piCture pOlish: Nebula

I’m not a huge fan on glitter polishes but I do make exceptions every now and then. Jellies packed with glitter for example. Gotta love the depth of those kind of polishes. I do! Or weird color combinations :p
After seeing a photo of Nebula at DarkNTwistyNails I just needed to have it. picture polish - nebula1Nebula is a collaboration shade by piCture pOlish and The Nail Polish Project. It’s a dark blue jelly packed with blue and pink glitter. This can be worn on it’s own with three coats. I decided to layer it over black to get a galaxy look. These turned out so pretty, don’t you agree? Due to the glitter load it can leave a slight texture finish so I topped it with one generous coats of HK Girl by Glisten & Glow for a smooth finish. picture polish - nebula