FIFA World Cup 2014 nail art

Hi everyone!
I’m not a big fan of football but I get all excited during the FIFA World Cup games. Last Friday, when we played vs. Spain I wore a red/white/blue/orange mani to support our Dutch guys. And woo hoo we won big time! đŸ˜€ 1-5 Huray!
I mean, have you seen our flying dutchman, Robin van Persie? Man, that was genius! Alright, enough about that… I feel weird writing about football. Let’s take a look at my nails đŸ˜€
wk2014To me the perfect orange is A Roll In The Hague by OPI. The blue I used is Eurso…Euro, also by OPI. The red is Red Kiss by ANNY. And the white is What Else, also by ANNY.
I created the scale effect by using the brush from the polishes. It’s time consuming but the result is so much fun đŸ™‚

Be warned Australia! Tomorrow we will beat you. Fingers and toes crossed!