Cadillacquer: Masterpiece

One of my long sought lemmings if killed! Masterpiece by Cadillacquer is finally mine! I bought it for my friend Nailluminati for our swap way back and felt so bad not also grabbing a bottle for myself. It was sold out everywhere for a long time and Madeleine from Cadillacquer isn’t shipping worldwide anymore. So I basically gave up hope to ever get my hands on it. The minute it went in stock at Hypnotic Polish I added it to my cart. Thank you so much Maria! :*cadillacquer - masterpieceAhhh so awesome! Not only because it’s inspired by Dexter but also because the most amazing contrast between the colors. The formula is great. This is three thin coats plus top coat.

For my international friends: Cadillacquer polishes are available at Hypnotic Polish, Llarowe and Rainbow Connection.

Cadillacquer: Where The King Goes, The Realm Follows

Hello polished beauties!

Have you spotted Cadillacquer‘s Dreams and Dust Collection yet? When I saw them available at Hypnotic Polish I knew I needed to have Where The King Goes, The Realm Follows. That color! Oh my word… amazing!cadillacquer - where the king goes, the realm follows1So bright! And look at that gold glitter! I used three thin coats plus top coat here.cadillacquer - where the king goes, the realm followsThanks for stopping by! :*

Cadillacquer: Seek The Fire

Hi beauties!

Today I have a gorgeous polish by Madeleine, the mastermind behind Cadillacquer to show you. When I did a massive swap with my friend Nailluminati a while back, this was one of the polishes that I’ve sent her. After seeing more and more photo’s I just couldn’t resist also picking it up for myself. It’s the kinda weird color combo that caught my eye. I just love odd color combinations. I’m weird like that 😀 NO mustard hue’s though!

So here it is… Seek The Fire:
cadillacquer - seek the fire1It needs to be said that the formula is pure perfection. So smooth! Especially since it contains glitter. It basically applies itself. This is two easy coats plus top coat.cadillacquer - seek the fireI can’t believe this is just my first Cadillacquer! I already have my eyes peeled to grab Masterpiece, which is another odd combo (green with red).
And although I was convinced that green isn’t really my kind of color I keep seeing myself buying them. I guess some weird green shades or odd combinations must be exceptions for me.

Did you know that Cadillaquer polishes are also available at Hypnotic Polish? Check them out here.