Essence: Paradise + Wonderfuel

Happy Friday beauties!

Today I have two new (I think) shades by Essence to show you:essence - paradise - wonderfuel1The bright blue is called Paradise and the blurple is Wonderfuel. They’re both on the sheer side and I needed three coats of each for full opacity. There’s still some slight visible nail line with Paradise, but I don’t mind that. Both shades aren’t very unique in my Essence stash. I believe there are a few that are possible dupes, similar, or in the same family. I’ve found the following four in my stash that I think are close:
splash! (172), finding dori, i don’t care! i love it! and you wow’d me again.
I haven’t done a side by side swatch comparison though they look close.essence - paradise - wonderfuelWhat do you think of these? And let me know if you’d like to see a side by side swatch comparison of the ones mentioned.

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Essence: Lady Mermaid + I Don’t Need Money, Honey! – Liquid Foil Effect

Hi y’all!

Today I have a bright blue mani to show you. Essence recently added a few more polishes to their ‘Effect Polish’ line and I used two of them for this mani:essence - lady mermaid - i don't need money, honey1For my base I used two coats of I Don’t Need Money, Honey!, which is a highly pigmented bright blue hue with a foil finish. Lovely color! I haven’t worn this for a long time and noticed minor staining after removing. By that I mean, the slightest blue/green sheen, no smurf fingers though. It cleared up after I went over it with remover multiple times but I thought It’s worth mentioning. So base coat is definitely required here.
I attempted to create a ‘waterfall’ look with the other, darker blue shade of this collection (middle- and ring finger nail) but it’s hardly noticeable in my photo’s. In real life it’s more visible 🙂 That one is called Lady Mermaid. I did try Lady Mermaid on it’s own and found that it’s less pigmented than I Don’t Need Money, Honey! and it requires three coats for full opacity. Color wise, Lady Mermaid is darker. essence - lady mermaid - i don't need money, honeyHave you picked up any polishes from Essence’s newest collection(s)?

Essence – Rock Out!!

essence rock out
Hi everyone!

Today I have a recently released collection by Essence to show you, Rock Out!!

Here’s what Essence says about this new trend edition collection:
essence loves music! things are going to get musical in october and november 2014 with new trend edition “rock out!” – essence is once again an official sponsor of the MTV European Music Awards. glasgow is ready to welcome the who’s who of the international music scene on the 9th of november 2014 and fans can look forward to a breathtaking show.
This trend edition offers cool beauty pieces and an exciting color scheme consisting of silver, mint, pink, purple and black. highlights include the vinyl shine lipgloss, which comes in two trendy colors with a high-shine finish. and your nails are sure to shine as bright as the stars on stage: four nail polishes, a top coat as well as nail and body tattoos are here to create a pure party feeling with their glow-in-the-dark effect. and with the shoe accessory in a retro-cassette design, your shoes are spreading the rock’n’roll vibe, too!
It’s showtime… with essence!

Let’s take a closer look!
First up, two favorite colors of mine… pink and purple! The pink one is called Best Pop and contains lots of pink and gold shimmer, fleck like. Yummie! The formula is nice and the pigmentation of this one is good. I used two coats plus top coat here.
The lilac one, Best Female, one the other hand is extremely sheer. It also has lots of gorgeous shimmer but I did needed three and a half generous coats for full opacity. And still I have some visible nail line.essence best female - best pop1And here we have Best Hip-Hop, a very sheer gunmetal base packed with fine multi colored glitter. I’m doubting if this is buildable to an opaque finish on it’s own so I layered it over a grey base color. On my accent nail I’m wearing two coats of Best Rock, a metallic silver base with a hint of fine multi colored shimmer. essence best hip hop - best rock1
Last AND least… Biggest Fan, a glow in the dark top coat with silver holographic stars running throughout. Honestly, I threw away my photo’s as soon as I uploaded them because this is a huge disappointment to me. I added one coat over a white base because glow in the dark top coats work best over lighter colors. Getting a nice amount and placement of the star shaped glitter was almost impossible. I didn’t needed to fish them out of the bottle, that’s a plus. But they just don’t work well with this polish. At the end I just dabbed some on my nails which resulted in a gooey uneven finish. Ugh. This isn’t for me. So, sorry guys I only have a bottle shot to show you:
essence gitd

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Essence: New York City Call + I Love My Blue Jeans

I think there are only a few nude/beige/brown shades that suit my skin tone. Although I like a good ‘poo hue’, they don’t always look flattering. And some nude shades makes me look sick. For example, I really like a good mustard yellow polish but it just doesn’t look pretty with my skin tone. Now, here’s a soft beige hue with a satin finish that I really love:essence - new york city call - i love my blue jeans1I think this color suits my skin tone pretty well. And the formula, spot on! New York City Call is one of the new shades, recently released by Essence. It has a satin finish. Lovely! This is two easy coats, no top coat. Another new shade from Essence is I Love My Blue Jeans, which I used for the tips of my nails. The label on the cap of the bottle says this should have a suede finish. I don’t know about that but it is pretty for sure 😀essence - new york city call - i love my blue jeansWhat do you think of these?

Until next time! :*

Essence – Aquatix Collection

Hi everyone!

A while back I created a water marble accent nail with two polishes of the Aquatix Collection by Essence, Mermaid’s Secret and Finding Dori. Both polishes are gorgeous. You can see the post here, including a video tutorial.

As promised I have swatches of the other polishes from this collection. Unfortunately I still haven’t managed to get my hands on the one that I am missing from this collection, number 3 Aquatix Bay. So if you spot it anywhere or have it and want to get rid of it, please let me know. I’d love to add it to my stash so that I have the entire collection.

First up, Pearls Are A Girls Best Friend. So chic and fresh! It has a gorgeous pink shimmer running throughout. Sadly my camera refused to pick that up. It is on the sheer side but totally worth the three thin coats (plus top coat) that I’ve used here. essence - pearls are a girls best friendNext, a holo! 😀 Under The Sea is a light/sea foam green holographic polish (or light blue… I can’t make up my mind about the color). Lovely and a great formula. I used two coats with no top coat for the picture below. essence - under the seaAnd lastly, Under Water Love, a deep denim blue textured polish with small green glitter. It’s very pigmented. I used two easy coats with no top coat for the photo below.essence - under water loveAnd of course I needed to see how it looks with top coat. Look at the sparkle! 😀essence - under water love tc
I love that this collection has a little bit of everything, finish wise. Great job, Essence!
What do you think of these?

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by! :*

COMPARISON – Essence & Catrice duo chromes

Hi beauties!

Essence recently released their Aquatic Collection. Along with 5 pretty shades there’s also a duo chrome one called Finding Dori, which I’ve used a few days back for my water marble mani (see it here). It immediately made me wonder if it might be a dupe for I Don’t Care I Love It (previously swatched here) from their Road Trip Collection. While looking for dupes I found two other polishes that looked similar. Time for a comparison!

First a look at the bottles that I picked for this comparison.
Fltr: Essence: Finding Dori, Essence I Don’t Care I Love It, Essence: Power Girl, Catrice: Get The Bluescomp - essence catrice bottlesAlright, Power Girl has way more purple to it compared to the other four.

Now take a look at how they look on the nails:comp - essence catrice duo chromes
Color wise
Power Girl is definitely a beauty on its own and is in no way similar to the other three.
Get The Blues is a more darker blue toned hue compared to the others.
But I think it’s safe to say that Finding Dori is a recycled version of I Don’t Care I Love It. For those with a keen eye: Finding Dori is slightly frostier (is that even a word?) than I Don’t Care I Love It. Color wise I honestly can’t tell the difference. Also, Finding Dori is a tiny tiny tiny bit brighter than I Don’t Care I Love It. I think you need a magnifier to see that though.

Formula wise:
Finding Dori was completely opaque in two coats while I Don’t Care I Love It needed three. Get the Blues by Catrice also needed three coats for full opacity and Power Girl was opaque in two. As for the color shift properties… not spectacular with all of them, but still pretty. I Don’t Care I Love It has a beautiful shift in an extreme angle though. I honestly can’t tell you which one I prefer.

Final thoughts:
Finding Dori and I Don’t Care I Love It are 99% dupes! When you have one you really don’t need the other 😉

One more…comp - essence catrice duo chromes2What do you think?

Easy Water Marble design (accent nail) – Tutorial

Hi beauties!

Finally… my first water marble video. Yay! watermarble essence aquatix macroYes, I cheated a bit because I only did an accent nail but I’m very pleased with the final result. watermarble essence aquatix1First of all… the magenta polish (Mermaid’s Secret by Essence) is fantastic! It is gorgeous! Both polishes used for this design are part of their new Aquatix Collection. Stay tuned for the other shades of this collection. They are beautiful!

A step by step guide and a list of which products I’ve used is listed below. Plus there are a few tips and tricks 🙂

How to

  • Apply a base coat to protect your nails and wait for it to dry.
  • Apply your base color and let it dry.
  • Wrap your fingertips (not the nails obviously :p) with two pieces of tape to protect your skin from getting all messy. This makes the clean up process way easier.
  • Get your cup with water (room temperature) and add a drop of the base color followed by the second color, the first color, the second color and so on until you have a nice bulls eye.
  • Use a needle to drag the design from the middle to the bottom and make sure it sticks to the cup. Now start again at the middle, dragging towards the top.
  • Create the design by dragging from the left to the right and leave some space in between them.
  • Pick the part of the design which you want to transfer onto the nail and dip your nail in the water (directly above the design).
  • Keep your finger under water while cleaning up the polish residue with a q-tip.
  • Once you’ve cleaned up the area slowly pull your finger out of the water.
  • Remove the tape and clean up your cuticles with for example a small (angled) brush and some nail polish remover or acetone. Note: I forgot to turn the camera on while cleaning up, sorry!
  • Once your design is dry, add a coat of your favorite top coat and you’re done!

Tips ‘nd Tricks:

  • Make sure the water you’re using is room temperature. When it is too warm or too cold it might be that the polish doesn’t spread easily or dries too fast.
  • Add the drops of polish by holding the brush just above the water. Otherwise the drops might sink to the bottom of the cup. When the drop refuses to let go of the brush you can gently touch the water with the brush to help it come off.
  • Clean up the needle in between dragging by using a lint free wipe or a piece of kitchen paper. I prefer a lint free wipe over a cotton pad because cotton pads might make your needle all hairy :p
  • Make sure that two (or four) outer sides of the bulls eye stick to the cup. This makes sure that your design doesn’t move around while you’re dragging with the needle.
  • Start the design from the second or third outer ring of the bulls eye, not the first (outer) one.
  • When you’re ready to dip you’re finger(s) in the cup, make sure to do it right above the design holding your nail straight above it, not angled. When you dip your finger in the cup with an angle, the design might not transfer as desired. For example, when you’re doing multiple nails at once, make sure that all your nails hit the water at exactly the same time. I hope this makes sense.
  • You can use a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover or acetone to clean up underneath your nails, in case that part got marbled. Just ‘roll’ the q-tip underneath your nails.
  • Lastly, a good preparation is a must. You don’t want to need to search for a needle while you’re bulls eye is already done 😉

Products used:

  • Yellow Stopper (as a peel off base coat)
  • Essence: Mermaid’s Secret – Aquatix Collection (magenta);
  • Essence: Finding Dori – Aquatix Collection (teal duo chrome);
  • Sally Hansen: Insta Dri (top coat)
  • Cuticle Oil

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below! Ideas and requests for upcoming tutorials are very welcome! 😉

Note that I added the tips and tricks just because I feel like they might be useful, not saying that it is the right way to do things. This is just my way and I like to share 😀

I hope you enjoyed this video! :*


Essence – Road Trip Collection

The promised tutorial for the Tie Dye nails will be up asap, after I’m done switching my YouTube channel 😀 Sorry for the delay! Hope you’ll like some swatches instead…

Awesome was the first word that popped in my head when I saw pics of the Road Trip Collection that was recently released by Essence. Thermal, textured and duo chrome in one four piece collection? Yes, please!

Usually I like to save the best for last but I felt like I just needed to share I Don’t Care! I Love It! first. From the looks of the bottle I expected yet another purple/blue duo chrome that we’ve already seen in a previous collection. But what was I thinking? Nooo… it is absolutely fantastic. And I’m pretty sure I’m not saying that very often with Essence’s Limited Edition collections. This first photo shows that it’s a pretty duo chrome…essence - i don't care i love it2But look at it from a totally different angle:essence - i don't care i love itSome more indirect sunlight:essence - i don't care i love it3The best part… it’s fully opaque in two coats! Thumbs up! I used three thin instead to cover my free edges 😉 If you’re looking for a pretty and budget proof duo chrome polish, this is for you! And if you’re planning on rockin’ this polish a lot then I strongly advice to stock up a back up or two. It’s a tiny bottle (5 ml)! I mean for just €1,75 that’s totally doable, right?
Oh and this is with NO top coat!

Okay… on to the other 3 polishes of this collection… [insert *sigh*]
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Essence – Cookies & Cream Collection

Hi everyone!

So I wasn’t going to pick up the Cookies & Cream Collection by Essence because of two things. First the colors… They’re more Fall/Winter appropriate if you ask me. And then the formula. A mix of pearly and frosty. Nooooo! But then the buy one get one free offer came to my attention. And although I still wasn’t sure buying these, I did do exactly that. What can I say? Oh well, let’s take a look:
essence - cookies and creamFrom index to pinky:
Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life
Cakepop, That’s Top!
Yummy, Yummy!
Macaron, C’est Bon!

The only one I do kind off like is Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life (index), which is least streaky. They’re all opaque in two coats except for Macaron, C’est Bon! (pinky), which needed three coats.

All in all this collection is a bit ‘meh’ for me. What do you think?

essence - cookies and cream - bottles