Dance Legend: 10 – Red Show + Layla: Metal Chrome


My Christmas mani… I couldn’t decide what polish to wear this Christmas. Is it so hard to just pick one or two Christmas-y shades, you ask? Well, yes!
What I did know for sure was that I wanted to have a silver chrome accent nail. I used Metal Chrome by Layla. After 2 fails it finally turned out the way I wanted. What a pain! Seriously.
I thought it would be a great idea to use a ridge filler as my base coat for a smooth and mirror like finish. Ugh… bald spots all over the place. Was it the ridge filler that caused that? So second try was a regular base coat over the ridge filler. Fail! Finally I decided to use an aqua base coat as my base. Hooray! A chrome accent nail after all… Phewww…
Chrome polish is awesome but sadly doesn’t last long. These photo’s were taken the day after application and you already can see some tip wear *sad face*.
On to the next challenge… what polish to wear? Red Christmas sweater, red lips so that means red nails. Christmas means sparkles all over so I went with number 10 from the Red Show Collection by Dance Legend. Love! It’s so incredibly sparkly when the light hits it.
dl red show 10 1Tadaaa…dl red show 10 - layla metal chrome 1And here’s a photo of both hands to show you the absolutely beautiful handmade (!) silver ring! This ring is handmade by my sweet friend Brijit and gifted to me for Christmas. Thank you so much honey! I love it! Check out her shop to view all her handmade jewellery pieces! 🙂1

Wishing you all the best for 2015! :*