And the winner is…

Hi beauties!

The Valentine’s Day Nail Art Contest that Luchessa and I hosted has come to an end. So it’s time to pick a winner!

First of all a HUGE thanks to everyone that has participated! We’ve seen so many creative nail art designs. Great job!

The 3rd place and sharing goes to:
Vic and Her Nails and Flight of Whimsy3

The 2nd place goes to:
My Adventures in Nail Art because this design is free handed and so pretty!my adventures in nail artAnd the winner is:
Passionate About Polish. Congrats! (please check you e-mail)passionate about polishAgain, thank you all for joining the fun! Until next time… 😉collage

OMD Challenge Giveaway: Glitter

Hi everyone!

First things first… I’m looking for you! Yes, I’d like to sport your manicure here on my blog. I’ve had another terrible nail break and am now down to nubbins *sad face*. So I figured I need to give them some time to grow back and in the meantime I’ll give them a bit extra care and treatment. If you’d like a place on my blog please let me know so that we can work on a guest post 😀

On to my Glitter mani for the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’:glitterFor the base I used Jewel by Koh. Then I created a glitter gradient with Gene Doll by piCture pOlish. I think this color combo turned out pretty.

Even when I didn’t completed every single day of this challenge (please bare with me), I’ve had super much fun joining! Thanks to Eeeek!, Crafty and Brijit for hosting this great event! I can’t wait to see who the lucky winners will be 😀

As soon as my nails have grown back to a (for me) acceptable length, I will be back full power with fresh mani’s and tutorials! In the mean time, please let me know if you’d like to create a guest post for me 😀


OMD Challenge Giveaway: Flowers

Good morning or afternoon, evening depending on were you are at the world 😀

Here’s my Flower mani for the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’. I adore floral manicures. They have something cheerful and summery 😀flowers
I created this with three shades of ANNY’s newest collection. When I have the collection complete (three more to go) I’ll swatch them for you. I absolutely love this collection! It’s very summery!
The blue base color is called Blue love. The flowers petals are made with Sunset dreaming (corally orange) and Princess of waves (soft corally orange). And lastly I added some white dots with a basic white polish. I really like how this turned out. It makes me so happy for some reason 😀

zHave a great day!

OMD Challenge Giveaway: Stripes

Hi lacquerheads!

First, as promised I added a tutorial for the flower petals mani that I did for the Purple theme. You can check it out here 😉

For the Stripes theme of the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’ I thought of doing a striping tape mani. But the weather is so warm that the polish dries twice at fast. So that might ruin it. Therefore I kept it simple:stripesThe base color is Green Gargantuan Grape by OPI. I’m so in love with this polish! Although it’s formula is on the thin side it is so easy to work with. I used two easy coats here. Then I added some stripes with a small nail art brush and the following colors:
Bond With Whomever by Essie
Princess by ANNY
white striper polish.

I think this turned out pretty. And it is so easy to do 😀

Ps. I’ll skip the dots and stars themes and try to catch up later this month. I’m dying to do another flower mani and I don’t want to get way behind again. Tomorrow I’ll show you my flower mani.


OMD Challenge Giveaway: Metallic

Hi loves!

This is my second post today since I’m still behind with the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’. I’ve been cracking my head over what to do for the Metallic theme. At first I thought of doing a foiled mani, but it turns out that foil + me = a disaster. But I was determent on using foil so I just gave it a another try (read: ‘my way’). Here’s a ‘my way of using foil’ mani:metallicThis is red foil called Scarlet Frost over one coat of No Place Like Chrome by Essie. This was really a ten minute mani because of two things. First of all No Place Like Chrome dries super fast. And secondly I just went all crazy with dabbing on the foil 😀 I think it turned out pretty cool, isn’t it? It looks a bit like the scattered polishes that were going around a while back. Or is it to much of a Holiday mani? Oh well, I like it.

Ps. I’ve ignored my thumb in my pics for a while because… again… a corner has broken off. Ugh! So you probably won’t see my thumb for a while 😉

zI’m almost on schedule girls! Working on it 😀

OMD Challenge Giveaway: Textured

Remember that I told you about my doubts about whether to buy OPI’s Solitaire or not? Well, after seeing so much swatches I couldn’t resist. And I thought the Textured theme of the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’ is the perfect opportunity to share it with you. I’m so happy with it! I simply love it:textured opi solitaireShown here is two coats without top coat. What do you think of this one?


OMD Challenge Giveaway: Matte

Hi everyone!

Yesterday’s theme of the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’ was Matte:matte koh purple universeAs mentioned yesterday, I only have one matte top coat which isn’t the best. Oh well, I did my best to create some pretty designs to compensate it. This is two coats of Liquid Leather by China Glaze, one coat of Purple Universe by Koh (by using striping tape) and one coat of matte top coat. I’m not very happy with the final result, but it will do, right?


OMD Challenge Giveaway: Holo

Hi lovelies!

Again, this girl is way behind on schedule with the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’. I really need to catch up with you guys! Also, I need to check out all the works of art that everyone has made so far. Gonna catch up asap, promise!

Here’s my holo mani (picture taken in direct sunlight):ozotic 606This is 606 by Ozotic. It’s a lilac hue packed with scattered holographic particles. Love! At first I thought this was a glitter holo, but I see it more as a scattered one. So far, Ozotic and piCture pOlish hasn’t disappoint me if it comes to the formulation of their polishes. They are just perfect. This is two coats plus top coat.

Here’s how it looks in natural lightning, indoors:ozotic 606 2What do you think of 606?

Oh… next challenge: Matte. I only have one matte top coat from a local webshop which is not that great. Now what? Well, I’ll try my best 😉zThanks for sticking with me 😀

OMD Challenge Giveaway: Neon


This weekend promises to be very sunny 😀 Yay! Finally! Today we’ve had lots of sun. I hope you have nice weather too!

Today’s theme of the ‘Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway’ is Neon. Neon is just perfect for Summer if you ask me. So bright! I have to admit, this isn’t the actual mani that I planned for this challenge. The actual (gradient) mani turned out to be a major fail! I attempt do create a gradient affect with three neon shades.
Also, my camera freaks out when it sees neon shades.
This is my second attempt, a sarap wrap mani:neon

This is much brighter in person! Such a pity that I couldn’t get it right on camera!

Tomorrows theme is holo, another great look for Summer!zEnjoy your weekend!