Emily de Molly: Hide and Seek

Hi lovelies,

Today I have a polish to show you that’s exclusively made for Hypnotic Polish 🙂 Take a look at Hide and Seek by Emily de Molly:edm - hide and seekWhat a beauty! Such a gorgeous color! I used three thin coats plus top coat for my photo’s. And look at the macro below which shows it with one coats of matte top coat:edm - hide and seek1Lovely!

You can still find this beauty at Hypnotic Polish. Grab it here, before it’s gone 🙂

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Llarowe: Intrigue – Hypnotic Polish Exclusive

Hi everyone!

Here’s a look at my Birthday nails 😀 llarowe - intrigue4For my base I used two easy coats of Intrigue a Hypnotic Polish exclusive polish by Llarowe 😀 Thank you so much for this beauty, Maria!
For the animal print I used Obsessed With Marilyn, also by Llarowe and Cosmos (423/508) by El Corazon.
Look at the awesomeness in direct sunlight:llarowe - intrigue2Intrigue is being restocked at Hypnotic Polish in two hours (8.00 pm CET)!
Don’t miss out on this collectors item 😀

China Glaze: Rendezvous With You

Stamping? I gave that up a long time ago. I’ve seen so many amazing new plates lately and even more amazing designs created with them I thought it was time to give it another try. But not before searching for a new stamper. I’ve found an XL stamper and scraper at Hypnotic Polish and went for it. This is my first attempt after a long time so please bear with me.
china glaze - rendezvous witj you2For my base I used one (!) coat of Rendezvous With You by China Glaze. What a fantastic polish! Not only is the formula perfect but that color! Love!

For the design I used Essie‘s No Place Like Chrome and a Sci-Fi (5) plate from MoYou, which you can also find at Hypnotic Polish.
china glaze - rendezvous with you - essie no place like chromeWhat do you think of this stamping design?

El Corazon: 121 – Matte Effect

Happy Friday!

It’s quite difficult to find a good matte nail polish. I’ve tried some good ones but I’ve also discovered that most matte polishes tend to leave brush strokes. This is 121 by El Corazon. After one coat I knew it needed a second one for full coverage. I thought that it’ll definitely get streaky, but no: not at all. Completely smooth in 2 coats! Oh and on a side note… look at that bottle: matte! Such a nice touch 😀el corazon 121 1For my accent nail I used a sponge and Fireworks Galaxy (available at my shop) to add a bit of color and topped it with one coat of matte top coat.el corazon 121El Corazon polishes are available at their website and at Hypnotic Polish.

Have a great weekend! :*

El Corazon: 513a – Confetti Collection

Hi beauties!

Today I have another El Corazon polish to share with you. El Corazon added more gorgeous polishes to their Confetti Collection. Yay! This is 513a:el corazon 513aThe pigmentation is great. It is on the thicker side, but nothing problematic. This is jam packed with micro glitter. Lovely! I used tow coats plus a generous coat of top coat here. I advice to use a generous coat of top coat or maybe even two because this polish is slightly top-coat-thirsty. el corazon 513a1El Corazon polishes are available at their website and at Hypnotic 
Polish (worldwide shipping!) 😀

Enjoy your Sunday! :*

Llarowe: Billy Jean

An entire collection inspired by the one and only Michael Jackson? Gimme gimme gimme! Since my teens I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson. So when I saw that Leah Ann launched an entire collection inspired by this legend I knew I needed to have some.
This is Billy Jean:
llarowe - billy jean1So gorgeous and perfect for Fall. I love this kind of deep red hue’s with a purple tone to it. It has super pretty shimmer running throughout that shifts from violet to copper. Amazing! This is two flawless coats plus top coat.

It’s not a surprise that I will be back with more polishes from this collection, right? 😀

Billy Jean is available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping).

El Corazon: 512a – Confetti

el corazon - 512a confetti1Ahhh look at this gorgeousness! This is 512a from the Confetti range by El Corazon.
El Corazon keeps amaze me with the amazing formula of their polishes. This is another micro glitter but this one is holographic. Yay! Lilac and holographic micro glitter swimming in a pink base. It dries super fast to a semi matte and slihtly gritty finish. I used two coats for full coverage. Then I added two coats of top coat. This polish is top coat thirsty so one coat simply doesn’t give a smooth and glossy finish. Nevertheless I absolutely love this! el corazon - 512a confetti

This polish is, along with many other amazing polishes from great brands, available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping!).


Llarowe: Connie’s Nosy Neighbor

*excitement overload!*
Have you seen that Hypnotic Polish stocks Colors by Llarowe? Whieeeee! Awesome ha!
You know I loved Connie, You Saucy Minx, so I just needed to have Connie’s Nosy Neighbor. It is gorgeous! Gorgeous, I tell you!llarowe - connie's nosy neighborLook at that shimmer. It knocked my socks off. It is a tad darker in real life. The formula is great. I used two easy coats plus top coat here. llarowe - connie's nosy neighbor1Leah Ann has created so so many gorgeous polishes. Thumbs up! Go check them out at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping)!

Pretty & Polished: Good Vibrations

In a previous post I showed you Dancing at Dusk by Pretty & Polished. Here’s another of their thermal polishes called Good Vibrations:pretty and polished - good vibrationsI think everyone knows by now that my fave colors are pink, purple, red and blue. So it’s not a surprise that I love the combo of this colors. It goes from a bright fuchsia when warm to a plum purple when cold. And it has tons of fine holo sparkle running throughout. So pretty! The formula is great. I used three thin coats plus top coat here.

Pretty & Polished polishes are now ON SALE at Hypnotic Polish. Go check them out here 😀

*product(s) were kindly provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review