Essence: Bejeweled, Laser Show & Pixie Dust

Hi beauties!

So I guess you’ve all seen the newest collection by Essence by now. It’s huge and filled with beautiful polishes with all kinds of finishes. Such great variation! I love that!
It wasn’t my intention to buy the entire collection. I can hear you say ‘I’ve heard that before’. Well, it is true! Based on the press-release I was planning on skipping everything that was too glitter-y to my taste. But then I saw them in real life and couldn’t resist. Not all of them though, silly! There might be one or two that didn’t came home with me 😀 So today I’d like to show you the following three polishes.

First up, Laser Show, a sheer shimmery white base with fine white hexes and bigger black hexes (not dots, as the label on the cab suggests!). The formula is fine and easy to apply. I’ve used one coat over two coats of Happy End and Purple Sugar (accent), both also new shades by Essence. Such a girly look, don’t you think?essence - laser show - polka dotsThe label on the cap of Pixie Dust says ‘holo shimmer’. Don’t let that fool you though. It is not holographic! This is a duo chrome (top coat). I don’t get why it’s called ‘holo shimmer’. I’ve tried wearing this on it’s own but in my opinion it is prettier when layered over another polish. Because color shifters are often gorgeous over a black base, that’s exactly what I did here. I found that it dries a little dull so I topped it off with a clear top coat for a more glossy finish:essence - pixie dust - holo shimmerLastly I have Bejeweled to show you. This is a mix of all kinds of (holo) glitter in a sheer pearl milky base. Why pearl, Essence? The formula is extremely gooey and difficult to apply. First I’ve tried layering it over a black base:essence - bejeweled - holo jewelsYou can clearly see the variety of color/glitter here. Great combination! It kinda looks like a galaxy this way. Still, I’m not a fan of this combo. So I also tried it on its own. This is three coats of Bejeweled on its own:essence - bejeweled - holo jewels1Due to the gooey formula I couldn’t apply thin and smooth coats. I don’t see me wearing this polish again…

What do you think of these?