LAYLA: Purple Diva – Mirror Effect

Ever since the mirror effect polishes are going around I doubted to try them because I was afraid that it would show every ridge and every imperfection on my nails. That was before I spotted the Mirror Effect polishes by LAYLA. I bought Purple Diva and a ridge filler (by Essie) and gave it a go: layla - purple diva - mirror effect

SOLD! For some reason it looks like a pink/purple gradient. How cool is that! I used one coat of ridge filler, two coats on my middle finger because that nail has more and deeper ridges. Then I added two coats of Purple Diva. The formula is on the thin side but that didn’t gave me any problems with the application. What I did learned is that it’s better to use the 3-stripes method instead of going over it multiple times. If you do go over it again it will drag and leave bald spots.
A little more precision while applying will result in a lovely eye catching manicure. I’ll definitely pick up the metal chrome polish from this collection soon. I’m sold.

What do you think of the mirror effect finish?

LAYLA: Cloudy Violet – Hologram Effect

Happy Friday!

In a previous post I’ve showed you Ultra Violet from LAYLA‘s Hologram Effect range. This is the darker sister of Ultra Violet called Cloudy Violet:
layla - cloudy violetFormula wise this is similar to Ultra Violet, a little tricky to work with. This is two ‘flowing’ coats and still you can see some bald spots. I’m thinking of buying the Aqua Base to see if that helps. Does anyone has experience with Aqua Base? I love this color and it would be a pity if I’d not wear it again because of the formula.
The picture below is taken in sunlight:
layla - cloudy violet slAny advice on how to minimize getting bald spots are more then welcome! 😀

LAYLA: Ultra Violet – Holographic Effect

When I see the slightest sunbeams I instantly feel the need to wear holo polishes 😀 Here’s Ultra Violet by LAYLA:layla - ultra violet nlFormula wise this is similar to Color Club’s Halo Hues. It’s opaque in two ‘flowing’ coats but I’ve used three thin coats (no top coat) here because I had some dragging issues resulting in bald spots (see my middle finger). Lovely color ha! The photo below is taken in sunlight to reveal the rainbow. layla - ultra violet sl Thanks for stopping by! :*

LAYLA: The Butterfly Effect – Ceramic Effect

Today I have another LAYLA polish to show you. This is The Butterfly Effect (Ceramic Effect):LAYLA - The Butterfly Effect1This sheer blurple base is packed with red/gold and blue/green flakies. I love flakies and this is so gorgeous! Since it is very sheer I’ve layered one coat of The Butterfly Effect over blue undies (W.I.C. by Herôme: Frankfurt). I tried wearing it on its own but with three coats it is still too sheer to cover the free edge of my nails. And since sheer blue based polishes can make your nails look dirty I decided to layer it over a blue base. The photo below is taken in indirect sunlight. LAYLA - The Butterfly Effect2What do you think of this?

LAYLA: Bordeaux to Red – Thermo Effect

Are you getting tired of the thermal trend yet? I’m not! I love to ‘play’ with thermal polishes. The more reason to love Petra from Pretty Polish even more when she added this brand to her shop! Woo hoo!

Here’s Bordeaux to Red (thermo effect)!

I’ve used two coats, no top coat for the pictures below. It has a semi matte, rubber-isch finish. The formula is on the thick side but that didn’t gave me any problems with applying. It is extremely pigmented.

LAYLA - Bordeaux to Red coldTransition:LAYLA - Bordeaux to Red transformation1LAYLA - Bordeaux to Red transformationWarm:LAYLA - Bordeaux to Red warmIt seems that I have very cold hands because during the day it’s mostly bordeaux. That makes sense because I always feel cold easily. Therefore the bright red color got lost extremely fast. Anyhoo.. I love this! This is my very first LAYLA polish and I’m sold 😀

What do you think of this? Do you have any LAYLA polishes?