OPI: The Sky’s My Limit – Mustang Collection

A while back OPI released their Mustang Collection, a collaboration with Ford. I wasn’t all to excited about the six polishes. To me there isn’t really something that we haven’t seen before. I couldn’t resist picking up The Sky’s My Limit though. Why? Well, Catch Me In Your Net is on my wish list for a long time and this one seems similar 😀
opi - the sky's my limit1Pretty, isn’t it? Lovely shimmer! I used two coats plus top coat for the photo above.


OPI – Coca Cola Collection

Have you seen that OPI has teamed up with Coca Cola to create their newest collection? I got all excited seeing promo pics. I was especially curious to the green/brown duo chrome. I feel like 90% of this collection is right up my alley. Red, pink, purple and duo chrome. Therefore I couldn’t resist on buying the entire 9 piece collection. Like that’s an excuse to buy more polish *ahum*… Let’s take a look!opi coca cola1opi - coca cola2Look at these beauties:opi - coca cola bottlesSwatches and review below! 😉

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OPI: Diva of Geneva

Today I have an oldie to show you. Diva of Geneva belongs to the Fall 2010 Collection by OPI, which sadly is discontinued. opi - diva of genevaWhat an amazing color ha! I used two coats plus top coat. This has a perfect formula.opi - diva of geneva1Just a quick post today because the weather is lovely here and I want to take advantage of it 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday beauties! Will be back tomorrow 🙂

Jelly Sandwich ft. OPI: Blush Hour & Nfu Oh #JS26

My favorite polish from OPI‘s Spotlight on Glitter Collection is Blush Hour, multi size/shape fuchsia, purple and silver glitter swimming in a clear base. I sandwiched it between three coats of Nfu Oh #JS26 from their Jelly Syrup Collectionnfu oh js26 - opi blush hourThese look great together, don’t you think?

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OPI: Chasing Rainbows (vs. Rainbow Connection)

Hi everyone!

Those of you who also follow me on Instagram have already seen my comparison of OPI‘s Chasing Rainbows form their Spotlight on Glitter Collection and Rainbow Connection from another collection that was released way back.

I’m not a huge fan of glitterbombs but I love Rainbow Connection for the lovely color combination. I’d hoped that Chasing Rainbows would have something different or extra to it, compared to Rainbow Connection. Sadly Chasing Rainbows is basically a recycled version of Rainbow Connection. I can’t spot a single difference between the two 😦 Nevertheless I don’t mind having two bottles though. opi - chasing rainbows - rainbow connection bottlesI’ve read that there seem to be many other similar polishes from OPI going around. Especially with The Muppets Collection and the new Spotlight on Glitter Collection. Such a pity! opi - chasing rainbows - rainbow connection compI also did a glitter gradient with Chasing Rainbows over black:opi - chasing rainbows1What do you think of the Spotlight on Glitter Collection?


OPI – Sheer Tints

Have you spotted OPI‘s Sheer Tints already? At first I thought that they’re jellies. In some way, they are. They’re extremely sheer. The formula is thick and kinda gooey. I think you can easily create a sugar spun mani with these. And I think they’d be great for a jelly sandwich too! They come in four shades, pink, purple, yellow and blue. I picked up the pink and purple ones and decided to create a saran wrap mani:
opi - sheer tintsThis is Be Magentale With Me and Don’t Violet Me Down over a white base (ANNY: What else) plus top coat:opi - sheer tints1I’m happy with these and don’t regret that I didn’t also bought the other two shades. opi - sheer tints bottlesWhat do you think of the Sheer Tints?

OPI: Kermit Me To Speak + Gaining Mole-Mentum – Muppets Most Wanted Collection

OPI recently released three (!) new collections. One of them is the Muppets Most Wanted Collection. I’m not over excited about this collection so I only picked up two out of eight. Kermit Me To Speak is the duo chrome shade of this collection:opi - kermit me to speak - gaining mole-mentumIt is on the sheer side and I needed three thin coats for full opacity. Lovely shade and gorgeous shift! I topped of my accent nail with Gaining Mole-Mentum, a (rose)gold/silver shredded glitter topper. The shreds aren’t as stubborn and bumpy as I expected. I did use a top coat for a smooth finish though. These polishes look great together, don’t they?!

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OPI – Brazil Collection 2014

opi brazilHere are my picks from the Brazil Collection by OPI:opi - brazil bottlesAs soon as I laid eyes on the preview of this collection I knew I needed to have Next Stop… The Bikini Zone and I also knew that I didn’t want to allow myself to buy the entire collection. So I went for half of the collection 😀 *patting myself on the shoulder*

Scroll down for swatches of this beauties!
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OPI: Crim-sun

Crim-sun, an oldie from the Summer For Shore Collection (2003) by OPI is the perfect shade of coral-isch pink. And… it has a fine holo sparkle running throughout the formula: opi - crim sun nlSince it’s an oldie it has the ‘old style brush’, meaning long and thin. During applying this I noticed how used I am to the ProWide brush. Also, this has a weird smell to it. Not as overwhelming as with other old polishes that I have but it’s there. The application went flawless. I used two easy coats for the pictures (no top coat). You can see the very fine holo sparkle in the photo below, that is taken in sunlight:opi - crim sun slThis collection is retired. Boo! I wish I had the entire collection because they’re all gorgeous! This polish was gifted to me by the sweet Marthe a long time ago. Visit her blog here and don’t forget to say hi from me 😀 Thanks dear, I love it!


OPI: Merry Midnight

Oh yes! I’ve managed to kill another lemming, OPI‘s Merry Midnight! It’s from the Holiday Collection 2009 which is discontinued. I found this at Holly’s blog sale. Thanks so much Holly! I absolutely love this! OPI - Merry Midnight

You might ask, why is this so special? Well, first of all, it is purple 🙂 And then it has flakies throughout it. No joke! OPI + flakies = must-have-now. Just look at it! It’s a deep purple jelly-isch base packed with ultra fine glitter and flakies and has a breath taking depth. This is three thin coats plus top coat.

This is one of those polishes that I consider one of my special treasury. I just LOVE it.