Catrice: (S)wimbledon

Hi beauties!

Catrice recently changed their brushes 🙂 Yay! Personally I’m not a fan on the previous brushes. I believe I’ve written about that before. They were uneven, not square nor round. Just weird and very difficult to work with. This new brushes are such an improvement. Nice square brushes. Yes!

I picked up a few polishes from their newest polishes which have the new brush. Here’s (S)wimbledon:catrice - swimbledon - mwns1What a perfect color for sunny days, isn’t it?! The formula is a bit on the thick side but that didn’t gave me any problems with the application. This is two coats plus top coat.
My accent nail is two coats of Most Wanted Nude Scenes which is part of my upcoming Spring Collection. This will be available at my shop from this Friday 😉catrice - swimbledon - mwnsWhat do you think of this color? Any thought about the new brush?

Catrice: Apricoco + Madame de Pinkadour

More matte nail polishes! It seems like more and more brands are coming with matte polishes these days. I don’t mind 😀 Now I have to say that it’s not the main reason why I picked some of these up. They have such cute small round caps. I have to say that they aren’t really practical to work with, but hey, they are cute! Let’s take a look:catrice - apricoco - madame de pinkadour1I combined two shades of the Rock-O-Go Collection by Catrice: Apricoco (2 coats) as my base color and Madame de Pinkadour on the tips of my nails, applied with a piece of saran wrap. catrice - apricoco - madame de pinkadourHave you spotted these yet? It’s a limited edition collection which consists of 5 matte nail polishes. I don’t think they are available in The Netherlands (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve found mine here.


Catrice: Hyde in the Park + Brit Chick – Check & Tweed Collection

Today I have a mani featuring two polishes of the Check & Tweed Collection by Catrice. I believe this collection was released for Fall last year. My untried pile is getting enormous but I’m doing my best to catch up with new releases. I wish I had a bazillion nails to paint 😀catrice - hyde in the park - brit chickThe brown polish is called Brit Chick and has as Hyde in the Park a perfect formula. Both have a lovely shimmer running throughout and are opaque in two easy coats.

Take a closer look at the grey polish on the nails of my ring finger and pinky and compare it with the same grey on the nail of my middle finger. Maybe it’s me being way to picky about my own work but the nails of my ring finger and pinky have a blue sheen! No? Yes, for real! I’ve noticed it before with some of my mani’s and couldn’t figure out what’s causing it but now I know… top coat! All my nails are top coated with a top coat that I buy from my local drugstore except the nail of my middle finger. I chose to top that with HK Girl from Glisten & Glow to prevent smudging (best top coat ever!). If you’re as picky as me I think it’s good to know that my middle finger is more color accurate than the others. Same goes for the brown polish :pcatrice - hyde in the park - brit chick1Have a great week ahead lovelies! And as always, thanks for stopping by! :*

Catrice: Vienna Rose Woods + ARTful Red – LE Viennart Collection

Hi lovelies!

Catrice recently released a new limited edition collection called Viennart. Today I have two of the four polishes from this collection to show you.catrice - vienna rose woods - artful red1For my base I used two coats of Vienna Rose Woods. This has a lovely shimmer running throughout which sadly my camera refused to capture. The formula is nice but I think you’ll need three thin coats for full coverage when you wear it on its own. The warm red is called ARTful Red, also two coats. I love that one. It has a gorgeous shimmer or are these flecks? Either way, it is so pretty! The formula is perfect and it has a great pigmentation. catrice - vienna rose woods - artful redThis turned out to be a pretty combination, don’t you think?

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Catrice – Liquid Metal (Matt)

I’m so excited to see all the new collections that are going around right now 🙂 Catrice added lots of new polishes to their regular line but they also added 16 (!) more polishes to their Luxury Lacquer line (not to talk about their new collection for Fall). 8 of those are part of the Liquid Metal line. There are 4 matte polishes and 4 shiny ones. Today I like to show you the 4 matte polishes.
catrice - liquid metal - matt - collageThese polishes come in square bottles instead of the regular round ones. So chic!
catrice - luxury lacquer - liquid metal - matt - bottlesSwatches and review below! 🙂

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Animal Print mani for Fall – Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Animal prints never go out of fashion, do they? I’ve purchased a lot of new fall polishes lately and I thought the three that I used for this mani look so pretty together.
catrice - nail art fall 2014 1Since it’s so easy to create this sort of animal print I thought it would be nice to add a video tutorial.

How to

  • Apply a base coat to protect your nails and wait for it to dry.
  • Apply your base color and let it dry.
  • Use a dotting tool and your first color of nail polish to randomly add spots on your nails.
  • Use a slightly smaller dotting tool and the second color of nail polish to sort of outline the spots. I personally like to just randomly apply the polish but that’s all up to you.
  • Once your design is dry, add a coat of your favorite top coat and you’re done! Easy, right?! 😀

Products used:

  • Base coat (drugstore);
  • Catrice: Greige! The New Beige (base color);
  • Catrice: Lost ‘N Roses (accent nail);
  • Catrice: Out of the Dark;
  • Catrice: First Class Up-Grape;
  • Glisten & Glow: HK Girl (top coat);
  • Two sized dotting tool;
  • Cuticle Oil.

Suggestions for upcoming tutorials are more than welcome! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!


Catrice – Metallure Collection

Happy Friday lovelies!

I’m so excited for the Fall collections that are slowly making an appearance, how about you? Today I have swatches of the Metallure Collection by Catrice to share with you.
catrice - metallure collage
Considering the name of this collection I thought all five would be metallic shades. But to my surprise not all of them. And I have to say I’m happy with that. I like a good metallic polish every now and then, don’t get me wrong. But an entire collection would be a bit too much for me.

Let’s take a closer look!
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Catrice: Ombre Top Coat

Hi everyone!

When I saw that Catrice released an Ombre Top Coat I just needed to try it out. I mean, wouldn’t it be great to create an ombre look by just having to apply multiple coats of top coat?

Oh and have you seen their new Luxury Lacquers for Fall? There are eight new shades. This time they come in square shaped bottles which give them a chic look. I will be swatching and reviewing them soon, so stay tuned!

On to the Ombre Top Coat. It looks brownish in the bottle. The formula is extremely liquid and therefore slightly runny. But no worries, with careful application that shouldn’t be a problem. The label on the bottle says: “Get the exclusive Ombre Look on your nail. The Ombre Top Coat turns your light nail polish colour one shade darker with each coat“. It should work with all light colors. Alright, time to put it to the test!
catrice - ombre top coatI used three coats of Lilactric, also by Catrice as my base color. Love this shade! Then I did the following:
pointer: one coat of HK Girl top coat by Glisten & Glow;
middle: one coat of Ombre Top Coat;
ring: two coats of Ombre Top Coat;
pinky: three coats of Ombre Top Coat.

As mentioned, the formula is extremely liquid. Also, I find that it doesn’t apply evenly, meaning you can see some brushstrokes that turned out darker. Nevertheless, I really like the effect that this top coat gives. I do think that it works even better with a non shimmery base color. I will try that soon too. Also, of course I need to try if it works with darker colors, even when the bottle says it’s meant for lighter colors. I’m curious!catrice - ombre top coat1Tell, me… what do you think of this top coat?

COMPARISON – Essence & Catrice duo chromes

Hi beauties!

Essence recently released their Aquatic Collection. Along with 5 pretty shades there’s also a duo chrome one called Finding Dori, which I’ve used a few days back for my water marble mani (see it here). It immediately made me wonder if it might be a dupe for I Don’t Care I Love It (previously swatched here) from their Road Trip Collection. While looking for dupes I found two other polishes that looked similar. Time for a comparison!

First a look at the bottles that I picked for this comparison.
Fltr: Essence: Finding Dori, Essence I Don’t Care I Love It, Essence: Power Girl, Catrice: Get The Bluescomp - essence catrice bottlesAlright, Power Girl has way more purple to it compared to the other four.

Now take a look at how they look on the nails:comp - essence catrice duo chromes
Color wise
Power Girl is definitely a beauty on its own and is in no way similar to the other three.
Get The Blues is a more darker blue toned hue compared to the others.
But I think it’s safe to say that Finding Dori is a recycled version of I Don’t Care I Love It. For those with a keen eye: Finding Dori is slightly frostier (is that even a word?) than I Don’t Care I Love It. Color wise I honestly can’t tell the difference. Also, Finding Dori is a tiny tiny tiny bit brighter than I Don’t Care I Love It. I think you need a magnifier to see that though.

Formula wise:
Finding Dori was completely opaque in two coats while I Don’t Care I Love It needed three. Get the Blues by Catrice also needed three coats for full opacity and Power Girl was opaque in two. As for the color shift properties… not spectacular with all of them, but still pretty. I Don’t Care I Love It has a beautiful shift in an extreme angle though. I honestly can’t tell you which one I prefer.

Final thoughts:
Finding Dori and I Don’t Care I Love It are 99% dupes! When you have one you really don’t need the other 😉

One more…comp - essence catrice duo chromes2What do you think?

Catrice – Le Grand Bleu Collection

Happy Friday!

What’s better than having amazing friends in this nail community with who you can share the crazy-ness? I mean, no one else truly understands why you need a billion shades of red, right? Soraya lives closer to the border to Germany than I do and she picked up some of the polishes from the Le Grand Bleu Collection by Catrice for me. Thanks again, sweetheart! Sadly these aren’t available here in the Netherlands.

First up Entering Atlantis, a denim blue hue packed with silver shimmer. It does actually look like denim, color wise. This is two coats plus top coat and one coat of Material Girl on my accent nail. Material Girl is now available (in limited quantities) at my shop 😉catrice - entering atlantiscatrice - entering atlantis1And here’s Bella Aquarella, a bright aqua blue shimmer polish. Perfect for Summer! It is on the sheer side. Shown is three thin coats plus top coat and there’s still some VNL. I don’t mind that with this polish but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re planning to buy this. On my accent nail I added one coat of Mermaiday Mayday, also from the Le Grand Bleu Collection. This is a mix of multi sized silver holographic glitter swimming in a sheer pale blue base. I find this too sheer to worn alone but it’s pretty as a topper. The formula is good. A little thick but nothing problematic. catrice - bella aquarella - mermaiday maydaycatrice - bella aquarella - mermaiday mayday1I really like them all but Bella Aquarella is the absolute winner of these three. There’s also a pale lavender shimmer polish (Lavender Laugh) and a gold shimmer polish (Mermaid It) in this collection. I’m curious about Lavender Laugh. The bottle pics that I’ve seen look amazing 🙂 You’ll probably see them in the near future on Soraya’s blog and/or Instagram account.
catrice - le grand beu bottlesWhat do you think of these?

Have a fantastic weekend! :*