China Glaze: Point Me To The Party – Electric Nights Collection

Here’s some neon goodness to kick off the weekend 🙂 This is Point Me To The Party from the Electric Nights Collection by China Glaze:china glaze - point me to the party1I used a sponge to dab the glitter on my nails and topped it with top coat. A real party on the nails, right?! china glaze - point me to the partyFind this, along with the other shades of this collection, at Hypnotic Polish 😉

Have a fantastic weekend! :*

China Glaze: Don’t Let The Dead Bite

Every day it becomes more clear that I have too many untried polishes than I have nails to paint… First world problems, I know :p
So here’s one from last years Halloween Collection by China Glaze:china glaze - don't let the dead bite1Don’t Let The Dead Bite is a polish that I think you either love or hate. You all know by know that I love odd colors and glitter combinations. And although I’m not the biggest fan of glitter bombs, the high ‘odd-factor’ made me need to have it. It’s a sheer pink-isch nude base packed with multi sized red hex glitter. The formula is very thin (cuticle overflow warning!). I used three coats plus top coat here. china glaze - don't let the dead biteLove or hate?

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China Glaze: I Love Your Guts – Halloween 2014

I’m back with another odd polish! For last years Halloween China Glaze came out with with I Love Your Guts, along with many other polishes. First of all, that name! Gotta love it. Take a look:china glaze - i love your guts1Weird, right? Agreed. That’s why I needed to have it. And it’s pink! Yay! So this dries to a somehow semi matte finish. Due to the black glitter it has a slight texture to it. I am not a big fan of the finish by itself so I decided to add top coat and a matte top coat on the nail of my ring finger. And for the record: this is one (!) coat of I Love Your Guts!china glaze - i love your gutsI think this is a polish that you either love or despise. What do you think?

China Glaze: Rendezvous With You

Stamping? I gave that up a long time ago. I’ve seen so many amazing new plates lately and even more amazing designs created with them I thought it was time to give it another try. But not before searching for a new stamper. I’ve found an XL stamper and scraper at Hypnotic Polish and went for it. This is my first attempt after a long time so please bear with me.
china glaze - rendezvous witj you2For my base I used one (!) coat of Rendezvous With You by China Glaze. What a fantastic polish! Not only is the formula perfect but that color! Love!

For the design I used Essie‘s No Place Like Chrome and a Sci-Fi (5) plate from MoYou, which you can also find at Hypnotic Polish.
china glaze - rendezvous with you - essie no place like chromeWhat do you think of this stamping design?

China Glaze: Choo-Choo Choose You – All Aboard! Collection

Choo Choo Choose You by China Glaze is such a gorgeous shade! I don’t think I have anything like it in my stash. What a beauty:china glaze - choo choo choose you1This also has a slightly green-isch sheen which I couldn’t capture on camera. It is just such a unique hue of grey-isch purple with tons of shimmer.

This polish is part of the All Aboard! Collection, released in Fall last year.
Shown is three thin coats plus top coat.
china glaze - choo choo choose youI’ve found this at Hypnotic Polish 😀

Have a great weekend! :*

China Glaze: Wish On A Starfish – Sea Goddess Collection

Have you noticed that more and more brands come up with entire textured collections? They’re everywhere! I don’t mind, I love them!

Today I have Wish On A Starfish from China Glaze‘s Sea Goddess Collection to show you. This is a pale pink with golden shimmer running throughout. I’ve used two coats for the picture below:china glaze - wish on a starfishIt’s a pity that the golden shimmer doesn’t show up in my picture. It’s lovely!

How does this compare to Catrice’s Call Me Princess?catrice vs. china glazeWish On A Starfish is obviously a lighter shade of pink. Also I think the golden shimmer in Call Me Princess is slightly more noticeable than Wish On A Starfish. They’re both pretty! Formula wise they’re quite similar. They both need two coats for full opacity.

Do you have a favorite textured polish?

China Glaze: Crush, Crush, Baby – Crinkled Chrome

When I saw the preview of China Glaze’s Crinkled Chrome Collection I wasn’t excited about the finish. If fact I’m still not quite sure whether I like it or not. After seeing many different swatches I decided to give it a go. So I bought just one, Crush, Crush, Baby:china glaze - crush, crush, babyI absolutely love the color! As for the finish, mwah. Maybe it’s the bar glitter? I don’t know.  It has to be mentioned that this is just one (!) coat that dried quickly. It’s a nice addition to my stash but I wouldn’t buy more polishes from this collection.

What do you think? Do you like the texture or does it look like I’ve painted my nails with my eyes closed?


China Glaze: TTYL – OMG Collection

Hi everyone!

You all know the fantastic holo’s from the OMG Collection by China Glaze, right? If only I had the entire collection. I’m still looking for the other eleven polishes from this collection. They’re HTF now :/ If you know where I can get them for a reasonable price, please let me know 😉

This is TTYL, a peachy holo. At first I thought I might already have something similar (Color Club Halo Hues or Nfu Oh’s holo’s for example). But this is one of a kind. It’s such a warm peachy hue. I’ve used two coats, with no top coat for the pictures below. The picture below is taken in natural lightning (outdoors).
china glaze - ttyl nlAnd here’s how it looks when the sun hits it:china glaze - ttyl slWhat I really like about this polish is that the holo particles seem finer than I’m used to. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like it 😀

What do you think? Do you have polishes from this collection in your stash?

China Glaze – Sunsational Collection

Happy Sunday!

Recently China Glaze released their Sunsational Collection which consists of six creams and six jellies. Whoop whoop!
Here are my six picks:china glaze sunsationalFirst up, the two creams that I picked up.

That’s Shore Bright is a purple cream. Such a pretty color! The first coat went on streaky. I used two coats here and definitely needed a top coat to get a smooth and even finish. cg that's shore bright - sunsationalColor wise, Sun of A Peach is one of my favorites from these six. It’s a neon peachy orange cream. This one refused to get color accurate on camera. On the picture this is the perfect peachy shade to me. It’s way brighter in real life! The formula is, as with That’s Shore Bright, difficult to work with. It’s streaky and it doesn’t level nicely. I used two coats plus top coat here, but it could used a third coat. cg sun of a peach - sunsationalAnd here are the four jellies:

Keepin’ It Teal, a teal green jelly. What can I say? On the picture this seems so pretty… I think that’s because this is two coats over a white base. I tried it on itself at first but yeah well, I’m not gonna lie… The formula is terrible. After four coats it still wasn’t near being opaque. Besides that it looked like I’ve been working in the garden and forgot to clean up my nails afterwards. I really don’t know what it is with teals and blue’s but they make your nails look dirty. Oh well, maybe I’ll use this some time for a jelly sandwich 😉cg keepin' it teal2 - sunsationalAnd if I wasn’t let down after Keepin’ It Teal, Isle See You Later will make sure of that. Same story, even worse. This is three coats over a white base. So so sheer! That means… base coat, two coats of white, three coats of color and a top coat. Uhhh seven (!) coats of polish? What the? cg isle see you later2 - sunsationalNow we’re getting somewhere! Heat Index, an extremely bright pink jelly. YAY! It’s way brighter in person than my camera could handle. I used four coats here, but there’s still some visible nail line. I don’t mind that with this shade.  cg heat index - sunsationalAnd last but not least my favorite of these six: Shell-O, a coral pink jelly. Isn’t it gorgeous? This one is a bit more opaque than Heat Index. I used four coats for the picture shell-o - sunsationalSorry guys for the grizzle about the two blue/teal shades. I’m here to share my honest thoughts with you. So, when I’m disappointed about something, I’ll let you know. I don’t want any of my readers buying stuff based on a lie and then find out that it isn’t great at all. I love to read honest opinions myself, even if that means that some things aren’t as fab as I had hoped. I hope you guys can appreciate that 😉

Did you picked up any of this collection?cg sunsational

China Glaze – Hologram Collection

It’s not a secret that I love holographic polishes. You can imagine that I got very excited when I saw China Glaze’s recently released Hologram Collection 😉 This collection consists of twelve (yes, twelve!) holo’s! Since I already have quite a few holo’s, I patiently waited for swatches made by fellow polish addicts before making an order *patting myself on the shoulder*… I ended up ordering these three:china glaze hologram 2013
All swatches have a base coat, two coats of color, without top coat. Every first picture is taken in natural lightning and the second ones under artificial lightning.

Astro-Hot, a light pink holo with lavender undertones. Not that unique, but very hologram astro-hot
Astro-Hot cg hologram astro-hot1
Infra Red, a hot magenta holo. This is my absolute favorite! Mostly because it’s gorgeous in natural lightning too 🙂cg hologram infra red
Infra Red cg hologram infra red1
When Stars Collide
, a deep purple-maroon holo. I picked this one because I didn’t have a holo like this in my stash. Love this!cg hologram when stars collide
When Stars Collide cg hologram when stars collide1I’m very happy with the ones I picked from this collection. The formula of these is great. You’ll need two easy coats for full opacity. And as with all holo’s, it dries very quick 🙂

Did you pick up any shades of this collection? Which one(s)?
And I’d like to know which rigdefiller you prefer. I’m thinking of buying one (especially for the holo’s and metallics), but like to know which one(s) you’d recommend.

Thanks for reading! Happy polishing!