INTRODUCING: Fall Collection 2015

Hello beauties!

Let me introduce you to the Fall Collection 2015. Six new shades inspired by and named after the work of Steven Spielberg:fall 2015 - collageThis collection is now available at the shop!

Swatches below! 🙂

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NEW: SAMCRO Collection (part 2) – PRE SALE

Hi lovelies!

Exciting news! The pre sale of the SAMCRO Collection (part 2) had begun! During the pre sale, which ends July 6th, the six polishes of this collection are lowered down in price. Grab your fave’s now and save €1,00 per bottle or €5,00 for the entire 6 piece collection.
The official release is August 1st (regular price).
Please note that all orders that contain on or more polishes from the pre sale will start shipping July 15th. samcro 2 bottlesThis collection consists of six new polishes inspired by the Sons of Anarchy:
samcro 2 - collageThe star of this collection is An Ode To The Fallen Sons, a deep purple jelly packed with rainbow flakies and red shimmer:ode - macro bottleode 1
Filthy Phil:filthy phil 1
Ratboy:ratboy 1
Cara Cara:cara cara 1
And last but not least, Mayans:mayans 1
Anything caught your eye? Head over to the shop to view more pics and grab your fave(‘s) 🙂

NEW bottle style!

Hi lovelies!

Just a quick note to let you know that PA has had a little makeover. How exciting!
The current round bottles with black caps are making room for new square ones with a white cap. The brush is the same as with the round bottles, flat. Future batches come in these new bottles:


Mani Fizzies a.k.a. Mani Bombs – Demo

Hi lovelies!

Here’s a video to show a Mani Fizzy (also known as mani bomb) in action! This one is two colored and smells like juicy watermelons. I’ve added some poppy seeds to the mix just for fun.

These mani fizzies are available at my shop and come in many different scents and colors. You can even create your own scent/color combination with the ‘2pc listing’ 🙂

At this moment there are 4 different mixes available, each containing 6 mani fizzies in 3 different scents:
Sweet Mix: Bubblegum, Vanilla, Strawberry
Floral Mix: Cherry blossom, Lavender, Lily
Summer Mix: Watermelon, Coconut, Lemon
Fruit Mix: Lemon, Exotic Fruit, Cucumber/Kiwi

These mani fizzies are treats for your pretty paws. They contain almond oil and dulse extract leaving your hands (and feet) soft and moisturized.

Check them out here 🙂