Femme Fatale: Lantern Waste

Hi beauties!

I hope you’ve had a great start of the week. Today I have Femme Fatale‘s Lantern Waste to show you:femme fatale - lantern wasteSophie keeps me surprising with the unique combinations of colors. The base of this one is a tad more grey than my photo above shows. What a lovely combo of the base color and flakies! The formula is nice and application was easy. I used three thin coats plus top coat. femme fatale - lantern waste2And guess what? I’ve been playing with my camera and got this bottle shot below:femme fatale - lantern waste1I could stare at macro shots all day every day. So mesmerizing 🙂

Femme Fatale: Sideshow Sparkler

Hello lacqueristas!

How about another stunning creation by Sophie, the mastermind behind Femme Fatale? Today I have Sideshow Sparkler to show you:femme fatale - sideshow sparkler1First of all… my photo’s doesn’t show the true beauty of this polish. I applied one coat over a black base and topped it with top coat. This is opaque on it’s own in three coats though, which probably will show the true colors even better. It is a purple jelly packed with lots of different colored glitter and tiny flakies. There’s a lot going on in this one. Lovely! femme fatale - sideshow sparklerI will be sharing photo’s as soon as I’ve worn this beauty on it’s own 😉

:* Have a great weekend!

Femme Fatale: Hundred Years Winter


Hundred Years Winter by Femme Fatale is such a beauty and quite unique to my stash. My photo’s doesn’t do it justice. It has a gorgeous icy blue glow in it. femme fatale - hundred years winter - milv s47 1The formula is great. I used two coats for full coverage. On the nails of my middle- and ring finger I applied water decals by MILV (number S47).
The macro shot below shows the blue glow a bit better but still not as much as it shows in real life.
femme fatale - hundred years winter - milv s47 2Take a look at the bottle, so pretty:femme fatale - hundred years winter - bottleFemme Fatale polishes are available at their website. Note that they have pre sales every once in a while which lasts for only 5 days. So if you have some Femme Fatale’s on your wishlist, I recommend to follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on future pre sales. I’ve ordered twice and they are gone within an eye blink.
Oh, and they also stock other fantastic (indie) brand plus they have their own line of various unique cosmetics 😉


Femme Fatale: Moonlight Statues

Hi lovelies!

I’m back with another stunning polish by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. This is Moonlight Statues:femme fatale - moonlight statues 2The moment I saw swatches of this I knew it needed to be mine. Such a fantastic color/glitter combination. The base is shifting from bright purple to blue and it’s packed with holographic glitter in various sizes. Lovely! I applied three thin coats plus top coat here.femme fatale - moonlight statues 1Can you tell I have a new camera? I am over the moon excited about it! My previous one gave up on me out of the blue. It wouldn’t focus anymore :/ Thanks to my man I now have a brand new one with a macro lens! Woo hoo!
femme fatale - moonlight statuesWhat do you think of Moonlight Statues? Are you as much in love with it as I am?

Femme Fatale: Poisoned Apple

Happy Friday beauties!

I’m back with another creation by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I have to say, since trying my first Femme Fatale’s I’ve got a crush on this brand. For real! Every polish that I’ve tried so far is totally fab and unique to my stash. The color/glitter/finish combo’s are just stunning. Let’s take a look at Poisoned Apple:femme fatale - poisoned apple1See what I mean?… that purple glow tho! Lovely! The formula is nice. I used three thin coats plus top coat here. femme fatale - poisoned appleI got mine at their website. If you’d like to add some of their polishes to your stash I highly recommend to follow them on Instagram. Why? Well, the ones I purchased were pre-orders and only available for 5 days. You don’t want to miss out, right?!

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