Dance Legend: Deco Dance – Llarowe Exclusive

Flakies? Yes please! Dance Legend created a gorgeous polish exclusively for Llarowe called Deco Dance. It’s a gorgeous blue jelly packed with flakies. Yay!
Personally I think dark blue jellies can make your nails look ‘dirty’ I chose to layer this over a dark blue base (Denim On The Rocks by ANNY). Instant love:dance legend - llarowe exclusiveThe flakies have a green-isch color shift which my camera refused to capture. dance legend - llarowe exclusive2What do you think of flakie polishes?

Dance Legend: Cosmic Rainbow – New Prism

[WARNING] eyes may explode due to holo-ness!

Happy Friday!

OMG! Actually, that’s all I have to say about Cosmic Rainbow by Dance Legend:
dance legend - cosmic rainbowThe picture above and below are taken in direct sunlight. Wow! Check out my instavideo here. This is two easy coats pluc top legend - cosmic rainbow1And below is how it looks in natural daylight. So pretty!dance legend - cosmic rainbow2dance legend - cosmic rainbow3Tell me, what do you think?

Dance Legend polishes are available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping)

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Dance Legend: Danger Danger – Wow Prism

You know I loved Slippery When Wet by Dance Legend so I couldn’t resist buying Danger Dangerdance legend - danger dangerThis is a bright apple red scattered holo polish and of course I love it. The formula is great. I used two coats plus top coat. Have I told you about my new favorite top coat yet? For years I used Seche Vite, which I loved. But now I have a new absolute favorite, Glisten & Glow by HK Girl. It’s super shiny and dries fast. The major thing that makes this my new fave is that it doesn’t cause shrinkage while SV did exactly that! Woo hoo! If you’re looking for a super shiny and fast drying top coat then I’d highly recommend G& legend - danger danger1You can find Dance Legend polishes AND the Glisten & Glow top coat at Hypnotic Polish 🙂

What do you think of this one? Summery ha!

Dance Legend: Slippery When Wet – WoW Prism

Happy Sunday!

My first polish from the WoW Prism range by Dance Legend is Slippery When Wet. After seeing gorgeous swatches by Love Varnish Chocolate… and More I could no longer resist buying it.
dance legend - slippery when wet2dance legend - slippery when wet3This is nothing like any other holographic polishes that I own. It’s scattered, not linear and it has chunky holographic glitter in it. I absolutely love this! This is two easy coats plus top coat. The following photo’s were taken in direct sun light. WOW!dance legend - slippery when wetdance legend - slippery when wet1What a beauty, isn’t it?!dance legend - slippery when wet bottleBe warned Hypnotic Polish… I’ll be back for more! 😀

Dance Legend: Milky Way – Galaxy Collection

Ready for some multi chrome scattered holo awesomeness? Here’s Milky Way by Dance Legend. It’s from their Galaxy Collection. This beauty has many different faces: dance legend - 843 milky way - galaxyThis is one easy coat over a black base. I don’t think this one needs much explanation… So no bla bla… Let the pictures do the talking 😀dance legend - 843 milky way - galaxy2dance legend - 843 milky way - galaxy1The Galaxy Collection is available at Hypnotic Polish or directly via Dance Legend.

Dance Legend: Asteroidea – Caviar Shine

I totally got hooked on Dance Legend… if you haven’t noticed. You’re going to see lots more in the near future 😀 Their Caviar Shine Collection consists of polishes that all have black and white micro glitter. This one, Asteroidea also has a fine golden shimmer. It’s extremely dense. The formula is perfect. It is completely opaque in two smooth coats.
dance legend - asteroideaIf you love pink, this is a must have! dance legend - asteroidea1Get yours directly at the Dance Legend website or via Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping).

The official Hypnotic Polish web shop is live! Congrats, Maria!
To celebrate you’ll get 20% OFF your order when you use code ‘WELCOME’ at check out (until 2 April 23:59 CAT)! What are you waiting for? 😉

Dance Legend: 603 – Top for dark polish

Happy Friday!

Time for flakies! #603 by Dance Legend is part of the ‘Top for dark polish’ range. Look at the gorgeous combination of colors:
dance legend - 603It has a perfect density and formulation. No ‘dabbing’ required! This is one easy flowing coat over black. dance legend - 603.1Of course I needed to see how it looks with a matte top coat. I prefer this polish glossy but it looks great mattified too 😀
dance legend - 603 matteDo you like flakies?

You can find Dance Legend polishes at Hypnotic Polish or directly at the Dance Legend website (worlwide shipping!) 😉

Dance Legend: 182 – Termo Shine Collection

dance legend - 182Super exciting news!!! Have you seen that there’s a brand new nail polish web shop in town? Hypnotic Polish is based in The Netherlands (Hooray!) and carries many fantastic brands. And they ship worldwide!

Among a few other great polishes I spoiled myself with another polish by Dance Legend. This is #182 from their Termo Shine line. It’s a thermal polish that changes pink when warm and dark blue/purple when cold. And it has fine golden glitter plus large golden hex glitter in it. Woo hoo! It is extremely pigmented and has a great formula. I needed just one coat for an opaque finish. I didn’t used top coat! Scroll down and check out the transition 😀

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Dance Legend: Shock – New Prisms

The sun is shining! Woo hoo! That means it’s time for another holographic polish.
This is Shock by Dance Legend:
dance legend - shockGotta love this! I needed just one coat to reach full opacity (no top coat). No dragging, no bald spots. Way the go, Dance Legend!
The photo below is taken in sunlight.
dance legend - shock sl

People from Russia sure know how to make holo’s, color shifters and thermals!
Do you have any Dance Legend polishes?