Femme Fatale: Hundred Years Winter


Hundred Years Winter by Femme Fatale is such a beauty and quite unique to my stash. My photo’s doesn’t do it justice. It has a gorgeous icy blue glow in it. femme fatale - hundred years winter - milv s47 1The formula is great. I used two coats for full coverage. On the nails of my middle- and ring finger I applied water decals by MILV (number S47).
The macro shot below shows the blue glow a bit better but still not as much as it shows in real life.
femme fatale - hundred years winter - milv s47 2Take a look at the bottle, so pretty:femme fatale - hundred years winter - bottleFemme Fatale polishes are available at their website. Note that they have pre sales every once in a while which lasts for only 5 days. So if you have some Femme Fatale’s on your wishlist, I recommend to follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on future pre sales. I’ve ordered twice and they are gone within an eye blink.
Oh, and they also stock other fantastic (indie) brand plus they have their own line of various unique cosmetics 😉