Catrice: Dirty Liana & I Got The Flower

I love a combo of green and purple. For this mani I used Dirty Liana and I Got The Flower, both by Catrice:catrice - dirty liana - i got the flowerI used the ‘dry marble’ technique to create the design on the tips of my nails. This is so easy to do! Just apply your base color(s) and let dry completely. Then add splots of the other color AND the base color on the tips of your nails and use a toothpick, needle or dotting tool to create the marble. One nail at a time! Seal with a top coat and you’re done 🙂


Dance Legend: Cosmic Rainbow – New Prism

[WARNING] eyes may explode due to holo-ness!

Happy Friday!

OMG! Actually, that’s all I have to say about Cosmic Rainbow by Dance Legend:
dance legend - cosmic rainbowThe picture above and below are taken in direct sunlight. Wow! Check out my instavideo here. This is two easy coats pluc top legend - cosmic rainbow1And below is how it looks in natural daylight. So pretty!dance legend - cosmic rainbow2dance legend - cosmic rainbow3Tell me, what do you think?

Dance Legend polishes are available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping)

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Essence – Cookies & Cream Collection

Hi everyone!

So I wasn’t going to pick up the Cookies & Cream Collection by Essence because of two things. First the colors… They’re more Fall/Winter appropriate if you ask me. And then the formula. A mix of pearly and frosty. Nooooo! But then the buy one get one free offer came to my attention. And although I still wasn’t sure buying these, I did do exactly that. What can I say? Oh well, let’s take a look:
essence - cookies and creamFrom index to pinky:
Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life
Cakepop, That’s Top!
Yummy, Yummy!
Macaron, C’est Bon!

The only one I do kind off like is Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life (index), which is least streaky. They’re all opaque in two coats except for Macaron, C’est Bon! (pinky), which needed three coats.

All in all this collection is a bit ‘meh’ for me. What do you think?

essence - cookies and cream - bottles

OPI: Diva of Geneva

Today I have an oldie to show you. Diva of Geneva belongs to the Fall 2010 Collection by OPI, which sadly is discontinued. opi - diva of genevaWhat an amazing color ha! I used two coats plus top coat. This has a perfect formula.opi - diva of geneva1Just a quick post today because the weather is lovely here and I want to take advantage of it 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday beauties! Will be back tomorrow 🙂

Foil manicure

The easiest way to create a colorful and eye catching manicure is probably by using foil. They come in many design and colors and are super easy to use. The foil I used for this manicure is available at Hypnotic Polish in a set of 25 pcs. I chose to randomly dab on the foil instead of using it as full coverage. You can do this in different ways. You can simply apply your base color and apply the foil when the base color is not completely dry (so that the foil sticks on the nails) or you can use foil adhesive glue as I did here. I waited for my base color to completely dry before randomly adding spots of adhesive glue. Then wait a few minutes until the glue is completely clear and dab on the foil 🙂 It’s that simple.foil hypnotic polishI didn’t add top coat here because I found that it wrinkles the foil which is a cool effect but not what I was aiming for here. foil hypnotic polish1And below you can see how it looks with matte top coat. Here you can really see all the different colors:foil hypnotic polish matteI’m not sure if which I like more, with or without matte top coat. You?


Pretty & Polished: Dancing at Dusk

A three colored thermal?! YAY! All hands in the air for Dancing at Dusk by Pretty & Polished:pretty and polished - dancing at dusk - transitionLove this! It’s so delicate and feminine. I used three thin coats plus top coat. The formula is nice and applies easily. Above you seen the transition. It goes from pale blue to pale pink to lavender. Below you see how it looks when cold. pretty and polished - dancing at dusk - coldLovely ha?!

Pretty & Polished polishes are available at the Hypnotic Polish webshop. They have a great range of fantastic indie brands to choose from and they ship worldwide!

*the product(s) in this post were provided to me by Hypnotic Polish for my unbiased review

P2: Dreamy – Sand Style

P2 added two more polishes to their Sand Style range. One of them is Dreamy, which was a gift from my sweet girl Luchessa. Thanks sweetheart!p2 - dreamyThis is gorgeous! What a fantastic color! This is two easy coats of Dreamy, no top coat. Lovely! It is a hard color to capture on camera though. It’s more sparkly in real life!p2 - dreamy1I’m curious to find out how this one compares to Seahorsin’ Around by China Glaze. In the bottle they do look similar. I’ll let you guys know my thoughts about that as soon as I tried Seahorsin’ Around.

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ANNY: Bloody Return & Models Own: Sardonyx

For the ‘vampy’ theme of the ‘The Never Ending Pile Challenge’ I picked Bloody Return by ANNY and Sardonyx by Models Own:anny - bloody return - models own - sardonyxBloody Return is a dark red crelly with a nice formula. I started with two coats and waited for it to dry completely. Then I used nailvinyls and added Sardonyx on the tips of my nails. I ended up liking the rubber-isch look of Bloody Return so I didn’t add top coat.anny - bloody return - models own - sardonyx1

Essence: Hello Rosy

Back at the end of last year Essence came with three textured polishes (which are still patiently waiting in my untrieds pile… shame on me!), as known as the Sparkle Sand Effect line. Recently they added a few more textured polishes. One of them is Hello Rosy, a sort of vintage pink hue packed with matte pink glitter. I especially like this one for it’s unique color. essence - hello rosyI used two coats, no top coat. Formula is okay, not perfect but definitely nothing to complain about. I did a quick swatch with last years red polish from this line and this one dries faster.essence - hello rosy1What do you think of this one?

Deborah Lippmann: Ray of Light

Back to the ‘The Never Ending Pile Challenge’… for the theme ‘most expensive’ I wore Ray of Light by Deborah Lippmann. This was on my wishlist for quit some time until a lovely girl e-mailed me saying that she had a bottle and never used it with the question if I’d like to buy it from here. Well, of course! So here it is, my precious Ray of Light:deborah lippmann - ray of lightLook at the gorgeous flakies! This is two generous coats plus top coat:deborah lippmann - ray of light1