Nail Art with POW! nail vinyls

More and more brands are coming up with nail vinyls in the most awesome designs. While browsing at The Nailista Shop the ‘POW! nail stickers’ caught my eye. I decided to create some ‘Pow! Boom! Wow!’ -or whatever you’d like to call it- nail art with them. Here’s how it turned out:pow1Not perfect but I like how these turned out. I started with painting each nail in two different colors of nail polish and topped it with one coat of a fast drying top coat. When that was completely dry I applied the nail vinyls in such a way that the two base colors met in between the two vinyls. Then I applied black nail polish, removed the vinyls and waited for it to dry. Meanwhile I used a dotting tool to add some dots. Finish with top coat and done!

Polishes used:
ANNY: What else (white)
ANNY: Die for high heels (red)
OPI: The IT Color (yellow)
China Glaze: Liquid Leather (black)

powWhat do you think of these?