Alpha, Beta and Omega

Hi lovelies,

Here’s some nail art that I did using the Wolf Pack Trio which has launched at the shop beginning this month.

First up, Alpha. This is a black based red/brown-isch hue with red shimmer and a holographic finish.alpha1alphaNext is Beta, a yellow holographic polish which looks either ochre, chartreuse of yellow depending on your skin tone. betabeta1And last but not least is Omega, a teal hue also with a holographic finish.omega1omegaThe Wolf Pack Trio is available at my shop. You can also find more photo’s of these there 🙂


At The End of the Rainbow

Happy Friday lovelies!

Here’s an extra post to show you the newest addiction to the shop. Meet At The End of the Rainbow, an intense lavender holographic glitter polish. Not your ‘regular’ holographic awesomeness though. This sparkles like crazy. Shown here is two coats plus top coat:holo2holo1Natural daylight:holo4And a macro bottle shot in direct sunlight:holo - bottle2Like it? Get yours at the shop 🙂

Piper Polish

Today’s featured indie brand on the blog: Piper Polish, a creation by Erin Piper.piper polishLet’s jump right into the swatches:

Not So Basic Grupple, a sheer light grey base packed with different size blue and silver glitter. The formula is good. The glitter spreads easily and don’t stick together. I used one coat over a greyish blue base (ANNY Blue fashion show). piper polish not so basic grupple
Night Fall, a steel grey duochrome that shifts from blue to purple and even pink. As with most duochromes I had a hard time photographing the color shifting 😦 I created a triangle french tip by using two thin coats of Night Fall over a black base (China Glaze Liquid Leather).piper polish night fall
Cotton Candy, a clear base packed with different size and color glitter. A true glitterbomb! I created a gradient by slightly dabbing Cotton Candy over China Glaze’s Tart-y for the party.piper polish cotton candy
Color Of The Year, a vibrant green cream with blue and purple shimmer. This one has a fantastic formula! This is two easy coats on its own.piper polish color of the year
What do you think of these? Any favorites?

You can find these polishes among other lovely creations at Erin’s Etsy shop. Erin offers a Spectraflair top coat too! YAY! 😀
Don’t forget to like Piper Polish’s Facebook page!

*products were kindly provided to me by Piper Polish for my unbiased review

Canvas Nails

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend! 😀

Here are three creations by Celena, the founder of Canvas Nails.
About Celena:
“I love nail art and one of my favorite things about nail art is picking out nail polish colors! I found out about making handmade nail polish and I knew I had to try it out. Now I’m officially hooked to making nail polish!”

All swatches have a base- and top coat. Pictures are taken in daylight.

canvas nails2Emerald City, a mix of very fine green and blue glitter swimming in a clear base. The formula is very dense. I think this could be worn on it’s own in three coats. The application went flawless. I created a gradient over a minty green base (W.I.C. by Herôme Essaouira).canvas nails emerald city
Bold and Bright Purple, a clear base packed with multi sized round purple blue and silver glitter. The formula is thick. That doesn’t gave me problems with the application though! I created a gradient by slightly ‘dabbing’ the polish on a purple base (W.I.C. by Herôme Dakar). Unfortunately my camera refused to capture the beauty of this polish. When my camera gets close to this much sparkleness it just freaks out. In my macro shot (at the top of this post) this polish looks like a milky lilac base but it really is a clear base. Just so you know 😉canvas nails bold and bright purple
Sky Blue, a mix of blue and silver fine glitter. It has the same consistency as Emerald City. Very easy to work with! I created a gradient over a bright blue base (ANNY Poolgirl).canvas nails sky blueGood to know: Canvas Nails polishes are 3 free which means it does not contain the toxic chemicals DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene.

Check out all of Celena’s creations at her Etsy shop. You can get a full size bottle of awesomeness for $8.00/€ 6,25! If you’d like to add (one of) the creations shown above, make sure you’ll get it asap! There is still only one of each available!

*products were kindly provided to me by Canvas Nails for my unbiased review

Indigo Bananas

Today I have another indie brand to show you: Indigo Bananas (awesome name ha)!

Indigo Bananas is a handmade, indie nail polish brand that launched February 2013.  IB has been in the works since late May 2012, and many of the launch colors date back to the summer of ‘12 in terms of development. Currently, Indigo Bananas is only Etsy based, but accepts both Paypal & Credit Cards on there.

I (Andrea) first got into polish mixing, or rather ‘collect all the glitters and pigments that you can lay your eyes on’ in April/May of 2012. Back then I got sidetracked by trying to make my own suspension base (partially, at least from top coats – doing it from scratch requires a hazmat license & full chem lab) for a while, but went full steam ahead on ‘buy ALL THE (glitter and pigment) COLORS’ by May 2012. I’ve been working on the current set of launch colors since June or so for many of them, and have made nearly two hundred proper polishes (not frankens really, but from base & pigments) since then.

My background’s in biology at the PhD level, with undergrad training in ecology, molecular bio & chemistry, so my interest in this all stemmed from a love of deconstructing what went into nail polish at the chemical level. So: a love of pigments (especially duochromes) and the chemistry behind it and a passion for making terrible, awful jokes led to Indigo Bananas as you see it now.

Why the name Indigo Bananas? Well, it’s a great color (and too many people call it ‘blurple’), and it turned out that bananas, especially ripe bananas, glow indigo when exposed to UV.  Most importantly, the name’s a pun on ‘Indie-go-bananas’ – the indie polish community is nothing if not a bunch of ripe bananas (and that’s the way we like it!). Lastly, hopefully some of you will go bananas for this indie as well 😉 If not, I guess… feel free to throw some ripe fruit at me”. (source)
indigo bananasScroll down for swatches of three of the large range of their duochromes. All of the swatches are just one coat over a black base and topped off with top coat (Seche Vite).

Review after the pics!

Eris, a duochrome that shifts from lavender to pink. indigo bananas eris
This duochrome is called Hermes and shifts from blue to purple (with slight green undertones).indigo bananas hermes
Maui shifts from teal blue to purple (with green undertones).indigo bananas maui
Well, first of all I love these duochromes! Every single one of them. They are such eye catchers. I had a difficult time capturing the color shifting on camera (even after tons of pics from different angles).That is such a pity because it’s stunning! I love how duochromes ‘pop’ when layered over a black base. But these babies can also be worn on their own. Then they will require three coats though.
Indigo Bananas really stand out for their large collection of duochromes!
The formula of all of these is great and easy to work with.
I can’t wait to try Shadow and Pan. Oh and -as a holo addict- I just need to have the Spectraflair top coat! How about you? Anything that catches you eye?

Things to know:
Indigo Bananas polishes are vegan and cruelty free. And they are also 3-Free (formaldehyde, toluene, DBP free) 😀

Indigo Bananas polishes are available at Andrea’s Etsy shop (15 ml: $10.00/€7,85 5 ml: $4.50/€3,53). Keep up to date for giveaways, feedback and contest by liking their Facebook page. And you might want to check out Indigo Bananas’ website!

*products were kindly provided to me by Indigo Bananas for my unbiased review

Darling Diva Polish

Darling Diva Polish is a creation by Carrie. Today I will show you five gorgeous must have shades of her newest line. All photo’s are taken in daylight to get the most color accurate photo’s.darling diva collage
Flirt, a soft green linear holographic with tiny green iridescent glitters. The formula is great and easy to work with. I’ve used three thin coats plus top coat. The tiny glitters in this polish gives it a bit extra bling. Great shade for Spring huh!  darling diva flirt
Glacier is the blue version of Flirt. As with Flirt, the formula is great to work with. I’ve used three thin coats plus top coat. darling diva glacier
Sugar Rush is ment to be layered. You will find translucent larger neon hexes, medium translucent neon hexes, iridescent square glitters, and a touch of silver holographic powder in a clear base. As with most glitter polishes I needed to do some fishing and replacing of the hexes. The formula is surprisingly easy to work with. It needs two coats of top coat to get a smooth finish. This polish makes me think of candy. I like it!darling diva sugar rush
Peonie, a soft linear holographix mix op purple, mauve and pink. Another perfect shade for Spring. I’ve used three thin coats plus top coat. If you have short nails, two coats will do the job. The formula is a dream to work with. It goes on smooth and dries very fast 🙂darling diva peonie
Wardrobe Malfunction is the soft ‘blurple’ sister of Peonie and is formula wise the same. Love this!darling diva wardrobe malfunction
I love every single one of these polishes. The formula of all of them is a dream and dries very quick. Except from Sugar Rush, you can easily get away with two coats. The linear holo effect isn’t very strong and shows it’s true beauty in sunlight, but it’s perfect for the soft shades.

Darling Diva Polishes are available at Carrie’s Etsy store for $8 – $12 (full size bottles, 15 ml). Like her Facebook page to stay up to date with new releases and special offers. You can find Darling Diva Polishes on Twitter too 🙂

* products were kindly provided to me by Darling Diva Polish for my unbiased review

Thanks to…

I’m so excited to show you these awesome polishes that are handmade by the lovely Jamie at In The Grey Areas. I was totally excited -read: shocked- when she e-mailed me that she was going to send me some of her creations. She sent me six polishes that were made by herself and also six other special polishes which of course I will show you later 😉 She even sent me a couple of bags with loose glitter and cute hearts. It felt like Christmas when I got them. Can’t thank you enough Jamie. They’re all L-O-V-E-L-Y!
Aren’t they lovable?

There are even holographic glitters in there! Oh my! 😀
I’ll post a picture of the semi matte black polish later. So stay tuned!
Check out how Jamie turns a clear polish into some awesome glitter polishes! And of course, don’t forget to follow her blog in the future. You don’t wanna miss it, trust me 😀

@ Jamie: You really need to start a Etsy shop or something like that. This needs to be seen by everybody who loves nail polishes if you ask me.