El Corazon: 423-35 – Prisma Collection

Today I have another gorgeous El Corazon polish to show you. This is # 423-35 from their Prisma Collection. It’s a soft pink holographic polish. Very delicate and feminime. el corazon - 423 35I used two easy coats plus top coat for the pictures. The formula is great and very easy to work with. el corazon - 423 351Have you tried El Corazon polishes yet? The bottles hold 16 ml (!) of polish and are available at Hypnotic Polish for a friendly price. While Maria, the founder and owner of Hypnotic Polish, is enjoying a well deserved break you can enjoy a 10%-35% discount on several great (indie)polishes! No code needed! Check it out at her shop here.

*product(s) in this post were provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review

El Corazon: 423-40 – Prisma Collection

You’ve probably already seen that Hypnotic Polish carries El Corazon polishes besides a whole bunch of other great brands. Not yet familiar with El Corazon?
El Corazon’s bestselling product, Active Bio-gel is a nail treatment that looks, applies and removes like a regular nail polish, but at the same time helps to strengthen your nails and gradually improve their condition. It is easy to apply, dries very quickly and lasts on your nails much longer than regular polishes‘.*
From the moment I tried my first El Corazon I was sold. The formula is great. I love the unique shape of the bottles (which contain 16ml of polish!).
Their Prisma Collection consists of holographic polishes which are all highly pigmented. Take a look at #423-40:el corazon - 423 40 1This is a lilac holographic shade. As said, it’s highly pigmented so you could get away with just one coat. I prefer two thin coats so that’s what I did here (plus top coat). This is not your ‘regular’ holo polish. Where most holo polishes have the tendency to dry to a slightly dull finish, this is extremely shiny all by itself. Therefore a top coat isn’t really neccesary. I prefer using a top coat for a long lasting result though 🙂el corazon - 423 40 1 2Another thing that makes this stand out is that it has a blue sheen throughout it. See what I mean in the photo below which is taken in direct sunlight: el corazon - 423 40 1 slHave you tried El Corazon polishes yet? Go check them out at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping).

*products were kindly provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review

Dance Legend: Cosmic Rainbow – New Prism

[WARNING] eyes may explode due to holo-ness!

Happy Friday!

OMG! Actually, that’s all I have to say about Cosmic Rainbow by Dance Legend:
dance legend - cosmic rainbowThe picture above and below are taken in direct sunlight. Wow! Check out my instavideo here. This is two easy coats pluc top coat.dance legend - cosmic rainbow1And below is how it looks in natural daylight. So pretty!dance legend - cosmic rainbow2dance legend - cosmic rainbow3Tell me, what do you think?

Dance Legend polishes are available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping)

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Foil manicure

The easiest way to create a colorful and eye catching manicure is probably by using foil. They come in many design and colors and are super easy to use. The foil I used for this manicure is available at Hypnotic Polish in a set of 25 pcs. I chose to randomly dab on the foil instead of using it as full coverage. You can do this in different ways. You can simply apply your base color and apply the foil when the base color is not completely dry (so that the foil sticks on the nails) or you can use foil adhesive glue as I did here. I waited for my base color to completely dry before randomly adding spots of adhesive glue. Then wait a few minutes until the glue is completely clear and dab on the foil 🙂 It’s that simple.foil hypnotic polishI didn’t add top coat here because I found that it wrinkles the foil which is a cool effect but not what I was aiming for here. foil hypnotic polish1And below you can see how it looks with matte top coat. Here you can really see all the different colors:foil hypnotic polish matteI’m not sure if which I like more, with or without matte top coat. You?


Pretty & Polished: Dancing at Dusk

A three colored thermal?! YAY! All hands in the air for Dancing at Dusk by Pretty & Polished:pretty and polished - dancing at dusk - transitionLove this! It’s so delicate and feminine. I used three thin coats plus top coat. The formula is nice and applies easily. Above you seen the transition. It goes from pale blue to pale pink to lavender. Below you see how it looks when cold. pretty and polished - dancing at dusk - coldLovely ha?!

Pretty & Polished polishes are available at the Hypnotic Polish webshop. They have a great range of fantastic indie brands to choose from and they ship worldwide!

*the product(s) in this post were provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review