Neon watercolor manicure (tutorial)

Happy Thursday polished beauties!
This is a manicure that I created for the sweet Brijit at Brijit’s Digits a while back. It is a super easy way to create a watercolor effect with regular nail polish 🙂 For this mani I used neon shades over a white base. For the full post and tutorial, please jump over to the original guestpost here!neon watercolor1

Butterfly manicure (tutorial)

Today I have a butterfly manicure for you… with a tutorial 🙂 This is very easy to create and you can do it with so many different color combinations and finishes. Lets begin!butterflyproducts used:butterfly products

  • medium striper
  • medium dottingtool
  • (make-up) sponge
  • China Glaze Tart-y for the party
  • ANNY Pool girl
  • OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
  • China Glaze Liquid Leather
  • Zoya Purity
  • P2 Just fantastic #040

How to:butterfly tut11. Start with a soft lilac base and let it dry completely.
2. 3. Create a gradient effect with a lilac (that’s used for the base), pink and blue polish. I like to use a soft make up sponge. Make sure you don’t use to much polish. Gently sponge the polish on to the nails by slightly sponge up towards the cuticle and down towards the tip. This ensures that the colors blend nicely in to each other. And again, less is more. So don’t exaggerate the sponging because that makes that you’ll ‘pick up’ the polish and that will ruin the gradient effect.
4. Use a medium striper and black polish to draw a half circle.
5. Draw the second line.
6. Draw four lines and make sure that they touch the above and below lines.butterfly tut27. Use a medium striper to gently create round egdes.
8. Fill in the small places around the round edges and the rest of the tip of the nails.
9. Use a medium sized dotting to create a row of white dots on the black tip. Depending on the width and length of your nails you can use a smaller or bigger dotting tool.
10. Repeat step 9 to create the second row of white dots.
11. Repeat step 9 to create the last row of dots.
12. When the design is completely dry, add a holographic top coat for extra sparkleness and you’re done 🙂 My white dots dried extremely slow and I was apparently to impatience, as you can see from the smudgy dots on my middle finger and pinky. Please take the time to let the design dry completely!butterfly1
I think this design would look stunning if you use bright holographic polishes for the base. Why didn’t I think of that before?

What do you think of this mani?
I’d love to see your version of a butterfly manicure!

Blue manicure for Autism Awareness (tutorial)

Today I have a blue manicure for you with a tutorial 🙂 I created this design for Autism Awareness. The sixth annual World Autism Awareness Day was April 2, 2013. Even if it is already past, I guess it can’t hurt to share it with you.scalesscales3Products used:
ANNY Pool girl
ANNY Blue fashion show
OPI Teal the Cows Come Home
OPI Russian Navy (suede)
OPI Eurso… Euro


How to:blue scales tut11. I used a light blue polish for the base. Normally I do this without a base color (except for a base coat), but since some blue’s have the habit to stain I used a base color to prevent that from happening. Try to estimate how many colors you’ll need for a row based on how wide your nails are. Also, you’ll need polishes that aren’t sheer.
Start with your first blue polish and make sure you don’t use to much polish. I recommend to wipe off most of the polish before you start painting on your nails. In this case less is more 😉 If it’s not opaque enough you can just add a second coat. Te get nice round stripes you can lay on your brush just a little lower than where it should be and gently pull it back towards the cuticle (like how you ‘normally’ paint your nails or for example how it’s done with a ruffian mani).
2. 3. 4. Repeat the first step until you get a full row of colors and give it a minute to dry a bit.
5. 6. 7. 8. Start with the second row of different colors. Personally I like to play with the colors so that all nails have a different color pattern. But that’s entirely up to you.
blue scales tut2
9. 10. 11. Create the third row of different colors and repeat until your nails are fully covered.
12. Wait for the design to dry completely and add your favorite top coat.scales1
Have you tried this design yet? I’d love to see yours!
I hope you find this tutorial useful. If something is vague I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Happy polishing!

Mosaic nails – take two (tutorial)

Happy Easter everyone! 😀

Remember my earlier mosaic manicure? Recently I created a guest post for the lovely Louise at Mommy Loves Nail Polish. In case you’ve missed it, click here to read the full post. Don’t forget to leave her some love! I chose re-create the mosaic design, this time with softer shades. This is the result:
mosaic1Pmosaic products usedroducts used:
medium striper;
Purity by Zoya;
Blu by Zoya;
Tart-y For The Party by China Glaze;
Keep Calm, Paint On by China Glaze;
Trout Pout by Butter London;
Jasper by Butter London.mosaic tutorialHow to:
1. Start with a white base. I used Zoya’s Purity.
2, 3, 4, 5. Create random stripes by using a medium striper and a soft green/soft yellow polish. I like to create different patterns on each nail. Make sure you’ll get 8 spaces to fill in later.
6. Fill in two random spaces with a corally pink polish.
7. Fill in two random spaces with a soft yellow polish.
8. Fill in two random spaces with a soft blue polish.
9. Fill in the last two spaces with a light purple polish, allow the design to dry completely (to prevent ‘dragging’ with top coat, and finish with your favorite top coat (Seche Vite).

Ice cream mani (tutorial)

Today I have a dripped ice cream mani for you including a tutorial 🙂icecream1

Products used:things need
– dottingtool;
– medium striper;
– Zoya ‘Purity’;
– Zoya ‘Blu’;
– Butter London ‘Jasper’;
– OPI ‘Don’t Pretzel My Buttons’;
– China Glaze ‘tart-y for the party’;
– China Glaze ‘keep calm, paint on’.
tutorial icecreamHow to:
1. Paint your nails in a nude-ish color and let it dry completely.
2. Use a large dottingtool and white nail polish to create different size dots and ‘drag’ the polish towards the tip. Make sure the dots touch each other.
3. Use a medium dottingtool and a light purple/pastel nail polish to create smaller dots in the white dots.
4. Use a medium striper and the last used polish to fill up the white spots and the rest of the tip and wait a few minutes for the design to dry a bit.
5. Add a top coat to get a smooth and glossy finish. icecreamDo you find this tutorial useful? And what do you think of the design?