OPI Morning, Moneypenny – James Bond Collection

Along with the 12 polishes -which can be found here and here– and the golden leafed topcoat of the James Bond Collection OPI released 3 magnetic polishes called –Is That Silva, –Morning, Moneypenny and –Bond, James Bond.
I like to share with you Morning, Moneypenny, a gorgeous plum filled with fine glitter. I was surprised by the depth this polish has. Especially while the polish is still wet. It’s extremely shiny. I was also surpsised by the pattern the magnet has given this polish. On the package the pattern seems like stripes but surprisingly it turned out to be more wave-like. I’ve used two coats, as advised. The magnet is very easy to use. I really love this polish and would also like to have the other two magnetic polishes đŸ˜€ Even without the pattern that the magnet gives, this polish is gorgeous!

See and judge for yourself đŸ˜‰