Catrice: Vienna Rose Woods + ARTful Red – LE Viennart Collection

Hi lovelies!

Catrice recently released a new limited edition collection called Viennart. Today I have two of the four polishes from this collection to show you.catrice - vienna rose woods - artful red1For my base I used two coats of Vienna Rose Woods. This has a lovely shimmer running throughout which sadly my camera refused to capture. The formula is nice but I think you’ll need three thin coats for full coverage when you wear it on its own. The warm red is called ARTful Red, also two coats. I love that one. It has a gorgeous shimmer or are these flecks? Either way, it is so pretty! The formula is perfect and it has a great pigmentation. catrice - vienna rose woods - artful redThis turned out to be a pretty combination, don’t you think?

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China Glaze: Crush, Crush, Baby – Crinkled Chrome

When I saw the preview of China Glaze’s Crinkled Chrome Collection I wasn’t excited about the finish. If fact I’m still not quite sure whether I like it or not. After seeing many different swatches I decided to give it a go. So I bought just one, Crush, Crush, Baby:china glaze - crush, crush, babyI absolutely love the color! As for the finish, mwah. Maybe it’s the bar glitter? I don’t know.  It has to be mentioned that this is just one (!) coat that dried quickly. It’s a nice addition to my stash but I wouldn’t buy more polishes from this collection.

What do you think? Do you like the texture or does it look like I’ve painted my nails with my eyes closed?


Putting the pieces together

Fall is here… so it’s the perfect time to stay inside, make some hot chocolate,watch movies and make puzzles. Why not make a puzzle on my nails?The darker polish is called My Private Jet by OPI. The golden pieces are made with Goldeneye, from the James Bond Collection by OPI. The warm orange and berry red are called Luxurious and Indulgence which belongs to the Designer Series by OPI. Swatches of those last two can be found here.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this design…
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OPI Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It!

Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It! by OPI is a glitter topcoat with cute pink hearts. It’s a pain to get the hearts out of the bottle. They sink to the bottom. You really need to ‘fish’ them out and place them on your nails. But that doesn’t matter, it’s so cute!

Here I’ve made a diagonal french with A Rose At Dawn… Broke By Noon by OPI, which is a true beauty. Click here for my swatch.

OPI Germany Collection – part 2

Here’s part 2 from the Germany Collection by OPI.
Missed my swatches of the six other colors belonging to this collection? Click

Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
This deep orange shimmer is a perfect color for fall if you ask me. This is my favorite of the colors I’ve swatched for this post. Formula is really great.
Schnapps Out of It
A dusty brick shade with very fine silver shimmer. Application is in one word
Don’t Pretzel My Buttons!
A nude creamy beige/pink. Not my kinda color. Again, I think most nude colors don’t suit my pale skin, which actually is a shame because I like nude colors!
Don’t Talk Bach To Me
This is a dusty lime/yellow shade which reminds me of mustard. Not sure what to think of this one.
Berlin There Done That
A beautiful light taupe creamy polish with a little bit of grey. It’s lighter then You Don’t Know Jacques but just as pretty. Formula is quite thin, but that didn’t give me any problems.
German-icure by OPI
This is a dark brown polish with orange shimmer. Again, formula is great. Needed 3 coats for this one though. Really lovable. Also a perfect color for fall.

What do you think of these six of the collection? And which one is your favorite?
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