Cirque: Coronation

How do you begin a blog post that features such a mind blowing polish? I don’t know. I’m just speechless. That’s how insanely gorgeous Coronation is.

Annie, the creator of Cirque Colors describes Coronation as follows:
A royal purple with multi-dimensional copper shimmer in a translucent (jelly) base.  This polish is paired with a complimentary rose gold-plated ring designed by Jeannie Vianney“. cirque - coronation bottleI used three coats plus top coat for the picture below. How amazing is this? It makes me think of the purple version of Fantasy Fire by Max Factor. Only this polish can be worn on it’s own while Fantasy Fire needs undies. The formula is sheer but builds up nicely. The only thing I found is that its important to carefully apply even coats since it’s sheer. Otherwise you’ll get an uneven finish. So, generously load up your brush before applying. It dries to a semi matte finish. I prefer it glossy so I added a top coat. cirque - coronationI couldn’t stop staring at my nails while wearing this. It is oh so beautiful.

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