle of the night.
Anyhow, I patiently waited for BeautySoFly to stock this beauty. This is a BSF Exclusive polish so it was only available there and is sold out at the moment. I don’t know if it will be restocked (sorry!). Here’s Vanda by Polished by KPT:polished by kpt - vandaAaahhhhhhhhhhh what a stunner! Look at the colors! It goes from a pale blue when warm to a gorgeous purple when cold. The formula is perfect. I used three thin coats plus top coat here. polished by kpt - vanda1

Polished by KPT: Blood ad Thick as Gold

Monday again! Ugh!

Here’s a gorgeous thermal polish that brightens up the day 🙂 This is called Blood As Thick As Gold by Polished by KPT. I was drooling over this for a while until Nailluminati (former known as Gimme All The Polish) surprised me with it in our massive nail swap. Thanks so much my friend!
polished by kpt - blood as thick as gold - transitionI especially love this polish because of the obvious color difference when warm or cold. The formula is great and the application is easy. I used two coats plus top coat. I take my pictures in natural daylight which sometimes makes it difficult to capture all the colors. When my hands are cold and I’m outside it takes forever for them to get warm again. Therefore I took the pics directly after I soaked my nails in warm/cold water. The picture above shows the transition. polished by kpt - blood as thick as gold - warmAbove my nails are mostly warm and below you see how it looks when cold:polished by kpt - blood as thick as gold - coldThis is a perfect polish to wear during Fall if you ask me. I love it.

What do you think of thermal polishes?

Pretty & Polished: Dancing at Dusk

A three colored thermal?! YAY! All hands in the air for Dancing at Dusk by Pretty & Polished:pretty and polished - dancing at dusk - transitionLove this! It’s so delicate and feminine. I used three thin coats plus top coat. The formula is nice and applies easily. Above you seen the transition. It goes from pale blue to pale pink to lavender. Below you see how it looks when cold. pretty and polished - dancing at dusk - coldLovely ha?!

Pretty & Polished polishes are available at the Hypnotic Polish webshop. They have a great range of fantastic indie brands to choose from and they ship worldwide!

*the product(s) in this post were provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review

Liquid Sky Lacquer: French Quarter

A purple thermal polish? Yes, please! This is French Quarter by Liquid Sky Lacquer:liquid sky lacquer - french quarterWhen cold it’s deep purple with lots of golden shimmer:liquid sky lacquer - french quarter coldAnd when warm it’s a translucent white/lavender hue:liquid sky lacquer - french quarter warmThe formula is great. I used two coats plus top coat here.

Guess what? I love this! Do you? 😉


Dance Legend: 182 – Termo Shine Collection

dance legend - 182Super exciting news!!! Have you seen that there’s a brand new nail polish web shop in town? Hypnotic Polish is based in The Netherlands (Hooray!) and carries many fantastic brands. And they ship worldwide!

Among a few other great polishes I spoiled myself with another polish by Dance Legend. This is #182 from their Termo Shine line. It’s a thermal polish that changes pink when warm and dark blue/purple when cold. And it has fine golden glitter plus large golden hex glitter in it. Woo hoo! It is extremely pigmented and has a great formula. I needed just one coat for an opaque finish. I didn’t used top coat! Scroll down and check out the transition 😀

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