Essence – Cookies & Cream Collection

Hi everyone!

So I wasn’t going to pick up the Cookies & Cream Collection by Essence because of two things. First the colors… They’re more Fall/Winter appropriate if you ask me. And then the formula. A mix of pearly and frosty. Nooooo! But then the buy one get one free offer came to my attention. And although I still wasn’t sure buying these, I did do exactly that. What can I say? Oh well, let’s take a look:
essence - cookies and creamFrom index to pinky:
Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life
Cakepop, That’s Top!
Yummy, Yummy!
Macaron, C’est Bon!

The only one I do kind off like is Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life (index), which is least streaky. They’re all opaque in two coats except for Macaron, C’est Bon! (pinky), which needed three coats.

All in all this collection is a bit ‘meh’ for me. What do you think?

essence - cookies and cream - bottles

Essence: Hello Rosy

Back at the end of last year Essence came with three textured polishes (which are still patiently waiting in my untrieds pile… shame on me!), as known as the Sparkle Sand Effect line. Recently they added a few more textured polishes. One of them is Hello Rosy, a sort of vintage pink hue packed with matte pink glitter. I especially like this one for it’s unique color. essence - hello rosyI used two coats, no top coat. Formula is okay, not perfect but definitely nothing to complain about. I did a quick swatch with last years red polish from this line and this one dries faster.essence - hello rosy1What do you think of this one?

Catrice: iROSEdescent – Haute Future Collection

Have you spotted Catrice’s newest collection yet? The Haute Future Collection consists of five new polishes plus a new flakies top coat. iROSEdescent is a brown-isch nude holographic polish. The formula is great. Full coverage in two easy coats. Yay!catrice - iROSEdescentcatrice - iROSEdescent1In direct sun light:catrice - iROSEdescent2Thanks so much, Soraya for picking this one up for me! Mwah! :*

ANNY – For Winners – L.A. Film Awards Collection

ANNY recently released their For Winners – L.A. Film Awards Collection:anny - for winners la awards - bottlesThis collection is right up my alley. Lovely pinks and reds 😀 And there is a white cream in there too! I’m always looking for the perfect white cream with a good coverage and minimum streaking. What Else is a pure white cream. The formula is on the thin side but builds nice and smooth to an opaque finish in three thin coats. Perfect as undies for some nail art! anny - for winners la awards - distressedRed Inspiration, a medium red cream with strong pink undertones. I love it! The formula is perfect. Shown here is two coats with no top coat!anny - red inspirationSave The Last Dance, a classic red cream. You can never go wrong with a good red cream. Also, you can never have enough red creams 😉 The formula is slightly thicker than Red Inspiration. This is two coats with no top coat:anny - save the last danceDark Romance, a dark grey cream with hints of green and purple. It has a gorgeous purple shimmer running through out but sadly it doesn’t translate on the nails very well. This dries a little darker than how it looks in the bottle. Shown here is two coats with no top coat: anny - dark romance If you’d like to see full swatches of the other three shades of this collection, please let me know 😉


Models Own – Beetlejuice Collection

mo - beetlejuice collectionLet’s take a look at the Beetlejuice Collection by Models Own. I can’t believe that this collection has been laying around in my stash untried for months! mo - beetlejuice Continue reading

ANNY – Enjoying The Waves

Anny Enjoying the Waves saran wrapHi everyone!

Today I have the Enjoying the Waves collection by ANNY to show you. ANNY released this collection last Summer. Better late than never ha!
Above you see my saran wrap mani that I created with three shades of this collection.
This collection consists of six soft creams:
Anny Enjoying The Waves2Let’s jump right into the swatches, shall we?
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