Ninja Polish: Nebula

Hello polishes people!

Today I have some galaxy goodness for you:ninja polish - nebula2Nebula by Ninja Polish is such a gorgeous shifting glitter topper. It shows lots of different colors. So many colors that my camera freaked out seeing them all at once. I applied one coat over a black base and topped it with top coat for a smooth and glossy polish - nebula1So pretty, isn’t it?ninja polish - nebulaWhat do you think of this one?

Ninja Polish: Strawberries ‘n Roses

Hi lovelies!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Today I have Strawberries ‘n Roses by Ninja Polish to show you:ninja polish - strawberries n rosesI am in love with this shade of pink. Sort of vintage but still sparkly due to the pink and holo gold glitter. I used three thin coats plus top coat here.

I can only share this photo with you guys because I wasn’t satisfied with the others that I took. Sorry!

On the bright sight… have you seen that Rhonni, the mastermind behind Ninja Polish, recently added a handful of polishes to their website? I believe I told you before that sadly, she has stopped her business *insert sad face*. I only have a few NP’s and love every single one of them. For that reason I did a little dance seeing that she added some polishes on the website. Woop woop! Of course I needed to grab a few 🙂 If you’re a fan of Ninja Polish this might be the best time to head over to their website and grab your fave’s. I don’t know if she will be getting back with more (new) polishes once the ones that are now available are gone. Ps. there are mystery bags too! Go go go!


Ninja Polish: Ambrosia + Llarowe: The Ood

Hi everyone!

Here’s a squishy combo for you guys:ninja polish - ambrosia - llarowe - the ood1This is three thin coats of Ambrosia by Ninja Polish which is a pink jelly. I’ve added one coat of The Ood by Llarowe and topped it with top coat. I love how these turned out. I’ll definitely see me wearing this combo during Summer 🙂ninja polish - ambrosia - llarowe - the oodWhat do you think of this combo?ninja polish - ambrosia - llarowe - the ood2:*

Ninja Polish: Alexandrite – Facets Collection

I am so so sad that Rhonni, the founder of Ninja Polish has closed the business 😦
I’ve been searching for some of my lemmings for a very long time but most of them are nowhere to be found. Every now and them I search the web to see if I can find some of them. Most of them are being sold by ridiculous prices. I mean, I am dying to add more Ninja Polishes to my collection but I am not paying $75.00 for one polish. You?
I hope Ninja Polish will return some day!

That being said, I am now the proud owner of Alexandrite! For real! Woo hoo! I found it on Ebay a while back. I’m not the biggest fan of auctions on Ebay because it’s so much stress keeping up with the time and make sure you bid on the exact right second. But for this one I sat tight behind my laptop and eventually won it. Score! ninja polish - alexandriteLook! You can tell what all the fuzz is about, right? Mind blowing! This is one coat over black undies. ninja polish - alexandrite1Check out the bottle!ninja polish - alexandrite bottle1*gasp* Please come back soon, Ninja Polish!ninja polish - alexandrite bottle[end of drooling session]

Cya tomorrow lovelies! Keep those paws painted 😀

Ninja Polish Zultanite – Facets

ninja polish zultaniteNinja Polish describes Zultanite as:
“Zultanite is not well known but is rare and
phenomenal. The gemstone is a soft, gold that shifts to an amazing green. In
honor of this gemstone we have a polish with equal beauty. This polish is also
ideal over black to show its truest coloration but is truly amazing over a dark
brown. The gold shifts through to an amazingly bright green. Again this polish
is accented with amazing glitter that shifts right along with the polish. The
sparkle and color shift of the glitters adds the most amazing brilliance to the
polish and lives up to its name”.

I’ve layered 1 coat of Zultanite over two coats of OPI’s Black Onyx. Formula is -as with Color changing garnet– great which makes application very smooth and easy!ninja polish zultanite1Above: sunlight
Below: natural lightninja polish zultanite.

Ninja Polish Color changing garnet belongs to their Facets collection, which consists Color changing garnet, Alexandrite and this one, Zultanite.
ninja polish zultanite bottle
Ninja Polish Zultanite is available exclusively at their webshop, $11 for a 15 ml – 0.5 fl oz bottle.

What you you think of this? And do you have any Ninja Polish?

Ninja Polish Color changing garnet – Facets

ninja polish color changing garnetNinja Polish describes Color changing garnet as:
“Color changing garnet does not have a flashy,
exciting name, but it can not be discounted as it is gorgeous. This gemstoneshifts magnificently from a green to gold to red — the shifting in thisgemstone will keep you captivated! This polish starts off in a rich, copper redand shifts to a rich emerald green. The accent of glitters that shift with itis stunning. Ideal over black for its truest color however placing it over adark, vampy red is truly outstanding!”

I’ve layered 1 coat of Color changing garnet over two coats of OPI’s Black Onyx. Formula is great which makes application very smooth and easy!ninja polish color changing garnet...Ninja Polish Color changing garnet belongs to their Facets collection, which consists Zultanite, Alexandrite and this one, Color changing polish color changing polish color changing garnet bottle

Ninja Polish Color changing garnet is available exclusively at their webshop, $11 for a 15 ml – 0.5 fl oz bottle.

What you you think of this? And do you have any Ninja Polish?