Catrice: Dirty Liana & I Got The Flower

I love a combo of green and purple. For this mani I used Dirty Liana and I Got The Flower, both by Catrice:catrice - dirty liana - i got the flowerI used the ‘dry marble’ technique to create the design on the tips of my nails. This is so easy to do! Just apply your base color(s) and let dry completely. Then add splots of the other color AND the base color on the tips of your nails and use a toothpick, needle or dotting tool to create the marble. One nail at a time! Seal with a top coat and you’re done 🙂


Catrice: iROSEdescent – Haute Future Collection

Have you spotted Catrice’s newest collection yet? The Haute Future Collection consists of five new polishes plus a new flakies top coat. iROSEdescent is a brown-isch nude holographic polish. The formula is great. Full coverage in two easy coats. Yay!catrice - iROSEdescentcatrice - iROSEdescent1In direct sun light:catrice - iROSEdescent2Thanks so much, Soraya for picking this one up for me! Mwah! :*

Catrice – Sand’ Sation – Luxury Lacquers

Hi everyone!

In previous post I’ve showed you the Holomania polishes (holographic) and the Chameleon polishes (duo chrome) from Catrice‘s Luxury Lacquers. Today I’d like to show you the eight Sand’ Sation polishes, which all have a textured finish. Instead of eight separate swatches I’ve created a little nail art with them. If you’d like to see (some of) them separately, let me know 😉catrice - sand sation
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Catrice – Holomania – Luxury Lacquers

To all my pals who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Have an awesome day! :*

Along with 4 ‘chameleon shades’, 8 glitter shades and 8 textured polishes Catrice also released 4 holographic shades. Hooray!
These are the so called Holomania polishes.catrice - holomaniaThese made up for my disappointment in the Chameleon shades, reviewed here. Catrice did a great job with these. Of course there are stronger holographic shades out there but these are all pretty nevertheless. They have a good pigmentation and don’t need a special base coat to prevent bald spots. catrice - holomania bottlesScroll down for swatches!

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Catrice – Chameleon – Luxury Lacquers

catrice - chameleonI was looking forward to Catrice‘s Luxury Lacquers Collection which consists of 24(!) polishes. As excited I was to get my hands on these, as disappointing I got once I tried the 4 Chameleon shades. I find the promo pics of these polishes not representing how they look in real life. Except from Chromeo & Julia -pictured on the left in the pic below- the duo chrome effect is nowhere to be found :/catrice - chameleon bottles

Let’s take a look at my swatches!

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Catrice: Berry Potter & Plumbledore

I’m (not so) patiently waiting for the release of Catrice‘s Luxury Lacquers Collection. I’d love (read: need) to add the duo chrome and holographic polishes to my stash. They look fantastic! 😀

Until the release I’m enjoying this purple polish with gorgeous blue shimmer called Berry Potter & Plumbledore. The blue shimmer is so pretty! I’m wearing three thin coats (no top coat) here:
catrice - berry potter plubledore - mermaid my dayIt is opaque in two coats but my free edges needed three. On my accent nail I’m wearing Mermaid My Day, also by Catrice. I love how this combo turned out.

:* Until next time!

Catrice: Glitterazzi

A flakie topper by Catrice! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it! I love flakies, if you haven’t noticed. So of course Glitterazzi needed to go home with me. catrice - glitterazziThe colors of the flakies are gorgeous. There are mostly green, teal and blue with some gold flakies in a clear base. These seem more like big shreds than subtle flakies though. Despite the two mixing balls it is impossible to shake/roll this before use. The mixing balls barely move. The formula is extremely thick! Way too thick if you ask me. That makes an even application very hard. The flakies/shreds are stubborn and not very flexible (similar to the Models Own flakies) which causes them to not lie flat on the nails. I found that it works best by loading up the brush and ‘scoop’ the flakies/shreds out of the bottle on to the brush (so no wiping the polish off on the neck of the bottle), then apply it on the nails by using a dabbing motion. That’s what I did to achieve the look as shown above. I did add one generous coat of Seche Vite to get rid off the ‘poking’ flakies/shreds. Nevertheless the result is still thick and bumpy. Such a shame, because the flakies are so pretty!

Catrice – Crushed Crystals Collection

catrice - crushed crystalsAfter drooling over swatches by fellow bloggers for quite a while I’ve finally found the Crushed Crystals polishes by Catrice! Woo hoo! This line consists of six textured polishes.
catrice - crushed crystals bottlesLet’s jump right into the swatches, shall we?
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Catrice – Celtica Collection

catrice - celticaCatrice recently released their Celtica Collection which consists of three shimmer polishes and one cream:
catrice - celtica bottlesHalfway swatching these I got mixed feelings about them, with the first two at least. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I still can’t get used to the mega wide rounded brush. I dunno! When the formula is fantastic this brush will work perfectly, I’m sure. Personally I think that that might be the reason why I have mixed feelings about some of these. There is hardly clean up necessary after applying, which is great!
catrice - brushLet’s take a closer look at the swatches:
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Catrice – Eve in Bloom Collection

Catrice - Eve in Bloom CollectionHi everyone!

Today I have swatches of the Eve in Bloom Collection by Catrice to show you. I’ve searched for this collection at the store but couldn’t find it over here. It’s so annoying when my local drugstore doesn’t regularly (re)stock. And if so, they are all gone by the time I’m there. Every single time when Catrice and/or Essence releases a new collection the stores look like if there’s been a hurricane. And of course there’s no polish left for me. Not a single one! It’s not like they’re made of gold or something. My lord girls… please stay calm! Sigh!
But then my sweet sister surprised me with all five of them. This collection consists of five new polishes and I really like them all. Let’s take a look:
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