Blobbicure ft. Cirque: Nympho

Hi lovelies!

I’m back with a blobbicure for today 🙂 cirque - nympho - lacquesterThe purple base is Power To The Purple by Lacquester, which is much brighter in person. This polish is so camera shy! The pink polish is the gorgeous Nympho by Cirque. My favorite colors in one mani. I’m happy with the final result. What do you think of these?cirque - nympho - lacquester1:*


Hello beauties!

Today I have my first blobbicure to share with you:anny - blobbicureI used Die for high heels by ANNY as my base colors and Deep in love (orange) and Indian sun (yellow), also by ANNY.

I thought this technique was more difficult than it turned out to be. I found that it’s best to use polishes that are more fluid (newer polishes for example). I started with one coat of my base color and gave it a while to dry. Then I applied one more (generous) coat of my base color (one nail at a time!) and applied the other two colors while the base was still wet. I simply used the brush of the polish itself for this. Give it a while to dry and then add top coat for extra shine 😀

Have you tried this technique yet?

Neon zebra print mani

Hi beauties!

I’ve been playing around and tried something sort of new to me. We all know the ‘acid wash’ designs right? I’ve done a blue mani by using that technique before (view it here). This is basically the same technique but a little different… if that makes sense. I tried to make a picture tutorial for you guys but the neon colors made that impossible. So I’m just gonna try to explain how I’ve created this. Alright, first a picture:neon black zebraIt’s way easier to create this design than it looks! Really!

Products used:
basic white polish (base)
FS24 by Nfu Oh (green neon)
FS19 by Nfu Oh (blue neon)
FS12 by Nfu Oh (pink neon)
FS01 by Nfu Oh (yellow neon)
Liquid Leather by China Glaze (black)
small bowl with nail polish remover
medium nail art brush
make -up sponge
lint free (nail) pad

How to:
1. Start with a white base and seal it with a top coat. The last is important to prevent smudging while swiping.
2. After the base color is completely dry use two or three neon shades and a make-up sponge to create a gradient effect. I chose to create different gradient designs with different colors on each nail to make it a bit more playful. Give it time to dry completely.
3. Paint all of your nails completely black and let it dry.
4. Now comes the fun but time consuming part. Fill a small cup with nail polish remover and grab a medium sized nail art brush. Make sure that your brush is saturated with nail polish remover and get ‘painting’ by repeatedly swiping of small strokes of black polish. Be gently!
It’s best to wipe your brush clean on a lint free pad after each stroke in order to prevent your cup of polish remover getting to dirty 😉 Also, don’t use ‘regular’ cotton pads for this because they have the tendency to give you a ‘hairy/fluffy’ mani.
5. Give the design time to dry a bit. Then use your clean (!) nail art brush and fresh nail polish remover to swipe over the stripes again to make them even more bright. Add a top coat and you’re ready to go 😀neon black zebra1So girls, are you gonna give these a try? If you have any questions or whatsoever, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I’d love to see yours!

Dreamcatcher mani (tutorial)

Hi lacqueristas!

Today I have a cute dreamcatcher design to show you with a tutorial. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?dreamcatcherFor this mani I used the following products:
medium striper
dotting tool(s)
My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI (base)
Liquid leather by China Glaze
Velvet chinchilla by ANNY
Fake fur by ANNY
Indian sun by ANNY
Rock the hill by ANNY
Catch fire by ANNY

The feathers on my index- and ring finger are made with brown and grey polish, instead of a combo of black and gray as shown on my middle finger.

How to:
1. Start with a white base. I used a grey toned white: My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI.
2. With a medium sized striper and black polish draw the first line. If you like this design as an accent nail only, than you could draw the first line higher towards the cuticle.
3. Draw three vertical stripes in different lengths.
4. Use a dotting tool and the green polish to add three different sized dots. I used the same sized dotting tool for all the dots but of course it’s all up to you if you use multiple sized ones 😉 Whatever you feel most comfortable with!
5. Add two yellow dots in between the green ones.
6. Use a blurple polish and gently dot directly in the green and yellow dots. dreamcatcher tut17. Draw a single stripe to remind you how you’d like the shape of the feather is going to be.
8. Use a medium striper and black polish to swipe small lines. This is much easier when you give the polish a few seconds to dry a bit before you start swiping 😉 Otherwise the lines get to opaque and the feather look will get ruined.
9. Repeat step 8 but use a gray polish instead of the black.
10. Use a dotting tool and orange polish to add three dots in a row.
11. Add smaller green dots in the orange ones and give the design time to dry thoroughly. You don’t want to smear the design! After it’s completely dry, add a top coat for a smooth and shiney finish.dreamcatcher tut2Let me know your thoughts about this mani in the comments below 😀 And as said before: any ideas, suggestions etc. for new tutorials are very much appreciated! I’m open for everything 😀

Keep calm, paint on… Have a great weekend!


Did you joined the Facebook contest that Mommy Loves Nail Polish has created? You can upload your work of art until March 1st and get a chance to win an amazing prize! Read all about it by clicking on the image below:100likesonfacebookMy mani for the contest is inspired by a chameleon. I used On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by OPI for the base and created a design by randomly add dots with 10 different colors. It took me a while, but I love how it turned out: chameleonchameleon1
What do you think of this mani?

Oh and I really could use your opinion! I’m struggling with which background I like better for my pictures. Black or white. What do you think?


Once in a while I head over to Pinterest for inspiration. You can find lots of amazing nail designs over there. A while back I came across a gorgeous geometric design that I used as my inspiration for this mani. mosaic2I started this mani with two coats of white polish (Purity by Zoya). After that was completely dry I created some geometric shapes with a thin nail art brush and a black polish (Liquid Leather by China Glaze). Then I filled in the white spaces with red, pink, yellow, blue and green polish (see below) and finished with one coat of Seche Vite. For those who would like to see a tutorial of this design: I’m waiting for a tripod to arrive so that I can (try) make a video 😀 I tried to make a photo tutorial but I’m not happy with the result.mosaic
Colors used:
Purity by Zoya (white base)
Liquid Leather by China Glaze (black)
Pool girl by ANNY (blue)
Surfing crocodile by ANNY (green)
Woman in red by ANNY (red)
The It Color by OPI (yellow)
Ate Berries In The Canaries by OPI (pink)

What do you think of this mosaic design?

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DAY 11 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Gifts

Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Gifts
Day 11 already!
For the base of this mani I’ve used a retired OPI called Let’s See The Ring. A swatch and review of that is in progress 🙂
Then I taped off some squares and painted the gifts with OPI’s Danke Shiny Red and Blue My Mind. After that was completely dry I’ve decorate the gifts with OPI’s Radiance. Finally I’ve created some bows with OPI’s Black Onyx and topped it off with Seche Vite. This really is a OPI mani I guess 😀gifts

Just wondering: anyone else that has NO CLUE what to do for tomorrows challenge (family)?

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Head over to Mommy loves nailpolish to see what everyone else has created. She has created an easy way to see what the other girls made for this challenge (Inlinkz). You can also add your link there 😉

DAY 10 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Lights

Day 10 of the Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Lights, turned out way better than yesterday’s mani.
First I thought of making a light garland by using teardrop shaped rhinestones. After searching my drawers of nail art supplies I came to the conclusion that I don’t have multicolored teardrop shaped rhinestones 😦 I only have gold ones, which would be a bit boring I think.
But then I remembered an amazing design that I’ve seen a while back on Pinterest. Apparently I forgot to repin that design onto my “inspiration board”. If the original idea came from you, or someone you know, please let me know so that I can give you or her credit for it 😉
So, after thinking really hard and using my imagination, this is the result.
What do you think of this?lights.


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Head over to Mommy loves nailpolish to see what everyone else has created. She has created an easy way to see what the other girls made for this challenge (Inlinkz). You can also add your link there 😉

Good luck with tomorrows challenge! 😀