Galaxy Nails – Tutorial

I love galaxy manicures! They never get out of fashion and there are so many different ways of creating a galaxy on your nails. galaxy1

I finally have better lightning so I found myself filming again 🙂 Yay! Here’s the tutorial I made for these galaxy nails. A step by step guide and a list of which products I’ve used is listed below.

A tip before we start: I like to use cuticle oil before painting my nails. That way your cuticles won’t suffer that much when cleaning up with acetone.

How to:

  • Use a base coat to protect your nails and wait for it to dry.
  • Paint your nails with a black polish and wait for it to dry.
  • Use a small piece of a sponge and tweezers to sponge the first color on your nails. you really don’t have to think much about where you sponge your colors. Randomness has the prettiest outcome if you ask me 😉
  • Repeat step 3 with the other colors and wait for it to dry a bit.
  • Add a holographic top coat for extra sparkling.
  • (If desired) Add a coat of fast drying top coat for a long lasting result.
  • Clean up with a small (eye liner) brush and acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Treat your cuticles with a few drops of cuticle oil and you’re done!

galaxyProducts used:

  • Yellow Stopper (as a peel off base coat)
  • China Glaze Liquid Leather (black base)
  • ANNY Blue Bikini Girl (teal blue)
  • Essence Hattrick! (white)
  • OPI That’s Berry Daring (pink)
  • ANNY Sunday in park (yellow)
  • OPI Into The Night (blue)
  • Material Girl (without the large circle glitter): available at my shop (holo top coat)
  • Sally Hansen Insta Dri (top coat)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below! Ideas and requests for upcoming videos are very welcome! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this video! :*

Ninja Polish: Alexandrite – Facets Collection

I am so so sad that Rhonni, the founder of Ninja Polish has closed the business 😦
I’ve been searching for some of my lemmings for a very long time but most of them are nowhere to be found. Every now and them I search the web to see if I can find some of them. Most of them are being sold by ridiculous prices. I mean, I am dying to add more Ninja Polishes to my collection but I am not paying $75.00 for one polish. You?
I hope Ninja Polish will return some day!

That being said, I am now the proud owner of Alexandrite! For real! Woo hoo! I found it on Ebay a while back. I’m not the biggest fan of auctions on Ebay because it’s so much stress keeping up with the time and make sure you bid on the exact right second. But for this one I sat tight behind my laptop and eventually won it. Score! ninja polish - alexandriteLook! You can tell what all the fuzz is about, right? Mind blowing! This is one coat over black undies. ninja polish - alexandrite1Check out the bottle!ninja polish - alexandrite bottle1*gasp* Please come back soon, Ninja Polish!ninja polish - alexandrite bottle[end of drooling session]

Cya tomorrow lovelies! Keep those paws painted 😀

El Corazon: 423-11 – Shimmer

Hi lovelies!

Here’s 423-11 from the Shimmer Collection by El Corazon:el corazon - 423-11 shimmerWhat a gorgeous color, don’t you think? The formula is kind of jelly but packed with lots of gorgeous shimmer. It is on the sheer side but I actually really like that with this one. I used three very thin coats plus top coat. Also, it dries extremely shiney all by itself. so you really don’t need top coat for that reason. The shimmer is way more noticeable than my photo’s show. I think my camera get’s shy when it sees so much shimmer 🙂el corazon - 423-11 shimmer1

What do you think of this one? Have you tried El Corazon’s polishes yet?

Check out the El Corazon catalog here. Stay up to date about new releases by following their blog and/or find them on Instagram. El Corazon polishes are available at their website here (RU) and are also at Hypnotic Polish.

*product(s) were kindly provided to me by El Corazon for my unbiased review

El Corazon: 530a – Confetti

Hi beauties!

Today I have another El Corazon polish to show you. You might have noticed that I got a little hooked on this brand to say the least. In my defense… the unique shaped bottles hold 16 ml of nail polish and are available for a great price. And the ones I’ve tried so far all have a great formula. I’m thrilled to finally have easy access to some of the most awesome brands from all over the world 🙂

Here’s 530a from the Confetti Collection:el corazon - 530a confettiThis polish is amazing I don’t even know where to begin to describe it. Looking at the bottle I’d never thought this is actually a clear base. It’s jam-packed with black and white micro glitter and is so dense that it’s completely opaque in just two coats. Amazing! Oh… and it’s not as gritty as you might expect from a glitter polish. The glitter particles are so so tiny that one coat of top coat will result in a smooth and super shiny finish.el corazon - 530a confetti1Funny story about this beauty… A few months back Nailluminati (formerly Gimme All The Polish) and I did a massive swap and I included this one because I knew she’d love it. The minute I saw her photo of it I kicked myself for not buying it for myself, too. Of course it was sold out at that time. But recently I received a package from El Corazon and to my pleasant surprise this one was in there too. Thanks so much Luidmila and crew!

I hope you’re ready to see more of this brand because I have lots of more beauties to show you 😀

Check out the El Corazon catalog here. Stay up to date about new releases by following their blog and/or find them on Instagram. El Corazon polishes are available at their website here (RU) and are also at Hypnotic Polish.

*product(s) were kindly provided to me by El Corazon for my unbiased review

ANNY – Desert Glam Collection

Hi everyone!

ANNY recently added 3 new textured polishes to their Desert Glam Collection. The initial collection was released back in May last year. That collection features six textured polishes, all in mini size. Along with these three new shades they also re-released She’s Amazing (a personal favorite of mine), Rock Your Nails and After Dinner Show, all full sized! Huray! Let’s take a closer look at these three beauties.

All swatches show tow coats with no top coat. The pictures are -as usual- taken in in natural daylight, meaning outdoors.

Get You Kicks is a gorgeous magenta pink base packed with magenta and silver colored glitter and bigger silver glitter.
anny - get your kicksHighway To Heaven is a blue hue packed with blue and silver glitter.anny - highway to heavenAmerican Dream is a pale pink hue packed glitter in gold, pink and silver. anny - american dream

ANNY nail polishes are exclusively available at Douglas stores (€ 9,95, 15 ml).

Have an amazing Sunday!

Dance Legend – Moorland

Meet Moorland from the Smoky Collection by Dance Legend:dance legend - moorlandThis is a violet hue with micro shimmer which I would describe as dust. The formula is on the thin side but that didn’t gave me problems with application. I used three very thin coats plus top coat. The ‘dust’ gives this polish an overall dusty look which I think is stunning.

I topped my accent nail with one coat of Grease which is part of my upcoming Retro Collection which will be available at the shop from July 1st. For pics and swatches of the entire collection, please check the shop page 😉 dance legend - moorland1
Dance Legend polishes are available directly at their website or at Hypnotic Polish.

Ps. Have you seen their new Holodays Collection? Ahhmaazzinggg!!!

Have a great day! :*

ANNY – Golden Roller Girls Collection – nail art

Happy Sunday everyone!

ANNY‘s newest collection is called Golden Roller Girls and consists of three multi chrome shades, a blue shimmer and two blue creams. Here’s my nail art that I created with some polishes of this collection:anny - nail art blueThe light blue is called Skinny Jeans. The ultra fine silver shimmer gives it a semi satin-isch look if worn without top coat. The formula is perfect and almost a one coater. The medium blue cream is called Jeans Calling and also has a great and smooth formula. And then there’s a deep dark blue which is called Denim On The Rocks. Again, great formula. I absolutely love the formula of the cream polishes from ANNY. I made the dots with Highway To Heaven, also by ANNY. This is a gorgeous light blue hue packed with silver glitter with a textured finish. This one is part of a previous collection which consists of three new textured polishes and three ‘recycled’ ones (full size instead of the previous mini’s).
I used nailvinyls to create the squares. Personally I prefer nailvinyls over striping tape because they are easier to remove with less risk to pull off the base color.
Lastly I topped it of with my new fave top coat by HK Girl, Glisten & Glow (before adding the dots!).
Swatches of this collection and the mentioned textured collection are coming soon 🙂anny - nail art blue1You can find ANNY polishes exclusively at Douglas store’s. The nailvinyls are available here.

What do you think of this mani?

Llarowe: The Mighty Red Baron

Another polish that I NEEDED to have is The Mighty Red Baron by Llarowe:llarowe - the mighty red baronI missed out on the first stock but managed to get my hands on it a while back. And I feel like such a lucky duck! Why? Well, there I was, behind my laptop with my eyes peeled waiting for my place in line at the Llarowe website. The moment I got through this polish was marked ‘reserved’. I couldn’t add it to my cart and since my cart was expiring in 30 minutes I thought I missed out again. I refreshed the page several times and clicked the ‘buy now button’ like my life depended on it the moment I got the chance. My sincere apologies if I cart jacked someone while doing that!
Enough about my crazy-ness… The formula of this is amazing! It’s extremely pigmented and basically a one coater. I used two thin coats plus top coat here though. Look at that depth. I’m in love!
llarowe - the mighty red baron1What do you think of this one?

Zoya: Lux

For Spring 2014 Zoya added some more textured polishes to their Pixie Dust range. I picked up Lux which is described as a rose quartz. zoya - luxThis has quite big holo hex glitter in it which makes it so sparkly! At first I thought that would result in an extremely gritty and lumpy finish. Yes, it’s more gritty than the other Pixie Dust shades but it’s definitely not lumpy. I used two thin coats for the pictures. zoya - lux1Do you have polishes from the new Pixie Dust range? Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!