Rainbow Tag

Hello my lacquered loves!

I hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic weekend!

My nubbins are slowly growing back which is great because I really don’t like them that much when they’re so short. I know how shorter nails can look great, but it’s just not for me. So, I hope to be back soon. Actually I need to because I’m ridiculously behind with my swatching plans. And I have some new inspiration for nail art that I’m dying to share with you guys.

On to today’s post! A while back I was tagged by the sweet Brijit from Brijits Digits to participate in the Rainbow tag. I’ve had a hard time picking my favorite polishes. I just searched in every drawer of my Helmers, color by color, and picked the ones I loved most. I have many more fave’s than the ones I’m showing you here. I can go on and on… But who wants to read a post that looks more like a book than a blog post? 😉 Also, there are some that I haven’t showed here in action yet but you’ll see them on this space in the near future for sure! Here we go…

OPI Big Apple Red is probably my favorite red ever. It’s discontinued (boo!) so I’ve picked up two back ups 🙂
ANNY Woman in red is another fave. I wear this a lot on my toes. They can’t be left behind, can they?!1 Continue reading

Colors of The Rainbow Tag

Hi lacqueristas!

You all know Marthe from Upclose & Polished right? If not, go check her out and leave her some love 🙂 She asked me if I would team up with her to do a ‘Colors of The Rainbow Tag’. Of course I said yes. Who doesn’t love all the bright colors of the rainbow? You can read her post here.rainbow-colors3What’s it all about?
You would present the colors of the rainbow and as you go along, pull out a favorite or for any reason tell us why you chose it and do the same to all the different colors in the rainbow illustrating it with a bottle of nail polish or something nail polish related. Sounds like a lot of fun ha!
So, please join us! It would be nice if you used the image above that is created by Marthe. You can add it to your blog post and/or present it on your sidebar. We hope that this tag travels a long way around the world!

Here’s my rainbow:rainbowI used the spun sugar technique to create this. For those who aren’t familiar with that technique, what you need is something to dab your nail polish on (I used a plastic nail art plate), polishes of your choice and a dotting tool or toothpick. Also, I highly recommend to tape off the skin around your nails, because it’s going to get messy 🙂
Then you paint your nails as desired and wait for it to dry. Now you can dab a generous amount of polish on your working area and wait for it to thicken up a bit. You can blow on the polish and spin around it with your tool to speed up the process. You know when it’s ready if you can create long threads if you pull it with your tool. If the mix is ready you can spin it around the nail. You need to go all the way around the nail with your tool otherwise you’ll get big blobs. So, not forward and backwards, but all the way around. Basically, that’s it 😀 You can use as many colors as you want. It’s messy but a lot of fun!

The colors that I used are:
Tauranga by W.I.C. by Herôme (base color)
Big Apple Red by OPI (red)
A Roll In The Hague by OPI (orange)
The It Color by OPI (yellow)
Forrest My Case by OPI (green)
Stockholm by W.I.C. by Herôme (blue)
Dakar by W.I.C. by Herôme (purple)

I skipped the teal because I only have teals with shimmer and since I used creams I thought that wouldn’t match 😉

I chose this design for the tag because I always wanted to try this technique, so this was my first time 🙂 I thought that it would be great with so much bright colors. I love how it turned about. How about you?rainbow1Have you tried this technique already?

Don’t forget, please join this tag! 😀