Dance Legend: Holy Diver – WoW Prism

Spring is in the air! Bring on those sunbeams! It’s time for holographic awesomeness 🙂
Holy Diver from the WoW Prism range by Dance Legend is not only a lovely color for Spring and Summer but it also has scattered holographic particles running through out:dance legend - holy diver 1And of course there was not a single sunbeam in the sky to show of the holo properties of this beauty *insert sad face*. It is pretty amazing nevertheless! The formula is great and easy to work with. Shown is two coats plus top legend - holy diver
Enjoy your Sunday! :*

Dance Legend: Boo – Chameleon Collection

I can’t get enough of color shifting polishes, can you? This is Boo from the Chameleon Collection by Dance Legend:dance legend - roz baby boomThis is two coats of Boo plus top coat.
For my accent nail I used Baby Boom Galaxy (sponged), which is available at my shop. And just because I love flakies I added just a little bit of Baby Boom Galaxy on the nail of my ring finger. See how you can use flakies in so many ways to create a variety of looks. Use a sponge for an opaque mind blowing in-your-face look or apply just one coat over your favorite base color. The flakies are buildable in several coats to desired coverage but I prefer using a sponge because that way you don’t have to apply multiple coats which could give a kind of thick finish. Does this make any sense? I hope so! Same goes for glitter polishes 😀
dance legend - roz baby boom1
What do you think of Boo? And how do you feel about these ultra chameleon chrome flakies?

Dance Legend: 10 – Red Show + Layla: Metal Chrome


My Christmas mani… I couldn’t decide what polish to wear this Christmas. Is it so hard to just pick one or two Christmas-y shades, you ask? Well, yes!
What I did know for sure was that I wanted to have a silver chrome accent nail. I used Metal Chrome by Layla. After 2 fails it finally turned out the way I wanted. What a pain! Seriously.
I thought it would be a great idea to use a ridge filler as my base coat for a smooth and mirror like finish. Ugh… bald spots all over the place. Was it the ridge filler that caused that? So second try was a regular base coat over the ridge filler. Fail! Finally I decided to use an aqua base coat as my base. Hooray! A chrome accent nail after all… Phewww…
Chrome polish is awesome but sadly doesn’t last long. These photo’s were taken the day after application and you already can see some tip wear *sad face*.
On to the next challenge… what polish to wear? Red Christmas sweater, red lips so that means red nails. Christmas means sparkles all over so I went with number 10 from the Red Show Collection by Dance Legend. Love! It’s so incredibly sparkly when the light hits it.
dl red show 10 1Tadaaa…dl red show 10 - layla metal chrome 1And here’s a photo of both hands to show you the absolutely beautiful handmade (!) silver ring! This ring is handmade by my sweet friend Brijit and gifted to me for Christmas. Thank you so much honey! I love it! Check out her shop to view all her handmade jewellery pieces! 🙂1

Wishing you all the best for 2015! :*

Dance Legend: Fright – Anna Gorelova HallOWLeen

Dance Legend has teamed up again with the talented Anna Gorelova to create a new limited edition collection called HallOWLeen (see what they did with the name? Love it!).
And I did it again, I bought another green polish 😀 Take a look and you’ll see why:dance legend - 2 anna gorelova 1What an amazingly stunning color. I can’t get over it! And then… flakies! Yay! I can never say no to anything that consists flakies. Gotta love them.
So this is a jelly formula, so it is on the sheer side. But this is just two coats and I’m happy with how it turned out. What do you think?dance legend - 2 anna gorelovaThis polish is, along with the other two of this collection, available at Hypnotic Polish. Get it/them while you can. They’re LE you know… just sayin’ 😛

Thanks for stopping by! :*

Dance Legend: 549 – Confetti Collection

Let’s take a moment to admire this beautiful polish from the Confetti Collection by Dance Legend… Here’s 549… Holy smokes!dance legend - 549 1It has a gorgeous pink shift to it which is way more dramatic in real life. I am in love with this! This is three thin coats plus top coat.


Dance Legend: 172 – Termo

I’m back with a thermal polish! 😀
dance legend - 172 collage172 from the Termo range by Dance Legend changes from silver/white when warm to purple/crimson when warm. It’s jam packed with shimmer. L-O-V-E! The formula is great, opaque in two flawless coats.

Scroll down for a closer look!
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Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend: Alenushka

Before we jump into today’s polish I’d like to mention that I’ve updated my blog sale! I’ve been hoarding a lot of polishes lately (Fall polishes, bring ’em on!) and I do not want to need a fourth Helmer to store them. So I started with sorting my Catrice and Essence drawers and after like 5 times in and out the drawer I decided some of them deserve new homes. I’ll probably add more polishes when I’ve sorted them all, so stay tuned. Meanwhile… check them out here!

Have you seen that Dance Legend teamed up with the talented Anna Gorelova to create a gorgeous collection? I’m dying of envy when I look at her photo’s. One of the polishes from their collection is Alenushka, a stunning soft pink hue packed with silver micro glitter and I believe even some tiny flecks. This polish was the one that caught my immediate attention when I first saw pics of this collection.
The photo below shows a lavender sheen while it’s a tad more pink in real life.
dance legend - alenuschka
Looking from another angle will get a more color accurate look:dance legend - alenuschka 1
I’ve used two easy coats plus top coat here. I should have applied my second coat just a little thicker because I ended up with some bald spots (see index). The formula is lovely which makes it easy to apply. 

So after wearing this I think I might need Chudo-Udo (Miracle Yudo), Vodyanoy (Merman) and Vasilisa. Alright, not might but must 😀

Alenushka is, along with the other shades of this collection, available at Hypnotic Polish, where I got mine 😉

Dance Legend: Amethyst – Sahara Crystal

Hi lovelies!

I’ve found a gorgeous polish that would be especially perfect for Fall. Amethyst from the Sahara Crystal Collection by Dance Legend is such a gorgeous color!
dance legend - amethyst
This textured polish is packed with lots of fine magenta glitter/shimmer which makes it very interesting to stare at all day 😀 It’s very pigmented. The formula is good. I used two coats for these photo’s.
dance legend - amethyst1
Lovely, don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by! :*

Dance Legend – Panandji

A super bright textured polish! Yes! This is Panandji from the Sahara Crystal Collection by Dance Legend:dance legend - panandjiCan you believe that this is even brighter in person? My camera totally freaked out seeing this. This is one of my fave polishes for Summer. Gorgeous! It’s not gritty and has no obvious shimmer or glitter. Just a perfect neon! This is two coats, no top coat. It needs a little more attention during application meaning you’d better go with 3 quick strokes per nail instead of painting over the same stroke again. Does that make sense? I hope so. If you go over the same spot twice it will leave brush strokes. dance legend - panandji1Have a great weekend! :*

Dance Legend – Moorland

Meet Moorland from the Smoky Collection by Dance Legend:dance legend - moorlandThis is a violet hue with micro shimmer which I would describe as dust. The formula is on the thin side but that didn’t gave me problems with application. I used three very thin coats plus top coat. The ‘dust’ gives this polish an overall dusty look which I think is stunning.

I topped my accent nail with one coat of Grease which is part of my upcoming Retro Collection which will be available at the shop from July 1st. For pics and swatches of the entire collection, please check the shop page 😉 dance legend - moorland1
Dance Legend polishes are available directly at their website or at Hypnotic Polish.

Ps. Have you seen their new Holodays Collection? Ahhmaazzinggg!!!

Have a great day! :*