Revlon: Balinese Bay

Happy Sunday everyone!

I assume we’re all familiar with a textured finish but this is not your ‘regular’ textured polish. The bottle of Balinese Bay by Revlon says ‘pebbled textured’. I really have no idea what that means but I do know that it’s awesome 🙂
This polish was gifted to me by the sweet Nailluminati. Thanks honey!revlon - balanise bay1This is a mix of pink, black, lavender and holo glitters. It’s super dense. It dries to a slightly textured matte finish. Not the regular textured finish though, it’s not extremely gritty or anything. I don’t have anything like this in my stash. This is two coats, no top coat. It looks amazing with top coat, too!
I believe this polish is part of last years Haute Rocks Collection which was limited edition. I don’t know if it’s still available.
revlon - balanise bayPretty awesome huh?!

BLOG SALE = updated! 80+ polishes on sale!


Hi everyone!

Because I really don’t want to need a third Helmer to store my polishes I decided to sort them out again to update my blog sale. Over 80 polishes need a new loving home! Some of them are swatched (once) and some of them are brand new. Check them out here.

And good news for all indie fans: scroll down to the end of the blog sale page. There might be something interesting for you! 😉


Impala: 961

You know the bullet shaped bottles by Red Carpet Manicure? I’m dying to get my hands on the classy red one. That’s so cool!
This polish by Impala reminded me of that. This is number 961, a brownish grey scattered holo. Wow! This was gifted to me by Nailluminati, thanks so much dear!impalaThe base color reminds me op OPI’s My Private Jet. Does anyone have the original holo version of My Private Jet and wants to get rid of it? Probably not. That’s on my wishlist for ages. Anyway, this is three thin coats of 961 plus top coat. The formula is smooth and easy to apply. impala1Here’s a look of how it knocks your socks of in direct sunlight:impala - sl
Enjoy your weekend beauties! And remember, keep those paws painted 😀

Fingerpaints: Vivid Reflection

Hello lovelies!

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This is my way to thank you for your support the past year. I could not have done it without you. You guys rock! :* Click here to go to the shop.

Twisted by Fingerpaints is a lemming that is one my wishlist for like forever. I can’t find it anywhere! Fingerpaints came up with a new flakies collection though. From what I’ve read and seen these seem less vibrant than for the first collection. Nevertheless I like them. They’re flakies, what can I say? 😀 This one, Vivid Reflection, was gifted to me by Nailluminati, thanks sweetie! fingerpaints - vivid reflectionIn the bottle it just looks like translucent flakies in a clear base. As said, there isn’t much color on the flakies or the base. So of course this needed to be layered over a base color. Instead of black I chose Eurso…Euro by OPI as my base color. As with most flakies the formula is a bit thick, but not too thick. Depending on the angle I see mostly red and purple. Such a pretty effect, don’t you think? fingerpaints - vivid reflection1Enjoy your Sunday! :*

L’Oréal: Sexy In Sequins

First things first… the new Retro Collection has been released this morning. Check out the shop page for swatches or directly head over to the shop 😀 Happy shopping!

Again a textured polish today 🙂 I can’t get enough of them. Sexy In Sequins by L’Oréal was sent to me by my dear friend Nailluminati. Thanks so much!loreal - sexy in sequinsThere is a lot going on in this polish. I think that is exactly why I love it so much. There is fine gold glitter and bigger silver glitter and I even spot some pink particles. Lovely! The formula is great. A tiny bit on the thick side but I found application very easy. This is just two coats. loreal - sexy in sequins1Beautiful, don’t you agree?

Zoya: Odette & Monet

I was eyeing on Odette by Zoya for quite a while but it was constantly sold out everywhere. But here it is:zoya - odette - monetI am so in love with this color! It’s opaque in two easy coats. I added one coat of Zoya’s Monet on my accent nail. The formula of Monet is very thick which made application quite difficult. I love the iridescent hex glitter though 🙂 zoya - odette - monet1What do you think of Odette and Monet?

Happy New Year!

Hi lovelies!

A quick post to wish you all the best for 2014! I hope 2014 will bring you lots of luck, happiness and of course nail polish 😀 May all your wishes come true!
I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones. I sure did!

Thanks to everyone for sticking around with me, even when I’ve been mia lately and slow at replying on your comments (that’s going to change next year, promise!). I’ve made such fantastic and inspirational friends here around the blogosphere. Love y’all! Thank you all for being here!

My exciting goal for 2014 is making video tutorials! That’s right! Santa a.k.a. my sweet boyfriend spoiled me with a video camera. If you have any requests for tutorials please shout it out!

Have an awesome New Years Eve! Be safe!

See you next year, full power 😀

:* Mwah!