Color Club – Halo Hues 2013

color club halo hues 2013

Here they are… the Halo Hues Collection 2013 by Color Club. In case you missed the 2012 collection, click here 😉
All swatches have two coats without base- and top coat. Every first picture is taken under artificial lightning and the second ones are taken in daylight.

Let’s jump right in to the swatches! Review after the pics…

Kismet cc halo hues 2013 kismetcc halo hues 2013 kismet1
Cosmic fatecc halo hues 2013 cosmic fatecc halo hues 2013 cosmic fate1
Over the mooncc halo hues 2013 over the mooncc halo hues 2013 over the moon1
Eternal beautycc halo hues 2013 eternal beautycc halo hues 2013 eternal beauty1
Miss blisscc halo hues 2013 miss blisscc halo hues 2013 miss bliss1
Beyondcc halo hues 2013 beyondcc halo hues 2013 beyond1
I just LOVE this collection. Mostly because all of the shades look gorgeous in natural lightning too. Especially Over the moon and Eternal beauty. And I really love how charcoal Beyond is in daylight. These aren’t just your ‘regular’ shades of holo’s, these are darker and therefore stunning. The formula is fantastic. I used two coats for the swatches without base- and topcoat. I’ve read that topcoat doesn’t ruin the holo effect though! That’s a big plus because that way the wearing time is way longer. As with all holo’s, if you don’t use topcoat you’re gonna have tipwear in no time. So if you are a fan of holographic polish, these are really meant for you! Besides the fact that they are more expensive than regular Color Club polishes (double priced!), I have nothing to complain about this collection. I bought this collection on Ebay (here) for $6.95 each.

What do you think of this collection? Any favorites?