Sweet Tips Nails

Ola senoritas!

It’s time to sport another great indie brand! Sweet Tips Nails is a creation by Jen from Canada. All polishes are 3-free which means they contain no Toluene, no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and no Formaldehyde. Let’s take a look at some of her creations!sweet tips nailsZombie Skin, a greyish mint green hue packed with fine holographic glitter. In sunlight you can see the holo effect from the fine glitter. The formula is okay. I used two coats here plus top coat. sweet tips nails zombie skinPretty Zombie, different size, shape and color glitter swimming in a slightly sheer duo chrome base that shifts from dark green to purple. There are purple, pink, gold and purple glitter in the mix. I layered one coat over Zombie Skin. I needed to do some replacement of the glitter but I didn’t have any problems with the application. The glitter settles nicely. This could be worn on it’s own (two maybe three coats I think), but I thought it would look pretty over Zombie Skin:sweet tips nails pretty zombieUgly Zombie, a clear base filled with different size, shape and color glitter. I see fuchsia, green, gold, metallic and teal glitter. This is my favorite of these three. I love the scattered pieces of glitter that are running throughout. This is one dabbed coat over Zombie Skin. They look so pretty together, don’t you think?sweet tips nails ugly zombieJen also sent me one of her hand made cuticle oils and lip butter.
The cuticle oil is coming in 44, yes 44 different scents! The one I’ve tried has a soft scent of almond. Jen describes it as a bold, marzipan heart and top notes of sugar. It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy look or feel. This comes in a 5 ml bottle with a small brush for easy application.
The lip butter that I’ve tried smells like a banana milkshake. Jummie! Not sticky or greasy. Just great soft and moisturized lips. Who doesn’t want that? It comes in a tube (4.25 grams/0.15oz) and you can choose many different flavors. Ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin e oil, flavor oil and/or essential oil. sweet tips nails oil balm

These creations are available on Jen’s Etsy shop for $9.00 each (full size, 15 ml). Jen also offers a trio pack of these polishes for $10.00 (mini size) or $24.75 (full size)! The lip butter is priced $2.00 and the cuticle oil $3.50. You can find Sweet Tips Nails on Facebook too 🙂

*products were kindly provided to me by Sweet Tips Nails for my unbiased review

Canvas Nails

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend! 😀

Here are three creations by Celena, the founder of Canvas Nails.
About Celena:
“I love nail art and one of my favorite things about nail art is picking out nail polish colors! I found out about making handmade nail polish and I knew I had to try it out. Now I’m officially hooked to making nail polish!”

All swatches have a base- and top coat. Pictures are taken in daylight.

canvas nails2Emerald City, a mix of very fine green and blue glitter swimming in a clear base. The formula is very dense. I think this could be worn on it’s own in three coats. The application went flawless. I created a gradient over a minty green base (W.I.C. by Herôme Essaouira).canvas nails emerald city
Bold and Bright Purple, a clear base packed with multi sized round purple blue and silver glitter. The formula is thick. That doesn’t gave me problems with the application though! I created a gradient by slightly ‘dabbing’ the polish on a purple base (W.I.C. by Herôme Dakar). Unfortunately my camera refused to capture the beauty of this polish. When my camera gets close to this much sparkleness it just freaks out. In my macro shot (at the top of this post) this polish looks like a milky lilac base but it really is a clear base. Just so you know 😉canvas nails bold and bright purple
Sky Blue, a mix of blue and silver fine glitter. It has the same consistency as Emerald City. Very easy to work with! I created a gradient over a bright blue base (ANNY Poolgirl).canvas nails sky blueGood to know: Canvas Nails polishes are 3 free which means it does not contain the toxic chemicals DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene.

Check out all of Celena’s creations at her Etsy shop. You can get a full size bottle of awesomeness for $8.00/€ 6,25! If you’d like to add (one of) the creations shown above, make sure you’ll get it asap! There is still only one of each available!

*products were kindly provided to me by Canvas Nails for my unbiased review

Prettily Inspired Polish by Chelsea

Today I have some creations by Chelsea to share with you. Prettily Inspired Polish is a new indie brand out of Vancouver, BC Canada. All polishes are individually hand-mixed, made in limited small batches, and 3 free.

All swatches have base- and top coat (Seche Vite) and the pictures are taken in daylight.

Kiss Me At Midnight, a blue/green jelly base packed with different size/shape gold, silver and blue glitter. Gold is the dominant color of the glitter. The tiny blue glitter gives this polish a lot of depth. The formula is easy to work with and the glitter spread nice and even. This is one coat of Kiss Me At Midnight over a black base.prettily inspired polish kiss me at midnight
Snowfall, a pale blue (almost clear) jelly base packed with different size/shape silver, baby blue and holo glitter. The formula is great. This is one easy coat over a light blue base.prettily inspired polish snowfall
Starlet, a pink jelly base packed with different size/shape gold, (matte) pink and red glitter. There are matte pink star shaped glitter in the mix. I’ve had a hard time catching them. They tend to sink to the bottom and stick to the side of the bottle. I managed to fish one out of the bottle. Adore him at the nail of my middle finger 🙂 The formula is okay but I needed to slightly replace the glitter to get an even coverage. I think this is a great polish to create a fab jelly sandwich. I layered one coat of Starlet over a red base.prettily inspired polish starlet
Can’t Believe Its Not Butter, a light yellow cream with gold glitter. The formula is on the thick side and streaky at the first coat. A second -thicker- coat evened it out. The gold glitter is hardly visible in the picture. I think that’s because most of them sunk in to the polish. In real life it looks more like how it looks in the bottle 🙂prettily inspired polish can't believe its not butter
 Lettuce Leaf, a clear base packed with different size/shape (matte) white, yellow and green glitter. Application went easy because of the great formula. No replacing of the glitter here! I think this is also a great polish for a jelly sandwich. I layered one coat of Lettuce Leaf over a yellow base.prettily inspired polish lettuce leaf
Disco Lights, a fuchsia jelly base packed with different size/shape holo, blue, purple glitter. This is definitely my favorite of these six. Maybe that’s because of the color combo of the glitter? I don’t know, but I love it! I needed to slightly replacing some of the glitter, but that doesn’t gave me any problems with the application or finish. I layered one coat of Disco Lights over  a black base. prettily inspired polish disco lights537215_387474631346277_720383642_n

Click on the image on the left to visit Chelsea’s Etsy shop! You can get a full-size (15 ml) bottle for $9.50 CAD/€ 7,30.

Make sure to like Chelsea’s Facebook page and Instagram feed, to get updates of contests and sales!
There’s a coupon code out right now via Facebook, make sure you check it out!

*products were kindly provided to me by Prettily Inspired Polish for my unbiased review

Treasures by Tan

Today I have three hand blended creations by Treasures By Tan to show you 😀
All polishes are 3-free (Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP free) and of course cruelty free.treasures by tan
Peacock Peek-A-Boo, a duochrome that shifts from blue/purple to green. The colorshifting is subtle but gorgeous. The formula is great which made the application smoothless. I used two coats of Peacock Peek-A-Boo over a black base (Liquid Leather by China Glaze). The shinyness is all by the polish itself, I didn’t use top coat! 😀treasures by tan peacock peek-a-boo
Grama Cupcake, a white milky base packed with different size/shape pastel green, purple, pink, fuchsia and turquoise glitter.
The story behind this creation: “This was made for my mother, inspired by my 2 yr. old, Noah. Everytime we visit my mom she always gives him cupcakes so he started calling her “Grama Cupcake” (source).
The formula of this polish is great. I used one (slightly dabbed) coat of Grama Cupcake over a white base (Zoya’s Purity). To get a smooth and shiny finish, I topped it of with one coat of Seche Vite.treasures by tan grama cupcake
Rocker Chic, different size/shape pink, black and white glitter swimming in a clear base. I layered one coat of Rocker Chic over a grey base (Rainy day by Koh!). As with Grama Cupcake I slightly dabbed the polish on my nails to get an even coverage of the glitter. treasures by tan rocker chic
Creations by Treasures by Tan are available at Tanya’s Etsy shop ($8.50 full-size, 15 ml). You might want to check out Treasures By Tan’s Facebook page and follow her on Twitter 😉

*products were kindly provided to me by Treasures By Tan for my unbiased review