Liquid Sky Lacquer

Liquid Sky Lacquer is a creation by Carolyn. She does not only create glitter toppers, but also holographic, duochrome and jelly polishes. Thumbs up for that! Let’s take a look at six of her many pretty polishes:lsl
Enchanted Waterfall, a light blue linear holographic polish. The picture below is -as with the other ones- taken in daylight. Even then is the holo effect visible. This is one strong holo! You don’t need the sun or artificial lightning to see the rainbow 😉 The formula is great. I used two easy flowing coats without top coat. Drying time is pretty quick.liquid sky lacquer enchanted waterfall
The Break Of Day, a duochrome that shifts from peach to gold. The color shifting is subtle but I think that’s okay with this soft shade. The formula is leaning to frosty so it can be a little streaky and you can see some imperfections on the nails. I advice to use a ridgefiller 😉 A big bonus is that this is almost a one coater. With one coat it is a very subtle soft peachy shade and when applying a second coat it’s bit darker. I used two coats for full opacity (on my free edges) without top coat. Drying time is average. Great shade for Spring ha?!liquid sky lacquer the break of day
Rain Cloud, a dark grey/charcoal scattered holo which is fully opaque in two easy coats. Formula is great and drying time is pretty quick. The holo effect isn’t so strong in daylight but when looking at it in sunlight or artificial lighting it is very strong. I really like this. Especially because it’s so pretty in daylight. liquid sky lacquer rain cloud
Just for fun, a clear base packed with different size/shape pink, yellow and blue glitter. The pink hart shaped glitter makes this topper so cute. The formula is easy to work with. The only thing is that it is difficult is getting the hearts out of the bottle. I needed to ‘fish’ some out of the bottle and place them on my nails. The glitter doesn’t stick together and spread easily. I used one (slightly dabbed) coat of Just for Fun over a bright orange base (OPI, A Roll In The Hague). To get a smooth finish I topped it of with one coat of Seche Vite.liquid sky lacquer just for fun!
Evening Fireflies, a blackened dark blue base packed with lots of duochrome shimmer that shifts from blue to green. I used one coat over a black base without top coat. It is extremely shiny by itself 🙂 Looking at the bottle, this makes me think of gasoline. The formula, again, is lovely and easy to work with. liquid sky lacquer evening fireflies
Tripindicular, a hot magenta pink holo. Im not sure if it’s a linear or scattered holo. It has the quality of both 🙂 Either way, I LOVE this one. As you know, I’m a sucker for pink and also for holo. So this is just the perfect combo for me. Sorry for repeating but the formula of this is, as with the others, great. I used two coats plus top coat. liquid sky lacquer tripindicular
FOR BEST RESULT follow Carolyn’s advice:
– For chunky glitter polishes: Since the glitter settles, turn the bottle upside down for 1-2 hours, then shake vigorously before using;
– For gel/glitters: use as a top coat over your favorite single color polish, or add several layers of the gel to intensify the color and glitter. Let dry thoroughly between coats.
– For solid/duo chromes: use 1-2 coats alone, with a top coat, or with a glitter. Let dry thoroughly between coats.

You can find Liquid Sky Lacquer here for $8.00 – $12.00 each. Carolyn provides international shipping! All polishes are 3-free and have stainless mixing beads. Questions? Carolyn is happy to answer all your questions through e-mail:

*products are kindly provided to me by Liquid Sky Lacquer for my unbiased review

I Love Nail Polish

Here are my swatches and review of three creations that are handmade by Barbra, the founder of I Love Nail Polish.
First I like to point out that I adore the packaging of the polishes. All polishes have lovely boxes which have their names on the bottom. The names of the polishes are also labeled on the bottom of the bottle. The bottles have a rubbery grip which makes opening them super easy and gives you better grip. All in all these polishes feel like real luxury to me 😀ilnp
Strawberry Creme, a milky cream base packed with different size pink, fuchsia and red glitter. Since it is sheer I used two coats to get full opacity. The formula is a dream and application went easy. I used top coat to get a smooth finish. I can’t help thinking of milkshake when looking at this. It’s so milky and creamy 😀 Bet this would look great over a pastel base.i love nail polish strawberry creme
Her Highness, a mix of different size fuchia, brown and gold glitter swimming in a clear base. For this mani I used OPI’s Berlin There Done That as the base color. Then I gently dabbed Her Highness on my nails near my cuticles to create sort of a glitter gradient. The formula is a bit thicker than Strawberry Creme so you might need to do some replacing of the glitter when layered over the entire nails. This doesn’t gave me any problems with the application. This feels kind off luxe! i love nail polish her highness
Little Mermaid, a clear base packed with lots of different hues (mostly silver and teal)  (bar)glitter. As you can see my camera freaked out by the incredible shiny-ness of this polish! Because of the name of this polish and the teal glitter I chose ANNY’s Pool girl as my base color. The formula is, as with Her Highness, because of the gllitter a bit thick. This, again, doesn’t gave me any problems with application though. i love nail polish little mermaid
Overall, I really like these three polishes. I can’t really pick a favorite. What do you think girls?

Check out all Barbra’s polishes on her Etsy shop ($10.00/€7,85 each). You can also find I Love Nail Polish on Facebook. Don’t forget to share some love 😉

*products were kindly provided to me by I Love Nail Polish for my unbiased review

Indigo Bananas

Today I have another indie brand to show you: Indigo Bananas (awesome name ha)!

Indigo Bananas is a handmade, indie nail polish brand that launched February 2013.  IB has been in the works since late May 2012, and many of the launch colors date back to the summer of ‘12 in terms of development. Currently, Indigo Bananas is only Etsy based, but accepts both Paypal & Credit Cards on there.

I (Andrea) first got into polish mixing, or rather ‘collect all the glitters and pigments that you can lay your eyes on’ in April/May of 2012. Back then I got sidetracked by trying to make my own suspension base (partially, at least from top coats – doing it from scratch requires a hazmat license & full chem lab) for a while, but went full steam ahead on ‘buy ALL THE (glitter and pigment) COLORS’ by May 2012. I’ve been working on the current set of launch colors since June or so for many of them, and have made nearly two hundred proper polishes (not frankens really, but from base & pigments) since then.

My background’s in biology at the PhD level, with undergrad training in ecology, molecular bio & chemistry, so my interest in this all stemmed from a love of deconstructing what went into nail polish at the chemical level. So: a love of pigments (especially duochromes) and the chemistry behind it and a passion for making terrible, awful jokes led to Indigo Bananas as you see it now.

Why the name Indigo Bananas? Well, it’s a great color (and too many people call it ‘blurple’), and it turned out that bananas, especially ripe bananas, glow indigo when exposed to UV.  Most importantly, the name’s a pun on ‘Indie-go-bananas’ – the indie polish community is nothing if not a bunch of ripe bananas (and that’s the way we like it!). Lastly, hopefully some of you will go bananas for this indie as well 😉 If not, I guess… feel free to throw some ripe fruit at me”. (source)
indigo bananasScroll down for swatches of three of the large range of their duochromes. All of the swatches are just one coat over a black base and topped off with top coat (Seche Vite).

Review after the pics!

Eris, a duochrome that shifts from lavender to pink. indigo bananas eris
This duochrome is called Hermes and shifts from blue to purple (with slight green undertones).indigo bananas hermes
Maui shifts from teal blue to purple (with green undertones).indigo bananas maui
Well, first of all I love these duochromes! Every single one of them. They are such eye catchers. I had a difficult time capturing the color shifting on camera (even after tons of pics from different angles).That is such a pity because it’s stunning! I love how duochromes ‘pop’ when layered over a black base. But these babies can also be worn on their own. Then they will require three coats though.
Indigo Bananas really stand out for their large collection of duochromes!
The formula of all of these is great and easy to work with.
I can’t wait to try Shadow and Pan. Oh and -as a holo addict- I just need to have the Spectraflair top coat! How about you? Anything that catches you eye?

Things to know:
Indigo Bananas polishes are vegan and cruelty free. And they are also 3-Free (formaldehyde, toluene, DBP free) 😀

Indigo Bananas polishes are available at Andrea’s Etsy shop (15 ml: $10.00/€7,85 5 ml: $4.50/€3,53). Keep up to date for giveaways, feedback and contest by liking their Facebook page. And you might want to check out Indigo Bananas’ website!

*products were kindly provided to me by Indigo Bananas for my unbiased review

Black Sheep Lacquer

Today I have another indie brand, Black Sheep Lacquer (formerly know as Funk Blend). Erin’s hand blended polishes are cruelty free! She generously sent me three of her creations for review. Thanks Erin!iusb_760x100_11215815_23vk
Let’s jump right into the swatches!

Stinger is described by Erin as follows:
“I was inspired by the colours in a wasp. Screw the sweetness of the bumble bee, I wanted to create something with bite! Its a yellow and black glitter polish in a yellow jelly base.  There’s small bits of red and brown hex glitter to give it more depth. The polish in the bottle appears completely different than on the nail, when worn its bright and vibrant”. (source).
This polish surprised me because of the major color difference in the bottle and on the nail. When worn on its own it’s very bright yellow jelly while in the bottle its more greenish. I layered one coat of Stinger over a yellow base to make it even brighter 🙂 Formula is fine and the application went easy. I needed to replace just a few glitter pieces. Pretty cool ha?!black sheep lacquer stinger
Funk Blend, a black shimmer with strong blue undertones. I layered one coat of Funk Blend over a black base. It can be worn on its own, but then you’ll need two coats for full opacity. The formula is great. Not to thick or to thin, perfect 🙂black sheep lacquer funk blend
Red Letter Day, a super bright jelly base packed with different size/shape red orange and silver glitter. You can get great coverage result in just one coat. To cover the free egdes of my nails, I used two (slightly dabbed) coats. The formula is quite thick so I advice to gently dab the polish on your nails. It’s a bit rough so it needs one (maybe two) coats of topcoat to even it out to a nice smooth finish. I think this is great for a jelly sandwich 😉black sheep lacquer red letter day
Grab yours at Erin’s Etsy shop for CAD 9.00/€ 6,07 (full size) or CAD 4.00/€ 3,03 (mini). And since you’re there you might want to purchase at least two of her creations because then you will get a free hand made cuticle balm stick! Sounds great ha!

You can find Black Sheep Lacquer on Facebook and Twitter too! Support her works of art and leave her some love girls!

*products were kindly provided to me by Black Sheep Lacquer for my unbiased review

Treasures by Tan

Today I have three hand blended creations by Treasures By Tan to show you 😀
All polishes are 3-free (Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP free) and of course cruelty free.treasures by tan
Peacock Peek-A-Boo, a duochrome that shifts from blue/purple to green. The colorshifting is subtle but gorgeous. The formula is great which made the application smoothless. I used two coats of Peacock Peek-A-Boo over a black base (Liquid Leather by China Glaze). The shinyness is all by the polish itself, I didn’t use top coat! 😀treasures by tan peacock peek-a-boo
Grama Cupcake, a white milky base packed with different size/shape pastel green, purple, pink, fuchsia and turquoise glitter.
The story behind this creation: “This was made for my mother, inspired by my 2 yr. old, Noah. Everytime we visit my mom she always gives him cupcakes so he started calling her “Grama Cupcake” (source).
The formula of this polish is great. I used one (slightly dabbed) coat of Grama Cupcake over a white base (Zoya’s Purity). To get a smooth and shiny finish, I topped it of with one coat of Seche Vite.treasures by tan grama cupcake
Rocker Chic, different size/shape pink, black and white glitter swimming in a clear base. I layered one coat of Rocker Chic over a grey base (Rainy day by Koh!). As with Grama Cupcake I slightly dabbed the polish on my nails to get an even coverage of the glitter. treasures by tan rocker chic
Creations by Treasures by Tan are available at Tanya’s Etsy shop ($8.50 full-size, 15 ml). You might want to check out Treasures By Tan’s Facebook page and follow her on Twitter 😉

*products were kindly provided to me by Treasures By Tan for my unbiased review

Borough Babe

Shannon, the creator of hand blended polishes called Borough Babe kindly sent me three of her creations for review. Let’s take a look:
borough babe
Black as Night, a black jelly base packed with silver and gold colored square and hexagon glitter. There’s also fine silver glitter in the mix which gives this polish a beautiful depth. Formula is fine and the application went smooth less. I used one coat over a gray base (Rainy Day by Koh!). This is definitely my favorite of these three 🙂borough babe black as night
Williamsburg is part of the NY Hoods collection. It’s a turquoise jelly base filled with a mix of different shapes of (matte) white, red, purple and blue glitter. I layered one coat of Williamsburg over one coat of a bright green polish (Surfing Crocodile by ANNY). The formula is fine. Application went easy by using the dabbing technique. I advice a good shake before use. borough babe williamsburg
Brunch at Tiff’s is a light blue almost milky base with gold, silver and fluoresecent glitter. The formula of this is also fine. I used two coats of Brunch at Tiff’s over a ‘dirty’ green base (Wicked by ANNY). borough babe brunch at tiff's

Borough Babe polishes are available at Shannon’s Etsy shop for $5.00 (mini) or $8.00 (full-size). Be sure to check out her blog for updates 😉

*products were kindly provided to me by Borough Babe for my unbiased review

piCture pOlish: Violet Femme

piCture pOlish was created when two Australian girls dreamed of a beautiful gift that would capture a special occasion! What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nail polish! That is quirky & vibrant that stands out from the rest! has grown to include our own brand! With an extensive range of fashion forward coulours you will find a shade for every occasion! Every shade tells a story inspired by you our wonderful customers!”

Today I’d like to show you Violet Femme, a gorgeous bright purple cream. The formula is a dream. I used two easy flowing coats. I didn’t finished with top coat because this is stunningly shiny on its own. It’s not a secret that I’m a sucker for purple and I really love this!picture polish violet femmeIsn’t this a gorgeous bright purple?picture polish violet femme1
piCture pOlishes are 3-free and NOT tested on animals!

Something to know: In 2012 piCture pOlish was awarded the exclusive licensing rights plus shade creation of the Ozotic brand worldwide! YAY 😀

Head over to the piCture pOlish network list to check where you can find them! You can find piCture pOlish on Facebook and Twitter too 😉

For my girls here in The Netherlands: piCture pOlishes and Ozotic polishes are available through Petra’s webshop: Pretty Polish! Can’t find the one(s) you’re looking for? Petra is always willing to kindly answer your question(s) through the contact form. And of course you can find Pretty Polish on Twitter and Facebook too!

*product was generously provided to me by piCture pOlish for my unbiased review

Sparkles by Julie: Graffiti

Sparkles by Julie, as the name says: sparkles in a bottle created by Julie. Here’s one of her many gorgeous creations called Graffiti. It’s a clear base packed with shredded glitters in red, yellow and blue! And there are also black hexes and bars in the mix. This topper creates a graffiti look when layered over a (light) base.sparkles by julie graffitiWhat an amazing effect ha? I used one coat of Graffiti over a white base (Purity by Zoya) plus one coat of Seche Vite. This polish applies best by using the dabbing technique. The formula is great! Thumbs up for that!

See how awesome it looks with a matte top coat:sparkles by julie graffiti matte
Julie’s hand blended creations are 3 free, meaning it does not contain; Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, or Toluene!

Do you like this polish as much as I do? Grab yours at Julie’s Etsy shop for $4.00 (mini-size) or $8.00 for a full-size bottle (15 ml).

Oh and do you like jewelry? Why not check out Julie’s jewelry store 😉

*Graffiti was kindly provided to me by Sparkles by Julie for my unbiased review 


Have you ever seen star shaped polish bottles? I didn’t until Jen was kind enough with sending me two of her creations. Jen’s custom blended creations are called JENsations and are made with a 3-free cruelty free base (Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP free) that will suspend glitter (glitter won’t all fall to the bottom). Each bottle contains two stainless steel ball bearings (they will not rust or affect your polish) for easy shaking. Pigments and  glitters tend to settle over time so please shake gently before using 😉

First up, Autumn Harvest, a mix of multi-sized matte red, yellow & orange hexagon & square glitter in a clear base. I layered one coat of Autumn Harvest over two coats of OPI’s Midnight In Moscow. As the name says, this is a perfect glittermix for Fall. The formula is quite thick, so I think this could need some drops of polish thinner (please do NOT use acetone to thinner your polish!). I needed to replace some of the glitter pieces, but overall it blended nicely. To create a smooth finish I topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite. jensations autumn harvest
This mix of multi-sized matte hot pink square, hexagon & bar glitter in a clear base is called Think Pink. I layered one coat of Think Pink over two coats of Liquid Leather by China Glaze. As with Autumn Harvest the formula is on the thick side and definitely needs some drops of polish thinner. I didn’t need to replace the glitter pieces with this one. I’ve noticed that by quickly applying the polish, you’ll get the best result (see the difference between my ring- and the other fingernails). I finished this mani with one coat of Seche Vite.jensations think pink
The bottles are unique for their shape and I love that! Both polishes have a thick formula and could need some drops of polish thinner. Besides some replacing some glitter pieces, the application went fine. I think Think Pink would look nice layered over a white base. Great for Spring and Summer! Overall, nice toppers!

JENsations polishes are available at Jen’s Etsy shop for $8.00 each (10 ml bottle). Get connected with JENsations on Facebook to stay informed about her newest creations 😉

*products were kindly provided to me by JENsations for my unbiased review

Shimmer Polish

Today I have five polishes by Shimmer Polish to show you. Let’s jump right in to the swatches and let the pictures do the talking.shimer1
Mary, a red jelly-ish base with black, silver and red glitter. I’ve used two coats here. shimmer mary
Jennifer, red, silver and blue multi sized glitter in a clear base. I’ve layered one easy flowing coat of Jennifer over a white base (Purity by Zoya).shimmer jennifer
Nichole, a clear base with blue, red and silver multi sized glitter. I’ve layered one coat of Nichole over black (China Glaze’s Liquid Leather).shimmer nichole
Jasmine, aqua marine, light blue and green glitter swimming in a clear base. Here I’ve layered one coat of Jasmine over a white base (Zoya’s Purity). I think this would look stunning when layered over a aqua blue base. shimmer jasmine
Eva, burgundy red with fine (silver) shimmer. I just LOVE this! It’s gorgeous. The super fine silver shimmer gives it so much depth. This can easily be worn on its own. shimmer evaFINAL THOUGHTS:
Eva and Nichole are definitely my favorites of these five. The formula of all of these is great. Application went fine and smoothless. The density of all of them is fantastic! Mary was a bit chunky at first, but one coat of Seche Vite evened that out.
I used a peel-off base coat to make the removal easier. Therefore I can’t really tell how the removal goes with a regular base coat.

Shimmer Polishes are available on Etsy. You can check out her website here. And you can find Shimmer Polish also on Facebook!

* products were kindly provided to me by Shimmer Polish for my unbiased review