Jelly Sandwich ft. OPI: Blush Hour & Nfu Oh #JS26

My favorite polish from OPI‘s Spotlight on Glitter Collection is Blush Hour, multi size/shape fuchsia, purple and silver glitter swimming in a clear base. I sandwiched it between three coats of Nfu Oh #JS26 from their Jelly Syrup Collectionnfu oh js26 - opi blush hourThese look great together, don’t you think?

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Nfu Oh: #60 – Shiney Opal

Hi everyone!

You know I’m a huge fan of flakies right? Nfu Oh 60 has been sitting in my Helmer for quite a while. I now know why. It isn’t my favorite out of all the flakies I’ve tried so far. I can’t tell exactly why. Maybe because the flakies are mostly coppery colored while in the bottle I’ve noticed a green color shift that doesn’t transfer on my nails.
nfu-oh-60What do you think?

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Nfu Oh #44 – Shiney Opal

It’s time for some flakies, don’t you think? This is #44 from the Shiney Opal range by Nfu Oh:nfu oh 44 1This polish consist flakies that shift from brownish red to gold and green. The formula is on the thick side and is slightly patchy. I didn’t had any application problems though. I used one generous coat of #44 over a black base. I love this!nfu oh 44 2When layered over a red base you’ll get a totally different look. This makes me think of lava:nfu oh 44What do you think of flakies?

Nfu Oh GS14 – Gold & Silver Series

nfu oh gs14 1Nfu Oh GS14 is part of their Gold & Silver Series. This black based polish is filled with small holographic glitter. Formula is great! I’ve used two coats here plus a top coat (Seche Vite…of course!).nfu oh gs14 2
I’ve read that this might be a dupe of Zoya’s Storm. After I compared the two I think they are similar, but I can’t call them dupes. Storm has more silver glitter than GS14. nfu oh gs14 vs zoya stormThere’s also a difference in the formula of the two. Storm’s formula is a bit thinner than GS14.
What do you think? Dupes or not?

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Nfu Oh #43 – Shiney opal

nfu oh 43 4
#43 from the Shiney opal series by Nfu Oh: orange flakies! 🙂 I’ve layered one coat of #43 over two coats of Liquid Leather by China Glaze and topped it of with one coat of Seche Vite. I find the formula a bit thicker then my other flakies by Nfu Oh. Maybe a bit too jelly-ish for flakies. That didn’t gave problems with the application though.
nfu oh 43nfu oh 43 1

Nfu Oh #JS26 – Jelly Syrup

nfu oh js26It’s not a secret that I love jelly’s 😀 After I photographed todays screwed up mani -yes, I think it’s that bad- I immediately cleaned it up and grabbed one of my new jelly’s: Nfu Oh’s #JS26, a lovely berry jelly. I think this one -after the black one (#JS01)- is my favorite so far. I mean, look at it. I think it’s gorgeous!
It’s less magenta in real life than the pictures show. The bottle shows the color more accurate.
I’ve used three coats without top coat. nfu oh js26.

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