Nfu Oh #JS12 – Jelly Syrup

nfu oh js12Nfu Oh’s #JS12 from their Jelly Syrup series is a pale lilac jelly. A great color for spring! Most jellies need three or sometimes four coats to get opaque. This one is an exception! I used two coats here 🙂 (without top coat) That’s a big bonus right?nfu oh js12.

Nfu Oh #JS29 – Jelly Syrup

A jelly polish to love… #JS29 from the Jelly Syrup series by Nfu Oh. Is it purple or blue? I really can’t tell. In the bottle it seems more purple but on my nails it looks more blue. Purple or blue: I LIKE IT! No topcoat needed! It’s this shiny all by itself 😀 YAY!