OPI The Impossible – Liquid Sand / Mariah Carey Collection

First I have a confession to make. It was my intention to buy only one of the Liquid Sand shades that are part of OPI’s Mariah Carey Collection. So I did buy only one, Stay The Night. But then I saw  many swatches of the three shades that I didn’t have and just can’t resist buying another one. Decision made… but then the hardest question: which one needed to become part of my stash? I chose The Impossible because I think it’s a great shade for Summer 😀

And here it is… taaadaaahhh:opi the impossibleThe Impossible is the fuchsia Liquid Sand shade. I’ve used two easy coats. The formula is lovely. It has very fine holographic glitter in it but also hexagons. There are even star sequins in the mix. I had a hard time ‘catching’ some stars on my brush but I managed to fish two of them out of the bottle. There’s one on the nail on my middle finger and one on my thumb nail 🙂 They all sink to the bottom. That doesn’t make this polish less pretty. I love it!opi the impossible1
And here’s how it looks with two coats of Seche Vite:opi the impossible2
One more…opi the impossible22Unlike Stay The Night, which I also love with top coat, I love this one more how it’s meant to be, without top coat 😉

Did you know that all four Liquid Sand shades are part of my GIVEAWAY?!
Go try your luck 😉

OPI Stay The Night – Liquid Sand / Mariah Carey Collection

opi stay the night4Today I show you OPI’s Stay The Night, one of the four Liquid Sand shades belonging to their Mariah Carey Collection.
opi stay the night..It’s a black jelly-ish base with pink microglitter. Formula is a bit on the thin side, but manageable. I’m really impressed by this polish 🙂 This is definitely not as gritty as expected. I chose to purchase only one of the four Liquid Sand shades because I thought it would be way too gritty. And I thought the removal would be a big pain. Even that has exceeded my expectations, in a good way!
opi stay the nightThe instructions say that you need two coats of Stay The Night, without top coat. In the above pictures you can see the matte textured finish.

I also like it when it’s finished with top coat. Beware though, it needs two coats of top coat because the polish just eats the first coat. Below you can see how it looks with two coats of Seche Vite. Look at the depth! Lovely, just lovely!
opi stay the night 2..opi stay the night 2Now I doubt whether I should buy the purple one (Can’t Let Go) too.

What do you think of the Liquid Sand shades?