Dance Legend: Cosmic Rainbow – New Prism

[WARNING] eyes may explode due to holo-ness!

Happy Friday!

OMG! Actually, that’s all I have to say about Cosmic Rainbow by Dance Legend:
dance legend - cosmic rainbowThe picture above and below are taken in direct sunlight. Wow! Check out my instavideo here. This is two easy coats pluc top legend - cosmic rainbow1And below is how it looks in natural daylight. So pretty!dance legend - cosmic rainbow2dance legend - cosmic rainbow3Tell me, what do you think?

Dance Legend polishes are available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping)

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piCture pOlish: Pirouette

As you probably already know piCture pOlish recent collaboration shades are all holographic! Yay! Here’s Pirouette, the shade that’s created in collaboration with Tenshi no Hana:picture polish - pirouetteThe formula is, as always perfect. This is two easy coats plus top coat. I love the soft pink base. And of course I needed to photograph it in direct sunlight:
picture polish - pirouette sl


Essence: Blue-jeaned & Skyfall

Hi lovelies!

The first three polishes of Essence’s newest collection that I’ve showed you a while back (here) were not so special as I’d hoped. The two polishes that I’ll show you today are as great as I’d hoped though. Let’s take a look!

Blue-jeaned (Jeans Sugar) immediately reminded me of OPI’s Alcatraz… Rocks and the suede version of Russian Navy. The last one is closest to this one. It’s not very textured. It has a very fine textured finish to the touch with a suede look. So not gritty at all. For Example OPI’s Alcatraz… Rocks is way more textured and has an actual textured feeling than this one. The formula of this is great. I used two easy coats for the photo below. Also, it dries rather fast 😀 I’m a fan! Are you?
essence - bue jeaned - jeans sugarI’m absolutely loving Skyfall, a light blue/sea foam green hue packed with silver and gold glitter. I love this for its ‘odd’ base color. This one is slightly more textured than Blue-jeaned. This is also two easy coats, no top coat:essence - skyfall - metal sugarAny thought about these two polishes?