Llarowe: Pirates Of Penzance

Hi lovelies!

One of my fave red polishes is The Mighty Red Baron by Llarowe. And since I just can’t have enough red polishes (and purple’s, pink’s and blue’s for that matter) I picked up Pirates Of Penzance a while back. And boy, I love it:cbl - pirates of penzance 2This one is super pigmented, nearly a one coater. I used two coats plus top coat for my photo’s. Thankfully we have lots of sunshine these days here in The Netherlands so I could take some sunny photo’s. Please excuse the weird bump on my index nail :/ Bumping into stuff with freshly painted nails happens… ugh!cbl - pirates of penzance 3And below you see how it looks in natural daylight without direct sunlight:cbl - pirates of penzance 1Such a rich hue of red!cbl - pirates of penzance:*

Llarowe: 976-Babe

Hi lovelies!

If you like lots and lots of sunshine in a way that it almost feels tropical, The Netherlands is the right place to be today. My lord… I do like sunshine and love it when it’s a nice warm temperature but this is just too much. I bet lots of people absolutely love this kind of temperatures. I sure don’t. The downside of this weather is that thunderstorm afterwards is guaranteed. For those of you who admire the sunshine today: enjoy and please don’t get toasted by the sunbeams!
Anyway… here’s a perfect polish for this weather… holo!
Meet 976-Babe from Llarowe‘s Pretty Woman Collection:cbl - 976-babe1Now, let the sun do the magic:cbl - 976-babe2Have a fantastic weekend!

Llarowe: The Crowning Moment – Oh, Baby! Collection

Happy Friday lovelies!

Have you seen Leah Ann’s recent collection, the Oh, Baby! Collection? This collection consists of six soft holographic shades. There’s a mint holo too! I picked up The Crowning Moment, a gorgeous grape holographic shade:llarowe - the crowning moment1The holographic properties are obviously more visible in direct bright light or sunlight. The sun let me down again when I wore this. The formula is good. I used three thin coats plus top coat here.llarowe - the crowning momentDid you pick up any polishes from this collection? This one is currently out of stock at Hypnotic Polish, the other six shades are still available at this time. And all shades are also available at Llarowe.

Have a fabulous Easter weekend!


Dance Legend: Holy Diver – WoW Prism

Spring is in the air! Bring on those sunbeams! It’s time for holographic awesomeness 🙂
Holy Diver from the WoW Prism range by Dance Legend is not only a lovely color for Spring and Summer but it also has scattered holographic particles running through out:dance legend - holy diver 1And of course there was not a single sunbeam in the sky to show of the holo properties of this beauty *insert sad face*. It is pretty amazing nevertheless! The formula is great and easy to work with. Shown is two coats plus top coat.dance legend - holy diver
Enjoy your Sunday! :*

piCture pOlish: Holiday

Whoop whoop! Holiday is here! As soon as I saw the announcement on piCture pOlish‘s Instagram account that this limited edition polish was in the making I knew I needed to get my hands on it. And here it is!pp - holiday bottle1Holiday is described as a scatter holo/flakie ‘special edition’ topper with individually numbered bottles. Perfect for the Holidays 😀
The formula is great. It glides on smoothly and gives an even coverage of the flakies and holographic sparkle. I used one coat over black undies:picture polish - holiday1 Continue reading

Llarowe: Blonde Ambition

Although it’s getting more grey and colder we do get to enjoy some sunbeams every now and then. And what better polish to wear when the sun shines than a holo? This is Blonde Ambition, another gorgeous creation by Leah Ann:
llarowe - blonde ambition1The photo above is -as always- taken in natural daylight. Behold… look at the photo below, which is taken in direct sunlight:llarowe - blonde ambition sl1YAY! Lovely, right?!

The formula is great and application went flawless. I used two coats plus top coat for the photo’s above.

Check out more of Leah Ann’s creations at Hypnotic Polish 😉

piCture pOlish: Bridget

Are you -like me- a huge fan of the now discontinued Ozotic polishes? Guess what? The brilliant girls behind piCture pOlish re-released some of the Ozotic shades! Here’s one of them, called Bridget:picture polish - bridgetThis is a gorgeous red scattered holo polish. The formula is perfect, as always. This is two easy coats plus top coat.picture polish - bridget1I love this one and hope to get my hands on Lizzie and Darcy too! 🙂

Dance Legend: Cosmic Rainbow – New Prism

[WARNING] eyes may explode due to holo-ness!

Happy Friday!

OMG! Actually, that’s all I have to say about Cosmic Rainbow by Dance Legend:
dance legend - cosmic rainbowThe picture above and below are taken in direct sunlight. Wow! Check out my instavideo here. This is two easy coats pluc top coat.dance legend - cosmic rainbow1And below is how it looks in natural daylight. So pretty!dance legend - cosmic rainbow2dance legend - cosmic rainbow3Tell me, what do you think?

Dance Legend polishes are available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping)

:* Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Dance Legend: Danger Danger – Wow Prism

You know I loved Slippery When Wet by Dance Legend so I couldn’t resist buying Danger Dangerdance legend - danger dangerThis is a bright apple red scattered holo polish and of course I love it. The formula is great. I used two coats plus top coat. Have I told you about my new favorite top coat yet? For years I used Seche Vite, which I loved. But now I have a new absolute favorite, Glisten & Glow by HK Girl. It’s super shiny and dries fast. The major thing that makes this my new fave is that it doesn’t cause shrinkage while SV did exactly that! Woo hoo! If you’re looking for a super shiny and fast drying top coat then I’d highly recommend G&G.dance legend - danger danger1You can find Dance Legend polishes AND the Glisten & Glow top coat at Hypnotic Polish 🙂

What do you think of this one? Summery ha!

Catrice: iROSEdescent – Haute Future Collection

Have you spotted Catrice’s newest collection yet? The Haute Future Collection consists of five new polishes plus a new flakies top coat. iROSEdescent is a brown-isch nude holographic polish. The formula is great. Full coverage in two easy coats. Yay!catrice - iROSEdescentcatrice - iROSEdescent1In direct sun light:catrice - iROSEdescent2Thanks so much, Soraya for picking this one up for me! Mwah! :*