Acid Wash Mani

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First of all I’d like to THANK YOU all so much for your support with the launch of Keep S’Myelin! So many of you supported me and therefore also the National Multiple Sclerosis Society that it just made me speechless. I might have needed a tissue at some point.
The first batch sold out fast and now I’m busy mixing another batch. For that reason it became a pre order which means that future orders of Keep S’Myelin will take 5-10 business days to ship. It will still be available until the end of this month. Then I will make the donation to the NMSS and will e-mail the confirmation to everyone who’s purchased one or more bottles.
THANK YOU! You guys rock!

I think a year (or maybe even two) has past since I did a so called acid wash mani. Since it’s such an awesome look I decided to give it another try. 

llarowe opi anny1How on earth did you do this, you ask? It’s super easy actually but it does ask for patience. Choose the colors you’d like to work with, here I’ve used three. Start with the first color and make sure it’s opaque. Finish with one coat of (fast drying) top coat and give it approx. ten minutes to dry thoroughly. Then apply your second color and wait for it to dry. Same goes for the third color. Now, let the fun part begin. Take a qtip, dipped in acetone or nail polish remover and gently ‘remove’ the layers of polish until you get the desired look. Finish with top coat and you’re done! 😀

The polishes that I’ve used here are:
Liquor is Quicker by Llarowe
What else by ANNY
My Dogsled Is A Hybrid by OPIllarowe opi annyThanks for stopping by! :*

DAY 5 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Blue

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Advent Calender Nail Challenge, day 5 already 😀 Today’s challenge is blue.
This mani was -again- time consuming because of the dry time between each layer of polish, but lots of fun to do. I believe it’s called ‘acid wash’. First I’ve painted my nails with OPI’s Alpine Snow, my favorite white and added top coat (Seche Vite). After that was completely dry I began layering the following polishes:
ANNY’s Pool girl
OPI’s Teal The Cowes Come Home
OPI’s Blue My Mind
OPI’s Into The Night.
After this ‘sandwich’ was completely dry I gently removed some layers at random places using swaps that were soaked with polish remover. Finally, I’ve sealed the mani with top coat (Seche Vite).

blue.blue1Have you tried this technique already? If not you really need to! It’s time consuming, but so easy 😀

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Good luck girls!