Mermaid nails ft. El Corazon

Hello beauties!

Have you tried nail vinyls yet? They’re so easy to use and gives a mani just a little bit extra.Β mermaid 250815 1For this mani I started with two coats of Nymph (423/507) by El Corazon and topped it with one coat of fast drying top coat (HK Girl by Glisten & Glow).
The mermaid scale vinyls are from What’s Up Nails. I used a make up sponge to apply the following polishes after I applied the vinyls: 509a, and Magic Attraction (423/554) by El Corazon. One coat of top coat and done! πŸ™‚Β mermaid 250815 2El Corazon polishes are currently on sale at Hypnotic Polish! The vinyls can be found here.

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Subtle Gradient ft. El Corazon Amethyst + Magic Purple Charm

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Here’s a subtle gradient created with Magic Purple Charm (423/552) as my base color and Amethyst (423/469) on the tips of my nails. Both polishes are by El Corazon.el corazon 423 552 magic purple charm 423 469 amethystI think the shimmery tips complements the sheer base color very well.el corazon 423 552 423 469 macroGrab your Corazon’s at their website or at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping).

El Corazon: 509a – Confetti Collection

Hi beauties!

Today I have a polish from El Corazon‘s Confetti Collection to show you. This one doesn’t have a name, only a number: 509ael corazon - 509aIf you’re a fan of blue polish, this is definitely worth checking out. Shown is three thin coats plus top coat. The formula is nice and easy to work with. And although I expected it to have a slight texture to it, the finish is nice and glossy with one coat of top coat.el corazon - 509a 1You can find El Corazon polishes at their website and at Hypnotic Polish.


El Corazon: Charoite (423/472) – Gemstones Collection

Hi everyone!

Today I have Charoite (423/472) by El Corazon to show you. This is part of the Gemstones Collection which consists of a wide range of colors that all have a scattered holographic finish. Not your regular scattered holo though, the particles are quite big. Let’s take a look:el corazon - 423 472 charoite3Look at all that sparkle! And this photo above is taken in natural daylight, no sunbeams were involved. Shown is three thin coats plus top coat.

Now for some sunlight:el corazon - 423 472 charoiteand a closer look:el corazon - 423 472 charoite1See that lavender glow? So pretty!

The Gemstones Collection is available at the El Corazon website and at Hypnotic PolishΒ (worldwide shipping). I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you missed it: El Corazon polishes come in uniquely shaped bottles that hold 16ml each and are available for €4,90/€5,90. A great price for the generous amount of product you’ll get. All polishes are either 3-free or 5-free.

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El Corazon: Magic Spirit Of Fire

Hi lovelies!

Here’s a creation by El Corazon for you today. Meet Magic spirit Of Fire (423/582) from the Magic Collection:el corazon 423 582 magic spirit of fire1There’s gorgeous purple/pink shimmer in there πŸ™‚ I used two easy coats plus top coat here.el corazon 423 582 magic spirit of fireThe Magic Collection is available at El Corazon‘s website and at Hypnotic Polish.

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El Corazon: 423/530 – Large Hologram

Hi beauties!

Today I have another El Corazon polish to show you.el corazon 423 530 large holo2This is three thin coats of number 423/530 from the Large Hologram Collection. I love this collection because of the outrageous amount of holographic particles the polishes have. And the best part is, they aren’t glitter which means easy removal πŸ™‚ This one is a bit sheer. You can still see some slight visible nail line. With this shade I don’t mind that.
Take a look at all the sparkleness when the sun hits it:el corazon 423 530 large holoLovely, isn’t it?!

El Corazon polishes can be found at their website and at Hypnotic Polish.

Easy Galaxy Look with El Corazon polishes

Hi polished beauties!

Today I have a kind of galaxy look to show you. And the best thing is, it’s super easy to create πŸ™‚el corazon - 421h 25 large hologram1For this mani I used Liquid Leather by China Glaze as a base. When that was dry I used a sponge to randomly dab the following polishes on my nails, all by El Corazon:
Magic Heart of Ocean (423/576)
Magic Attraction (423/554)
Magic Tenderness (423-558)
To create an even more galaxy look I topped this with the large hologram top coat (421h/25), also by El Corazon.el corazon - 421h 25 large hologram2el corazon - 421h 25 large hologramWhat do you think of this galaxy look?

El Corazon polishes are available at their website and at Hypnotic Polish.

Please check back here tomorrow. I have a very special polish coming to the shop and will be sharing the details here tomorrow πŸ™‚