Purple Pink Blue water marble ft. Cirque

Happy Friday!

Have you spotted Cirque‘s Vice Collection yet? Super bright, neon and holo are the keywords of this fantastic collection. There are five bright creme shades to choose from plus a holographic top coat. If I may say so myself I think I’ve been a good girl by picking just three out of the six (*patting myself on the shoulder*). I went with my fave colors, purple, pink and blue. But to be fair, if there also was a red one, I’d pick that one up too 🙂
Enough with the rambling… on to the polish!
cirque - nympho lean miami-dade bottleI created this water marble design with Nympho (pink), Lean (purple) and Miami-Dade (blue). I applied a white polish as my base to brighten up the colors. cirque - nympho lean miami-dade1I re did the nail of my ring finger three times and eventually gave up and added some dots on the spots that didn’t turned out the way I wanted. Yes, water marbling can be a huge pain in the behind, not gonna lie. I do like how these turned out. cirque - nympho lean miami-dadeI see myself using these polishes on a regular base. The formula of all three was great, at least for what I’ve experienced so far. The pink and purple dry a bit dull so make sure to apply a top coat for a glossy finish.

Any thought about these? :*

Easy Saran Wrap Manicure – Tutorial

Hi everyone!

An extremely easy way to give your nails just a little bit of extra is by using cling film/saran wrap. Everybody can do this! You can use as many different colors of nail polish as you like. As it’s such an easy way of doing nail art I decided to make a video of my holographic version. Enjoy!
dance legend - holodays1A step by step guide and a list of which products I’ve used is listed below.

How to

  • Use a base coat to protect your nails and wait for it to dry.
  • Apply your base color and let it dry.
  • Add some drops of your next color on the nail and use a piece of cling film and tweezers to dabb.
  • Repeat the previous step as many times until you have the result you like.
  • Clean up with a small (eye liner) brush and acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Add top coat for a shiny and long wear result.
  • Treat your cuticles with a few drops of cuticle oil and you’re done!It’s that simple! 😀

dance legend - holodaysProducts used:

  • Yellow Stopper (as a peel off base coat)
  • Dance Legend: 848 Blanco (Holodays)
  • Dance Legend: 853 Neptune (Holodays)
  • HK Girl: Glisten & Glow (top coat)
  • Cuticle Oil

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below! Ideas and requests for upcoming tutorials are very welcome! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this video! :*

*The cuticle oil can be found here at my shop. Both Dance Legend polishes and the top coat can be found at Hypnotic Polish.

Dance Legend: Deco Dance – Llarowe Exclusive

Flakies? Yes please! Dance Legend created a gorgeous polish exclusively for Llarowe called Deco Dance. It’s a gorgeous blue jelly packed with flakies. Yay!
Personally I think dark blue jellies can make your nails look ‘dirty’ I chose to layer this over a dark blue base (Denim On The Rocks by ANNY). Instant love:dance legend - llarowe exclusiveThe flakies have a green-isch color shift which my camera refused to capture. dance legend - llarowe exclusive2What do you think of flakie polishes?

FIFA World Cup 2014 nail art

Hi everyone!
I’m not a big fan of football but I get all excited during the FIFA World Cup games. Last Friday, when we played vs. Spain I wore a red/white/blue/orange mani to support our Dutch guys. And woo hoo we won big time! 😀 1-5 Huray!
I mean, have you seen our flying dutchman, Robin van Persie? Man, that was genius! Alright, enough about that… I feel weird writing about football. Let’s take a look at my nails 😀
wk2014To me the perfect orange is A Roll In The Hague by OPI. The blue I used is Eurso…Euro, also by OPI. The red is Red Kiss by ANNY. And the white is What Else, also by ANNY.
I created the scale effect by using the brush from the polishes. It’s time consuming but the result is so much fun 🙂

Be warned Australia! Tomorrow we will beat you. Fingers and toes crossed!

LAYLA: Purple Diva – Mirror Effect

Ever since the mirror effect polishes are going around I doubted to try them because I was afraid that it would show every ridge and every imperfection on my nails. That was before I spotted the Mirror Effect polishes by LAYLA. I bought Purple Diva and a ridge filler (by Essie) and gave it a go: layla - purple diva - mirror effect

SOLD! For some reason it looks like a pink/purple gradient. How cool is that! I used one coat of ridge filler, two coats on my middle finger because that nail has more and deeper ridges. Then I added two coats of Purple Diva. The formula is on the thin side but that didn’t gave me any problems with the application. What I did learned is that it’s better to use the 3-stripes method instead of going over it multiple times. If you do go over it again it will drag and leave bald spots.
A little more precision while applying will result in a lovely eye catching manicure. I’ll definitely pick up the metal chrome polish from this collection soon. I’m sold.

What do you think of the mirror effect finish?

2014 Oscar Awards inspired manicure for Julep


Abbey, the Community Outreach Coordinator for Julep asked me if I’d like to participate in a fun blog campaign. But of course! The idea is to create a manicure inspired by the 2014 Oscar Awards, or better a re-creation of a manicure of one of the celebrities. So much fun!

My manicure is inspired by the American actress Maria Menounos. I chose this manicure because I love grey manicures on celebrities. They have something classy, don’t you think? Although there were several red mani’s, which I absolutely loved, I picked this one as my favorite:
rs_1024x759-140302151200-1024-maria-menounos-nails-oscar.ls.3214*image source

Here’s my version of this fantastic mani:julep1For this mani I used ANNY’s Velvet Chinchilla as my base color, China Glaze’s Liquid Leather for the black triangle and a silver glitter striper polish for the glittery tips.julep

What do you think of this re-creation?


piCture pOlish: Vampire

Happy Friday!

It’s that time again… Halloween inspired mani’s everywhere! I love it 😀 I kept mine simple. Vampire by piCture pOlish is a perfect vampy shade for Halloween. The formula is perfect. I used three thin coats here with no top coat. This polish is extremely shiny by itself! For my accent nail I chose Don’t Pretzel My Buttons by OPI as my base color. I made the ‘dripped blood’ with Vampire:piCture pOlish - VampireWhat’s your favorite design and polish for Halloween?

Happy polishing!