China Glaze: I Love Your Guts – Halloween 2014

I’m back with another odd polish! For last years Halloween China Glaze came out with with I Love Your Guts, along with many other polishes. First of all, that name! Gotta love it. Take a look:china glaze - i love your guts1Weird, right? Agreed. That’s why I needed to have it. And it’s pink! Yay! So this dries to a somehow semi matte finish. Due to the black glitter it has a slight texture to it. I am not a big fan of the finish by itself so I decided to add top coat and a matte top coat on the nail of my ring finger. And for the record: this is one (!) coat of I Love Your Guts!china glaze - i love your gutsI think this is a polish that you either love or despise. What do you think?