Ozotic: 746

Hi everyone!

Have you noticed that I’m having an actual blog sale? I was thinking about doing it for a while but the thought of saying goodbye to some of my polishes scared me way too much. But then I thought some of them deserve a new loving home because here they’re just sitting there, unused. That’s not fair. So I pulled myself together and managed to pick out the ones that I’ve never used again after a single swatch and not planning on using in the future. Check them out here 😉

Moving on to today’s polish, another gorgeous shade by Ozotic. Everytime I wear one of Ozotic’s shades I still get a bit sad because they’re discontinued 😦 This is 746 and I love it. It has a gorgeous lavender shimmer that gives it a slight color shift. I wear two coats plus top coat in the pic below.
ozotic - 746If you love pink, this is a must have!